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How do the JHAudio 13/16 compare to the Sennheiser 650HD?

  1. MGLDyson
    I'm looking into a custom IEM and am eagerly researching the JH Audio 13/16s.  I can only afford one and would like to buy the one that would be most similar to the Sennheiser 650HD in sound signature.
    I love my 650s but don't want to take them abroad with me.  They're too large and I want to travel compactly.  I've traveled well with the UE Triple.fi 10s in the past, so I know an IEM will suit me the best.  Speaking of the TF10s, I've enjoyed them very, very much as my portable alternative to my 650s.  So, which of the JH Audio offerings would compare most similarly with the 650s?  For me, the "darker" sound of the 650s hits the sweet spot for my tastes.  They just kind of play everything really well, to me.  And, I listen to a little bit of everything.  My least listened genre is probably classical, though.
    Thanks, folks.
  2. Gasdoc
    I have both. The jh13 is not as dark as the HD 650 but is just as awesome. I also prefer dark phones & the JH 13 is a pretty easy transition. It has more than enough bass for me. If you want something cheaper, the Westone 4 or Earsonics SM3 are great. The Earsonics SM64 might be too bright for you.
  3. BoxBoxBox
    JH16 is not only in a greater league than HD650s
    they are the best IEM/headphone Ive ever heard
  4. Gasdoc
    I also prefer the jh13 to the hd650. Is it better? Maybe. It's certainly faster.

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