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Custom IEMs :D

  1. jtai117
    So! I've been running with a pair of Shure SE535 LTDs for a couple of years now (I actually have 2 pairs of 535s. Long story) and I've been really happy with the the clarity and the sound signature in general I guess. I tried out a universal pair of JH16 Pros at Jaben Audio and was blown away by them, especially the bass! Ever since then, I've been looking into getting a pair of customs but I'm not sure which ones to get. Here's my shortlist:
    JH Audio JH16 Pro
    JH Audio JH13 Pro
    Unique Melody Miracle
    Unique Melody Merlin
    1964 Ears V8
    I listen to a lot of rock, alt rock and sometimes some EDM too. I also do live audio a couple of times a week with a full church band. What do you guys reckon?
  2. jtai117
    Oops, could a mod please move this to Help & Recommendations Forum please?
  3. Montyburns

    If you do regular work with a church, you may want to check out Alclair customs. They have a great custom IEM called the Crankmaster with added bass drivers. And they used to work almost exclusively with church groups.
  4. jtai117
    Regular work at a church yes but it's a pretty big church and we regularly have a full rock type band. I also occasionally do some studio work and record a little bit too. I think I'm leaning towards something aimed at a sound engineer or something. My shortlist currently is the JH13, JH16, UM Miracle and UM Merlin. Just cus I work at a church, doesn't mean I have to get something targeted at church groups right? =)
    Do you know much about the bass response of the UM Miracle compared to the JH13 and JH16?
  5. Montyburns
    Hahaha! Yeah. I know about the church thing not being a direct tie in. Though it was interesting though. No, don't know much about the JH or the UM Miracle, but I did want to get a set of customs that had the bass response I wanted without compromise. I took my Triple Fi 10's out to their place and checked them out against the Crankmaster and was thrilled at the level of bass coming from them without sacrifice to treble. A lot of the high end customs seem to skirt the issue of bass like it's the plague. I liked these because they just came out and said bass.
  6. jtai117

    It's not like I want the bass to be super dominant, I just want it to be more present than in my Shures. I do need mid clarity and stuff for instrument separation when I'm doing monitors. I have a feeling that I'm going to end up spending 1.5k on the JH16s lol.
  7. Ivabign
    You won't be disappointed with the JH16's - and you won't get in trouble with the guy upstairs [​IMG]
  8. jtai117
    Yeah, I'll be in trouble with my wallet lol.
  9. Lakers1
    They're all good

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