Null Audio Studio Remoulding Service Review and Impression
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Dec 31, 2011
As per title stated, I am here to do a impression and review on a very recent experience with Null Audio Studio Remoulding Service, this is one of my handfuls of reviews I do. So please pardon me if I do it wrongly, or any kind of spelling or grammar mistakes.
This amateur review will kind of go off topic on and off the time, PLEASE FORGIVE ME. 
**Disclaimer** To all the pros, and seniors in this hobby, please kindly bear with me if you guys had any dispute or miscommunication with Null Audio before and disagree with my opinions and review, I am purely writing this review based as a satisfied customer of their services. And felt that those reviews written in 2010/2011 do not justify their stand in this industry. They (Mr. Kelvin Wang) deserve a proper review on his service based on this great year, 2013.
For this review, I’ve spent couple of days and 3-4 hours each trip in their newly opened physical store in Singapore talking and understanding the company from Kelvin.
Brief description of the company, for fellow hobbyist out there who hasn’t heard of Null Audio Studio.
Null Audio Studio is a professional audio workshop based in Singapore. They specialize in handcrafting various cables and peripherals for high-end IEM and headphones. (*NOTE* their main line WASN’T reshelling services) they were established in the year 2008, producing upgrade cables for high end IEMs and headphones.  
They are also the Sole Distributor for Rooth Professional Audio. Here comes the whole line of Rooth LS Series CIEM carried by Null Audio and also the Reshelling services provided by Null Audio Studio. All Reshell requests are being sent to Rooth Professional Lab to undergo the plastic surgery for your precious customs. The very same place all the LS series and Unique Melody line of products and reshell are being produced.  So, in simple terms, you can kind of call them one body, but with different names. But of course Null Audio Studio is just a simple representative, which worked with Rooth very closely for the past few years, and recently came out with a collaboration line of lower priced tier CIEM for all who don’t wish to spend so much! I will provide the details later into this review page
Email :
Skype: null-audio
Null Audio Studio
#04-36 Peninsula Shopping Centre
3 Coleman Street Singapore 179804
Opening hours: 12pm – 9pm closed on Mondays.
Product Line:
Lune Series Earphone Cable
Arete Series Earphone Cable
Lune Series Headphone Cable
Null Audio Custom In-Ear Monitors
Unique Melody Custom In-Ear Monitors
Rooth Professional Audio Custom In-Ear Monitors
And now, finally into their Earphone Remolding Services, I am truly sorry that I floated away so much into other info.  Please forgive me!
Link: Null Audio Reshelling Service
Price : Starting at SGD250
Faceplate Insert Options:
Titanium (+SGD60) / Gold Titanium (+SGD60)
Wooden Walnut (+SGD60)  / Carbon Fiber (+SGD60)
Artwork: SGD60
Upgrade to Lune Series Cable (+SGD50)
Color Chart

Accessories included:
Carrying box and pouch
Cleaning tools
Detachable Arete Series Cable
1 month free re-fitting guarantee
1 Year labor and parts warranty
Processing time: Approximately 6~8 weeks + Transit Time
There are a lot of misconceptions on this matter, as 6~8 weeks are inclusive of transit time, which is NOT TRUE on this case. But total turnaround time could defer, depending on the amount of traffic the lab is experiencing. If your order happens to be the only one for the month (which highly WILL NOT be the case), I bet it would be 4 weeks tops.
** FREE** Ear Impression services by Kelvin can be arranged locally at his store. But if you feel more comfortable to do your impression by a professional audiologist, Kelvin will be a happier man.  Personally, my ear impressions are done by Kelvin, and my custom came back with NO fit problem. So, if you’re looking at the most basic reshell options, it would be SGD250 inclusive of shipping costs, impressions costs, comes with a aftermarket cable which might or might not complement with your rig instead of the black stock cables, and also the standard items like a case and cleaning pick.
Custom sent for reshell for this review: JH AUDIO JH16PRO
Reshell Options:
Right ciem - Opaque Black + Scattered Gold Glitter + Small Unique Melody Logo
Left ciem -  Translucent Red + Densed Red Glitter w/ Scattered Gold + Small Unique Melody Logo
Customer Service  8 / 10 –
This isn’t the first time I’ve contacted Kelvin through email, had purchased a Lune series cable and also reshelling my TF10 1-2 years back. I would say the customer service had improved drastically, hahaha! But still the emailing part is still a bit of a hassle now. Very little info could be transmitted at one time, a lot of time is needed, took me about 3 days of emailing to confirm a date to go down to his place for impression service (the physical store wasn’t opened yet). To all Local / Singaporeans friends, if you want to have a smoother and faster communication process with kelvin, please head directly down to his physical store to check things out and for demos. And to all overseas friends, the emailing part seems like your only options, but no worries, from what I’ve consulted with kelvin, they are on the process of expanding, give them just a little time to sort out the manpower and provide all of you with a better system, but this doesn’t mean he wont be replying any mails or entertaining any orders, its just that he might not be replying promptly (if you are expecting a reply every hour or so?)
And yes, Initially my request was a little too demanding as I wanted all the details to be explained to Kelvin clearly, and no **** ups could be allowed on my expectations. Kelvin’s patience with me was what impressed me the most, and inspired me to write this long and amateur review, and also hoping to have better working relation with him. To everyone out there who had a bad impression on him, HE IS A VERY SINCERE AND NICE GUY! He really tried his best to help as many of his costumers as possible despite the very busy schedule and also managing of the expansion of his business. Please kindly understand how much can one individual handle at a time. 
Initially, I was pretty judgmental due to past experience with Null audio, but the moment I had a face-to-face session with him to do the ear impression, my impression of the company totally changed. From ear impression, choosing of colors, sockets, and artwork, Kelvin was explaining and helping me to his best extent. Sharing past reshell experience, which would be more viable for me and what not.
Honestly, I had more info from him, than from JH Audio when I’ve ordered my JH13Pro, and JH16Pro on two different occasions. But I’ve concluded that it all depends on WHEN we as consumers are purchasing their service. Usually when they are experiencing high orders volumes, we get horrible customer services and turn around time. All the big brands out there are having some haters on the customer service aspect. It’s always hard to satisfy everyone!     
Total Turn Around Time 7 / 10  - 
I had my impressions done earlier this year on 27th Feb, CIEM sent out to Rooth lab on 1st March. Rooth Lab received my CIEM on the 3rd March.  CIEM was confirmed to be ready on Rooth side on 12th April. Collected my CIEM on 26th April. If you were to calculate from the date of impressions taken to the collection of CIEM it would be a total of 8 weeks. It was supposed to reach earlier, Probably around 6.5 weeks time, but due to a new introduction of product line, Rooth Audio side delayed my shipment, and sent my CIEM along with all the demos set. I do not blame Kelvin for this, as it was kind of beyond his control, but also, he could have done something to prevent this. BUT, he did texted me to inform me of this event, and I agreed to the arrangement, as I wont be in town to collect my CIEM during the 6.5 Weeks time too >.< . But for friends out there who cant wait for their babies to be back, I bet you guys would find this unacceptable, therefore I rated 7 / 10 for the turnaround time. Honestly it was relatively acceptable for me, my experience with JH Audio, was about 6-7 weeks as well, inclusive of transit time.
Build Quality 9 / 10 –
Most importantly, would be the fit problem. Before stepping into his store, I was praying for a perfect fit, and guess what? It was a PERFECT FIT! I had no problems with the fit while lying down, turning left or right or anything. I am satisfied with the ear impression did by Kelvin, and also the fit done by Rooth lab. My orders are definitely not the most complicated, but my expectations for the glitter are pretty high. It turned out to be B-E-A-Utiful! I would say I am 10/10 satisfied with the colors and glitters. The shell came back with no sign of cracks, bubble or scratch line.  It was polished well, and shining brightly waiting for my arrival for its collection. Sockets are flushed, the Lune series cable with Westone/JH sockets compatible pins provided by kelvin fitted nicely into my CIEM, as well as my own cable, I had no problem with fitting it into the sockets or taking it out.  I would really love to put a 10 / 10 for this section, but it won’t be realistic I believe. Some pictures are being uploaded, please feel free to take a look and make decision on how this section scores!


New Lune Series MK3 Westone/JH compatible pins

Frequency Chart of the reshelled JH16Pro

The cracked shell of my JH16Pro 
Overall Experience 8 / 10 -
From the beginning till the collection of my Reshelled JH16Pro, Kelvin has been really helpful, replying my emails and texts. I emailed or texted him at least 2-4 times a week to ask for updates and bugging him to rush my orders. He even took the initiative to get the Rooth lab people to take a picture of my CIEM shell and sending it to me, to make sure the colors and artwork are of my requirements before sending it over.  From my experience with UM reshelling and JH Audio, I would say Null Audio would be on sub par with them. If it’s not the same, it would be better, as Kelvin could be contacted and approached locally in Singapore; all of my info are being relayed clearly and promptly.
Null Audio Studio might have a bad start on its customer service, but its dedications to provide the highest quality of services and products are impeccable now. They have truly improved themselves, in terms of customer service and build quality of their customs and cables. Please forget the old Null Audio Studio, and give this new image a try!
As it is undergoing a huge change, Null Audio are experimenting and collaborating with Rooth Audio to come out with a truly Null Audio line of CIEM. From what I know and learned from Kelvin, Null Audio Studio is going to produce a line of lower priced tiered custom without compromising the sound quality, and the first to go head on would be the Null Audio Studio’s very own ELPIS, A hybrid CIEM Priced at SGD299, single low dynamic, along with a mid/high BA driver.

Will do a review on this new hybrid if I have the chance.  For those people who are interested in the hybrid, you may leave me a PM and I will answer as much as I can. But if I am not wrong, Professional reviews are on its way! In the meanwhile give Null Audio a shot on its services and products.  I am sure it won’t be disappointing, but again, I am not here to justify for everyone out there! :)
SPOILER ALERT! I am not too sure if kelvin will be ok if I leaked this, BUT HECK IT! I will deal with the consequences later! Let me share with you guys! HOLD ON TO YOUR WALLETS NOW, Null Audio are experimenting and coming out with a series of high-end flagship aftermarket cables VERY SOON (7n Silver, gold plated copper, hybrid cables and a lot more!) comparable to all the big brands out there! Kelvin said, it might just be as revolutionary as its very own Lune series that complements with TF10 like a match make in heaven! Also, they are on a project to bringing in equipment to do all Remoulding work locally in Singapore!
Cheers to all mates out there! Hope that i won't be causing to much flaming on myself here! I am very junior here, would appreciate if you guys can be more lenient on this thread and any kind of guidance from you guys are welcomed! :)

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