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Your first headphones?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by dreamwhisper, Jun 9, 2009.
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  1. Duggeh
    First proper headphones? Koss ESP-9. Ran them from a Quad 303.


    I had a real love/hate relationship with those. Mainly hate by the end. But they set me on the path to the Stax 2020, then the Omega 2.
  2. Vonsonic
    my first pair of headphones were from Radio Shack. That was many years ago but now I have a pair hd580 sennheiser's. there great
  3. John Willett

    Originally Posted by dreamwhisper /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    What were your first hi-fi headphones?
    And how do they relate to your favorite headphones now?

    My first headphones were AKG K60 - this was in about 1968.


    They are *nothing* like my favourite headphones now - Sennheiser HD 800.

    Though - in a way - they did look a bit like my HD 25-1 closed headphones.
  4. Uncle Erik Contributor
    My first pair was a Sony MDR-V6, but my first "good" headphones are the Sennheiser HD-650. Soon to be sold, as well. I can't justify $1,400 for the HD-800 unless I sell a few that it would replace.
  5. Ham Sandwich
    My first decent headphones were Sony MDR-V6, about 20 years ago. I still have them. I don't like them now. My view on the V6 is that they are purely a monitoring headphone and not right for music listening. The imaging and headstage plays games in my head, it moves around, it's not steady, binaural recordings don't always get the right effect.

    I could have certainly done much worse for headphones back then. I used the V6 all through college.

    Now I appreciate headphones that give a better sense of space and headstage.
  6. guyx1992
    EP-630. I still use them [​IMG]
    I love them :]
  7. div
    Grado sr80 [​IMG]

    Now i am also owning a sr80i [​IMG] lol
  8. plonter
    If iem's are included than shure se530.
    My first full size were the HD595,and i think they are great audiophile entry level cans.
  9. nhat_thanh
    I got the Sony MDR-V6 first as well, but I didn't use them for listening to music (for gaming only instead).

    Then I got the AD700 more than a year ago >> turning point [​IMG]
  10. Stitch
    First hi-fi cans where and still are my DT880's 05, which i got last December. Before that at home it was some cheap pair that i almost don't dare to list here *cough*Us blaster*cough* then a pair of Logitech 350 usb headphones which lasted 2 years until they died last December. (Imagine the shock i was in with the DT880!)
    I started caring about audio when i got my Iaudio u2 with stock earbuds 3 years ago. Then i got an Iaudio 7 which i 'upgraded' with some razer M100 IEM's
  11. john53
    my first headphones were sony mdr cd280.My first serious headphones-sennheiser hd 600(which i use till now)
  12. baldux
    Senn HD 437 for me. X)
  13. tamahome77
    My entry to the head-fi world was back in the late 90s with my first set of quality earphones, the MDR-E888 ear buds. Been listening to those until 2006 where I made my first hi-fi headphone purchase with the HD595. Bass was tight with good impact but something was missing with the mids and highs.
  14. DC5Zilla
    denon d1001
  15. qipengchen
    senn px 100
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