1. dreamwhisper

    Your first headphones?

    My first hi-fi headphones were AKG K141's. I'm thinking , that my impressions of quality sound are most likely biased/rationalised subconciously on my experience of these headphones. Because, after all the headphones I've tried,, I still like AKG's the most, and have a preference to the...
  2. aeroG1

    Can you put over-ear or circumaural earpads on AKG K141/2/0?

    I have a pair of old AKG K140 and need new earpads, but I would really like to get over ear pads if I can. Does anyone know where I can find such pads or if it's even possible?
  3. planx

    Vintage Sextett K141 FS! New price!

    Audeo PFE232. SOLD   SR225i. SOLD   Beyer COP. SOLD   Vintage Sextett AKG K141 600ohm. SOLD   Etymotic ER-4S. SOLD   Fiio E11. SOLD
  4. WoahReQQuiem

    Amp for AKG K141 mk.II (and a future headphone purchase)

    Hi all,    I recently bought an AKG K141 mk. II, and now I am looking for an amp for it. I got two options: -iBasso D2+ Boa -Ray Samuels P-51 Mustang The Mustang is a huge price bump from the D2+. But if the difference in sound quality isn't as huge as the price gap, I'd go for the...
  5. ghankstef

    AKG k141 repairable?

    I have a pair of AKG K141s    bought about  4 years  ago    still in like New   condition  at least cosmetically,    but they have shorted out in the left  ear.    My  first idea was to replace  the  cable  that I needed to replace the XLR mini cable  that connects  the  cans to the source  ...
  6. donunus

    AKG K141 Review and Appreciation Thread

    I just bought a pair of the k141 mk2. I got this particular 141 since i felt they were the better value vs the k142 HD seeing that they are still Austrian made and come with more accessories in the box. They come with two pairs of pads(velour and leather) and a coiled and straight cable plus...
  7. yipcanjo

    FS / FT: AKG K141 Studio headphones

    Selling a pair of the AKG K141 Studio headphones.  Great condition.    BRAND NEW ear pads (leatherette) Made in Austria Removeable straight cable Gold-plated stereo mini-jack Semi-open, supraaural design Single-owner, purchased in 2006, cost around $150 new Used primarily for studio...
  8. skyeken

    AKG k141 MK2

  9. skyeken

    Replacing K141 pads

    Hi folks. I've just bagged some new old stock silver k141's on ebay for a silly price but the pads have apparently had it.  I have some spare pads from my mk2's.  Does anyone know if they will attach ok?   Thanks.
  10. planx

    Vintage AKG K141

    Today i was browsing ebay and i found the Vintage AKG K141 for sale. Not knowing about them a lot, i contacted the dealer and did my own research on the headphones. The dealer told me they are brand new, never used and original everything. Only problem is he said the earpads are practically...
  11. Cieran

    AKG K141 mk1 or mk2

    Open to all offers.   Thanks
  12. WiR3D

    WTB: AKG K240/K141 Parts

    Hi   Im looking for the following parts from a AKG K240MKII These are the official part numbers 11: 0099N2213 12: 2040M9901 28: 2058M3201   I am really only after the detachable cable housing, which could come off of an AKG K141 studio aswell.   This is all for modding...
  13. GREQ

    Where Can I find AKG spare parts - K141

    I can't find anywhere that sources parts for old AKG headphones, specifically K141 (original) I'm specifically looking for new elastics, new inner foam and new ear-pads.  Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. GREQ

    Vintage AKG K141 Spare Parts

    (repost from wrong forum)   I can't find anywhere that sells parts for old AKG headphones, specifically K141 (original) I'm specifically looking for new elastics, new inner foam and new ear-pads.  Any help would be much appreciated.
  15. jiaemo

    AKG K141 MKII

    American Musical Supply is having a nice sale on these headphones this week.  I was wondering if anyone has experience with listening to metal music on them, particularly progressive metal and death metal.  I'm also wondering how they would be to track metal guitars, do rough mixes, and...
  16. Cieran

    How does AKG K141 sound signature compare to Senn PX100-ii's......

    Thinking of upgrading from my Sennheiser PX100-ii's and the AKG K144's have caught me eye.   They tick a lot of boxes for me as they are semi-open, supra-aural and have closed cups. I am hoping the closed cups will provide more isolation as that was my one complaint with my PX100's.   I...
  17. moodyrn

    AKG K141 Drivers(600ohm Silver Version)

    I have for sale a pair of k141 drivers. These are 600ohm and were taken from on vintage silver k141s. There's a myth that these are the same drivers that are used in the lp sextetts. Well, that is a myth. These are not the same drivers. Infact, they're not even the same size. They are quiet a...
  18. whydonttheywork

    only left channel of vintage akg k141 works

    Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place, but today my akg's came in, and I noticed right off the bat that the right channel of my akg's work! So trying to find out if it was the jack, i tested it in my ipod and another computer, no luck. I tried changing the eq so all audio went to the right...
  19. VintageSoCal

    akg old k141 earpads?

    Hi I have a nice old pair of akg k141's.  They are the silver ones from the 70's.  They sound amazing.  But they could really use new earpads and new foam on the inside of the pad.  From what I understand this version has glued on pads.   Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get...
  20. scootsit

    AKG K141 Monitor 600 ohm Drivers

    They seem to be in nice shape, though I have not heard them at all. I also found some wooden tubes that are ~1" long, that they fit into perfectly, if you want, I can include those in the sale, too.   Contact me with questions.   Thanks for looking!
  21. freebird48081


    Just found my 35 year old AKG240 headphones. Soldered on a new jack and they sound pretty nice. Would it be worth my time to shop for new phones (under $100). Could I expect better performance? Any opinions welcome. Thanks
  22. Syliano

    Sennheiser HD600 losing punch after a year or so

    Hey guys, I was wondering if it's possible that my HD600 lost some of it's "punch" due to the ear pads wearing out? They kinda sound lifeless to me, as if the pads are damping the sound or something. Basically these headphones are on my head everyday for at least a few hours. When is a good time...
  23. planx

    Vintage AKG K141 Monitor... WOW

    Okay so today my NEVER USED, BRAND NEW AKG K141 Monitor finally arrived. As soon as I opened the shipping box, the iconic "Cardan" de luxe box is visible with AKG K141 below. I am told that these have the Sextett driver (I have no idea what that means) and my gosh these look good. It comes with...
  24. t4rc1s10

    how to open AKG 141 STUDIO

    hello...i'm trying to understand how to open akg 141 studio to repair it...please help me...i don't want to break my headphone!
  25. chadbang

    An AKG (K141, I think) fan is born!

    Today I was prowling around a thrift store a spotted a set of AKG 141 headphones for sale ($12). I couldn't tell what model they were because the silver badges on the side were missing, but I later figured out the were model 141 - vintage from the 70s, I guess.  They need a lot of juice to get...