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The dog ate my JH-13s...

  1. katalyst^
    I'm not joking, and it wasn't my fault. Beating it to death isn't a realistic option, the owner doesn't have the funds to replace them, complaining won't bring them back, so the only thing to do is suck it up. It has been at least 2-3 years since I bought them, so I'm a little behind what is available. When I bought them, the JH-16s had just been released and it was a matter of preference as to which to buy. Has that changed much - has anything new and remarkable been released at around that sort of price?
  2. Swimsonny
    There is a lot of new companies to consider now for sure although JH have updated the 13 and 16 with freqphase and they are still some of the best!
    Worth Checking Out!
    Heir Audio
    Cosmic Ears
    Tralucent Audio
    few other but to early to remember there names :p
  3. ostewart
    Also check out Alclair
  4. 1audioz
    I'll bet that dog's bark will now have better midrange clarity.
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  5. goodvibes
    I went with the new JH13s but I agree there's plenty of options depending on funds. Obviously you liked them and the new version  are by almost all accounts, raising the bar so that would be a logical choice. I personally prefer to deal with more local companies due to shipping and refits so Westone and JHAudio or, at a lower price, Alclair and 1964ears are good choices for the US. The same jh13 vs jh16 preference decision exists as before.
  6. blueescalade88
    Haha like giving the dog a cough drop
  7. kiwirugby Contributor
    Did the dog swallow them whole?  If so, wait a couple of days, rinse and off you go!
  8. chesterljh
    eeww!!! imagine what is in the shell... =vomits=
  9. Painful Chafe
    Pictures or it didn't happen.
  10. katalyst^

    Sorry - after I (hoping against hope) e-mailed JH Audio about the prospects of repairing them and received the inevitable reply ("lol srs?") - I threw them out.
    Thanks to all for the advice. I've generally been considering flagship products from companies that are either established or for which there are experiences/reviews. On the current list are:
    Westone ES5
    JH Audio JH-13s
    Heir Audio 8.A
    Ultimate Ears UERM
    My preference is for neutral and analytical CIEMs, so I've not included a few (for example, JH-16s) that have been designed to have a distinct signature. I've also generally skipped over less-expensive CIEMs, like 1964 or Alclair, on the assumption that those listed offer better performance - I'd rather pay the premium for ultimate performance, because I know I'd just end up with upgrade-itis the day after buying one in the ~$650 range.
    Just a few questions, then: is it wrong to dismiss the cheaper options, am I missing anything at or above the level of performance of the listed CIEMs, and would I be right to think that those listed can really only be differentiated by their sound signatures, rather than on absolute levels of performance?
  11. gnarlsagan

    If by performance you mean a flat frequency response in accordance with diffuse field reference then the ER4S out performs every single one of those customs. It will be the most neutrally accurate without a doubt. I heard the UE18 and it was a confusing mess in comparison.

    One of the biggest mistakes in this hobby is to equate more expensive with better sound. It's just not true anymore. You could also check out the Fitear f111, since it's basically a more comfortable fitting ER4S. Almost exact same frequency response.
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  12. ianmedium

    This is one of the most sensible and accurate posts I have seen on Headfi in many years!

    I have tried a number of multi driver IEM's and some customs including some demo JH's (Yes, I know I don't get the full experience but it was enough!) I find this fascination for multi driver IEM's confusing as I find every single one I have heard exaggerates sound and smears it as well.

    After all my explorations I went back to my trusty old ER4S's and simply enjoy the music now. If you really want custom ear molds for a hundred bucks extra you can have them on these though personally I prefer the three layer insert for isolation and musical performance.
  13. katalyst^
    Interesting. I had ER4S for many years prior to the JH13s, loved them and their neutrality (to the extent that I listened to a pair of HD650s for about a week before they were entombed in their box), but still preferred the JH13s. Perhaps a case of expectations being conditioned by price, or that I don't like neutral, analytical sound as much as I thought. I had actually thought about buying another pair of ER4S instead of CIEMs, but I always found obtaining a good seal and cable microphonics to be problematic, to the extent that I'd say that, whatever the theoretical advantage that ER4S might have on charts, in practice the JH13s (for me) realised their potential much better.
    Thanks for the tip re: the FitEars - I'll look into them.
  14. kenz
    Perhaps going back for the JH13 pros? The Heir 8.A is definitely not neutral or analytical.
    For me, the Heir 8.A are somewhat like a Audeze LCD2 rev2 sound in a custom.
    It's an amazing 8-driver and works well with very analytical or clinical sounding players (such as Sony Z1060 or an iPod Touch/Classic).
    It also takes the Westone ES5 signature and adds bass elements. 8.A is a pretty bass present custom.
    If neutral and analytical, the JH13 pros today still gets the job done in spades. Paired with the ibasso DX100 player, the JH13 has never sounded better.
    Another option to consider the Dream Earz 7x.
  15. GN-0015
    UM Miracle? A buddy of mine who sold me his ER4P said it's quite analytical but he ended up getting the Compact Monitor Stage 3 because he felt he wanted something more fun sounding.

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