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Open Cans and EQ? How well do they respond to eq?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by trunks159, Jul 1, 2013.
  1. Trunks159
    I wanna try and get the sr325i or sr225i, or something else and id like to be able to easily eq them, especially the bass.   Thanks!!!!!
  2. GREQ
    What are you listening through? If you're at home I would recommend Foobar, and download an EQ plugin. 
    Grados can take a lot of EQ, but you'll NEVER get deep sub-bass rumble or thunder out of them. You can try, but it probably won't sound good. I know I've tried (with SR60i and RS2i)
    Try it out with your SR80i and you'll see what I mean - it will be the same story with the 325/225. 
    Stereo Equalizers with about 12 bands minimum can be fun and are much quicker to set and play with, and I prefer the sound of analogue EQ to digital EQ. Somehow it sounds smoother and better controlled. But they're not always the best value for money, and of course you need the amplifier to go with it, so if you're starting out I wouldn't go down that route. 
  3. Trunks159
    Thanks! What about with a simple eq from an iPhone app (EQu) or power amp, or the eq on the cowons?
  4. GREQ
    I can't speak for the Cowons or that iphone app, as I've never tried them out. 
  5. Trunks159
    So can the grados reach 50hz?
  6. GREQ
    Oh, yes they'll reach it, absolutely.  But only in the same way your sr80i reaches it.
    That is, softly, tightly, and naturally like acoustic instruments.
    Your sr80i is about 90-95% of the SR225i. 
  7. Trunks159
    So im guessing sr325i wouldnt be an upgrade.
  8. GREQ
    Well it IS an upgrade - you get a much bigger dose of resolution. Also you get an absolutely ear-full of razor sharp treble. 
    Ideally (imo) anyone would be using a fairly good tube amp on them to smooth everything out, but others reportedly like the emphasised details as it works well for super detailed thrashy metal.
    The problem is that all the way up to RS2i, the differences between all the headphones are so small that unless you've got good amps and source equipment running them, they won't make the most of those small differences. Straight out of an mp3 player they basically all sound the same. 
  9. Trunks159
    Guess I won't get grados then.
  10. Seamless Sounds
    AKG K701 is fairly neutral. You can tweak EQ settings any way you like. The sub-bass needs a slight boost, and that's where several amps with bass boost comes in handy (i.e. M³). You generally want to EQ it on the analog side because when you EQ the bass on the digital side, it distorts and clips.

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