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$200 +/- headphones recommendations

  1. dozens
    I'm a pretty average listener, using primarily my iPhone and laptop for my source most of the time, and sans amp. I've long been using my Grado 80s for home and my Sony MDR-7506 for walk-around cans when I'm not in the mood for IEMs. I'm waiting to jump up to a $200 pair and am looking at the AKG K7XX from Massdrop (order placed, may cancel), Grado Prestige SR225e, or the Beyerdynamic DT-770 32ohm (my friend loves his).
    I listen to a lot of electronic stuff like Caribou, James Blake, Panda Bear, etc. again using iPhone and Macbook primarily, with the occasional vinyl at home. I'm toying with getting one of those cheap amps like the FiiO E6, but haven't decided. Anyone want to give me any advice or direction? Thanks!
  2. rajeevrn
    Id vote for the Beyerdynamic over the Grado for electronic music. If you are ok with bass, theres the ultrasones, particularly HFI-580 or if you can spend a bit more, the HFI 780.
  3. Bossatiger
    Agreed, get the Beyer over the Grado and AKG for electronic. I have personally owned the AKG K701 and Beyers DT770, and a pair of 125 (somewhat similar to the 225), the Beyer is just more enjoyable for me. 
  4. dozens
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm not getting the Grados, but the AKG is so tempting over the Beyer! Why do you guys suggest the Beyer?
  5. DryHopped
    I listen to the exact same type of music and am looking for headphones in the same price range. I'm really considering the NAD HP50 for $250.
    I hardly ever come across someone who has the same taste in music as me, so I will be following your thread closely. Just read that the new James Blake album will be out in about 5 months. I'm really hoping he WONT collaborate with Kanye on it. Caribou is my favorite artist at the moment, the new album is top tier status. And of course, Animal Collective is an old favorite.
    Other groups I've been listening to include (in no particular order) Blood Orange, Lil Silva, Sinkane, Oceaan, Tourist, Sohn, Ryan Hemsworth, Son Lux, CHVRCHES, Jamie XX, Jon Hopkins, Flume, Banks, Chet Faker, iamamiwhoami, SBTRKT (prefer the old album over the new one so far), Sampha, Jacques Greene, Royksopp, Baths, among tons of others.
    I'd love to hear what else you are digging at the moment.
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  6. metal571
    It's really opinion because I actually found that I preferred the Q701 for electronic, which for me means trance and hardstyle. The soundstage that some of the producers add to the music is conveyed in a quite incredible way and it is much more of an effect with the larger soundstage of the Q701. The DT880s have easiergoing mids but have more of a treble spike that makes them sound edgy and in my experience actually masks the detail above 10k, making them seem less detailed than the 701s. That said the Beyers have ever so slightly more bass impact to my ears. So it's really whatever you prefer if you ask me. I own both the 880 Pro 250s (which I'm selling now) and a white Q701.
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  7. zunehdrocks
    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the phillips fidelio x1 or soundmagic hp200
  8. dozens
    I guess I'm gonna go with the AKGs from Massdrop for now, then play the long game for getting a deal on a pair of Beyer DT-770 32ohm.
  9. saxophone
    Keep in mind that the shipment for the AKG's may be February or later - depending on what number you are on the list.
  10. dozens

    I hadn't thought about that, however the Massdrop site says mid-December. What pair would you recommend given my description of what I'm looking for?
    Any opinions on the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x or ATH-M50xBL?
  11. Roy Munson
    I had the M50 for some time but I haven't listened to the new models. I personally wouldn't recommend the M50 for the genres you're into. I think you'll find something missing from the overall experience. I find it did well with more aggressive or high energy type of electronic compared to some of the more laid back and dynamic stuff. 
    If you were to buy used - for a few extra bucks you could get into an HE400 or a Mr. Speakers Mad Dog. I think either of those would work really well with that sort of laid back/experimental/dynamic electronica. I own them both and also listen to similar artists you mentioned.
    I also own the AKG Q701. The large sound stage, clarity, and detail in the music will be nice for your interests but I much prefer the bass response and overall sound of the planars.
  12. saxophone
    Oh, if they told you that you were part of the mid-December shipment, then you are. It's just that there were like 3000 people who signed up so they had to do it in multiple batches - the people towards the end of that line get theirs later.
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