Your first headphones?
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Jun 25, 2007
My first hi-fi headphones were AKG K141's.

I'm thinking , that my impressions of quality sound are most likely biased/rationalised subconciously on my experience of these headphones.

Because, after all the headphones I've tried,, I still like AKG's the most,
and have a preference to the AKG house sound.
surprise! :p

What were your first hi-fi headphones?
And how do they relate to your favorite headphones now?
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They were A500s. I want them back. I think I like them more than my K271s.
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I started with IEMs... got my's and then moved up to HD650's.

About to have some JH 13's on the way
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PRO900 ! Fell in love with em ! They're still my favorite though DT990 definitly suit better my favorite genre, trance.
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Shure se-210. They were quite good, till I heard better ^^

Right now I have Grado SR225 (not the i version) and Phonak PFE (They are keepers and not looking for anything else in the IEM department).
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Originally Posted by Rakooon /img/forum/go_quote.gif
PRO900 ! Fell in love with em ! They're still my favorite though DT990 definitly suit better my favorite genre, trance.

you running them tubed?
I'm still curious but the dt990,especially the 600 ohm version.

I listen to a lot of trance too, tho lately, it's been more so psy-breaks and dubtep, where I prefer the k271's even to AD2000's
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Headphones in general? That were mine, and no-one else's? Probably the cheapos that came with a Panasonic Shockwave tape deck.
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The first ones I bought was sennheiser HD212. I still have them, but I don't use them anymore. Could be fun though, to listen to them again and see how they compare to my other headphones.
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My first headphones were Sony MDR-XD200's. I picked them up at 'The Source' one day after I realized I needed some "personal space" amongst my brothers, who had computers in the same room.

My first REAL headphones were HD595's, which were evidently upgraded to HD650's a few days ago
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My first headphone was the Koss UR30. Eight years later (around 2005), I purchased a Grado SR60. Big difference! Since then, I've managed to hold off upgrading, despite spending at least 3-4 hours a week, every week, on Head-Fi. Not sure I can fight the urge much longer!
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first headphones were K701s which I still love <3
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I had and still have Sennheiser HD600s as long as I may remember. Maybe since they are on the market
But my HD650s outperform the HD600s.
To try (I dont say "to come"): HD800.

I use Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones for air travel since they are available, much better then these standard airplane phones they give to you (probably contenders for "worst headphone ever").

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