1. bassgroove

    The confusion over CIEMs... Help?

    So, the short list is pretty simple:   1:  Heir Audio 4.A 2:  JH Audio 13 Pro 3:  Frogbeats C4   The problem is they all have pros and cons, not just the CIEMs themselves, but getting them, comparing them, choosing one.  I work offshore and am about to go away for a few months and...
  2. nutties3

    Finally taking the jump

    So I finally booked my impressions appointment this morning at North Shore Audiology in Sydney. They seem pretty expensive ($100) from what I have read on these forums, but they are really close to my office and I have taken convenience over price...I know some will say this is stupid, but I...
  3. jtai117

    Custom IEMs :D

    So! I've been running with a pair of Shure SE535 LTDs for a couple of years now (I actually have 2 pairs of 535s. Long story) and I've been really happy with the the clarity and the sound signature in general I guess. I tried out a universal pair of JH16 Pros at Jaben Audio and was blown away by...
  4. pow3rs

    Null Audio Studio Remoulding Service Review and Impression

    As per title stated, I am here to do a impression and review on a very recent experience with Null Audio Studio Remoulding Service, this is one of my handfuls of reviews I do. So please pardon me if I do it wrongly, or any kind of spelling or grammar mistakes. This amateur review will kind of...
  5. burningv

    Universal IEMS for Death, Black, Thrash Metal and Hardcore Punk < $300

    While I'm waiting for my JH13 Pro to be refitted a 5th time by Lime Ears, I need iems that are able to do the above genres some justice. My experiences with them has been mostly negative due to either fit issues or improper tonal balance. So far I've owned 3 universal iems: the Westone 3s, Gr07...
  6. StudioTan

    Flattest, Most Neutral IEMs For Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

    I currently own the JH13, but after using them more for this purpose, I'm finding that they're hyped a little in one way or another and wondering if their are IEMs out there that are truer to the source, which is important in my work.  I have a one-room studio and am constantly micing...
  7. Alanaudio

    Is there any store can try LCD , IEM, or other excellent headphones in Los Angeles or San Francisco ?

    Hi, I plan to spend my chrIstmas vacation in LA, and San Francisco. Anyone know where can I try LCD3, jh13, es5 or the other top headphones(full size) in there?
  8. katalyst^

    The dog ate my JH-13s...

    I'm not joking, and it wasn't my fault. Beating it to death isn't a realistic option, the owner doesn't have the funds to replace them, complaining won't bring them back, so the only thing to do is suck it up. It has been at least 2-3 years since I bought them, so I'm a little behind what is...
  9. lin0003

    Unique Melody Miracle 6-BA CIEM Review

    A while ago, when I was in a dilemma (mind you, it was a good dilemma) of choosing what CIEM to get, I read many reviews on the UM Miracle, JH13, ES5, JH16 and the Rooth LS8. Of those, I narrowed it down to the Miracles, JH13 and LS8 since I was after a more balanced sound signature. I then...
  10. JarodL1

    JH13s -- Water Damage -- Fix or Replace?

    My JH13s got sent through the washing machine yesterday and despite my best efforts to revive them, they need to get fixed.   Before I send these back to JH to get fixed (if they can), I thought I might look into upgrading to something else.  I have had these for about 4 years now (I think)...
  11. yufeng23

    (ADVICE NEEDED FOR CIEMS) TF10 x 6, UM Miracle, LS6 or JH13?

    Hi guys,    I've been surfing this forum for the past 2 days for at least 12 hours and I found many of the reviews on CIEMs extremely useful. I've read up on average_joe's reviews as well and I'm really thankful for his critical and constructive feedback.   Now I'm faced with a...
  12. ucrags84

    1964 Ears V6 versus JH13 monitors, equal?

    I'm strongly considering ordering the 1964 Ears V6, they appear to be an incredible value. Add-in their discount for previous 1964 ears customers and this is a true value proposition. Problem is I haven't found enough reviews to take a careful look at this, the appreciation thread doesn't have...
  13. tamngoman

    Looking to go into CIEM, any recommendations?

    I have been using the same setup for about a year now Q701 + Schiit M stack. I want to transition to IEM, but more importantly custom iems. my budget is 500, and i just want the best for the price. do any of you guys have any recommendations?
  14. BerryTwoC

    Need help choosing CIEMs for female vocals, mostly in pop/ballad/rock genre.

    Hello ! I've decided to replace my existing universals, and will be transitioning to CIEMs, need some recommendations..   Here are some more details...   Budget : My budget will be about US$1450. This doesn't include the costs of ear impressions and shipping.   Usage : I'll be mainly...
  15. newzild

    Custom JH13 Freqphase IEM - do third party remolds affect sound signature?

    Hi guys,   I have a question about custom IEMs, specifically this: if you buy a second-hand set of custom IEMs and have them remolded to fit your own ear canals, does this affect the IEM's sound signature?   The reason I ask is that I've been considering buying a JH13 or JH16 Freqphase...
  16. Rebel908

    Preparing for the the jump: Universal to Custom help

    So I'm really considering the jump from Westone 3 to at least using the UM56 with them, if not jumping ship to the ES3X or the UE 7 or UE10. However, seeing as how head-fi has such a diverse community of audiophiles, I'd like to ask: In your opinion, what company produces the best Custom...
  17. knopi

    Which universal model is the most similar to Westone ES50?

    I have always wanted ES3X then ES5 and now ES50 but from my experience with JH13 I do not want customs again due to the possible sale in future.   They have new models W40, W50, UM Pro 50...   Thanks for help
  18. jelt2359

    1964 Ears/ 64 Audio | ADEL A10/ U10/ A12/ U12 - New Flagship Discussion / Impressions Thread

    Just joined the kickstarter on these. Typically this would be way too early to start a dedicated thread, but one of our most respected members already has a review out, so I guess it's time to start the discussion. Not only is it 1964's new flagship, it also has the all-new-super-cool Adel...
  19. VaSpn

    Help: JH16 imbalance

    I recently purchased a pair JH16 from the forum and sent them to Unique Melody to have them reshelled. UM had the drivers measured and it appears to have a 6 db difference between the left and right midrange drivers. I was wondering if this level of imbalance is common in the JH16's since I've...
  20. precisionmike

    JH13 custom or Roxanne universal?

    Which do you feel would sounds better?
  21. MGLDyson

    How do the JHAudio 13/16 compare to the Sennheiser 650HD?

    I'm looking into a custom IEM and am eagerly researching the JH Audio 13/16s.  I can only afford one and would like to buy the one that would be most similar to the Sennheiser 650HD in sound signature.   I love my 650s but don't want to take them abroad with me.  They're too large and I want...
  22. darkinners

    IEM upgrade from Westone 4

    I just sold my Westone 4 and looking for upgrade. I have few targets in mind, Budget is under $1,600 But I don't NEED to spend 1,600 though, so any price range under my budget is ok. Universal Fit 1. Heir Audio 4Ai 2. Heir Audio IEM 5.0 3. EarSonic SM64 Custom Fit 1. JH13 Pro 2. Compact...
  23. Nuwidol

    Has anyone else had a truly awful service from Heir Audio?

    Haven't posted much in a while but I really wan to get peoples opinions on Heir as I've really felt that the service I've received from them has been awful.   I listened to a pair if 4.Ai at a meet a couple of years ago & was really impressed with them. The first thing I thought when listening...
  24. dreamwhisper

    Your first headphones?

    My first hi-fi headphones were AKG K141's. I'm thinking , that my impressions of quality sound are most likely biased/rationalised subconciously on my experience of these headphones. Because, after all the headphones I've tried,, I still like AKG's the most, and have a preference to the...
  25. SilverEars

    Most detailed, accurate, clear, neutral IEMs

    Ok, lets hear out recommendations on what people here think is the most detailed, accurate, clear, and neutral IEMs.      I've heard the UERM which I thought was great in this regard, and I've been recommended NT-6 being great.