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  3. tetra82

    New headphones!!!

    Hello mates.   I am in the market for new in ear headphones. I am willing to spend around 130-150. I am listening mostly to Metal (especially doom/black etc) and Rock music so i would like to get some suggestions about some good in ears that will allow me to enjoy my favorite songs. Don't...
  4. llamatimelord

    Ultrasone or Grado

    I have narrowed down my search for new headphones to some Ultrasones and Grados. I have a $200 budget and I know that some of these go over but I have been able to find them for cheaper prices. These are the headphones I am thinking about: Ultrasone Pro 2500 and HFI-780 or 580. I also am...
  5. rgandblue

    Help me find my combination of phones & DAC/Amp under $200

    Hi all, i'm new to this headphones world and just recently buy a SR80i, HD668B, and Topping D2 DAC/Amp. While its sound good but not really to my liking, i can't descript it because i don't really understand the terminology and my bad English :( but i'll try.   What I don't like from...
  6. Katarack21

    New to High-end Headphones, need advice.

    Okay, I've never purchased a pair of headphones that cost over $20 before. I have used quite a lot of headphones in my time however, and I know that the full-size headphones that cover your entire ear is what I want. I think it's called circumaural? Like I said, I'm new to this. I want this...
  7. Kent0

    Any alternatives to Grado?

    Heya guys, just searching for headphones that are good substitute for grados (coz an sr80i here would cost as high as 200$) I listen mainly on rock, some techno and soft rock and the mid range is very important for me I also prefer Open headphones and my budget is 150$ thanks in advance!
  8. sheepo

    Headphones up to 150 for mainly hip hop and mixing? (Narrowed it down to 3)

    Hello! I'm looking for an upgrade from my old JVC earbuds (xtreme xplosives to be exact), and decided to invest in some good over the ear headphones. I'm mainly going to be using these to listen to hip hop, funk, soul, and chip tune. I listen to everything, but that's what I mainly listen to. I...
  9. himynamesnoah

    Headphones for $100 or less

    I haven't really owned expensive headphones (Anything over $30, and only in-ear) and I'm looking to purchase some soon. My budget is $100, or less. (I have a $10 gift card to Amazon as well) I'm just looking for all around headphones, i'll be using them almost exclusively at home, so they don't...
  10. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  11. earthless

    Best headphones for psychedelic music

    Hi, head-fi community. It's my first thread here. I'm looking for good headphones and surfing through other threads I stumbled on these models:   Grado SR125/225/325i Grado SR60/80i Alessandro MS1/2i Audio Technica ATH-AD900 Denon AH-D2000 Sennheiser HD 650/750 Beyerdynamic DT...
  12. lopopo

    Suggestions for Headphones around $100~150

    Hi guys, I am new here! I used to be an IEM guy, I own a pair of sennheiser IE6, but it broke :(. Recently, I am getting interested in over ear headphones. I read up about closed vs open but still can't really decide which is better and to be honest, still quite confused on the technical...
  13. imboringlycool

    Looking for new reasonable headphones

    Hello, I've known about these forums for a while but I'm pretty new here.   So let me start by saying I am a college student, so suffices to say that I don't have a ton of disposable income. I am a musician but I am not looking for any kind headphones for recording or mixing. I am looking...
  14. mkeating

    Phones for $100-150 for Choral, Classical, Opera, etc.

    I'm planning on buying my girlfriend a nice pair of headphones for the holiday. I'm looking for great clarity that will really shine with choral music especially. Also, she listens to classical, opera, and some rock. So I believe that I am looking for headphones with great midrange response. I'd...
  15. draacor

    New Grado's and my son

    Well got my new Grado SR80i's in the mail, had em on for like 5 minutes before deciding to put them on my 19 month old.  Now he loves them and cries when i try to take them off haha.  I think I have a young audiophile in the making :)   Sorry for the awful quality of the photos they were...
  16. draacor

    Wish me luck - Hope i did ok

    So after much debate and reading and mulling over I pulled the trigger.   My parents are buying me headphones for Christmas.  They decided to get me the AKG K272 HD headphones.  At the time on Amazon they were going for 240.  I wasn't aware of this nor was I aware how much they paid.  A few...
  17. tate16t

    Under $200 bucks

    Hey guys,   Newbie here. I’ve been checking out the forum for a few days and glad I found it. You guys offer a world of information when it comes to headphones. I’m still undecided after reading multiple threads though.   I listen to a mix of music, POP, R&B, Jazz and some Hip Hop via my...
  18. mpawluk91

    Best 150$ cans for heavy metal

    I've been searching everywhere like crazy to find out what headphones to buy but it's so confusing. I mostly listen to heavy metal like pantera slipknot or chimaira and need clarity and performance. Being able to feel breakdowns would be nice too. So I wil be powering these through an ipod video...
  19. ToastyWaffle

    Grado Sound in a Closed Can?

    I currently own a pair of modded Grado SR80i's. I love the sound they produce, but I have a couple of problems with them. They leak a ton, and they're really uncomfortable. So I am looking for a pair of closed cans that will have a similar sound, but without the subdued bass of an unmodded...
  20. draacor

    The search continues

    Ok last time I left off i returned the Grado SR80i because of comfort and sound leakage.  I returned the ATHM50s because of comfort.  Now I am returning the K550 because of fit.  I love the sound of these cans but i cant get them to fit snug on my head for the life of me.  I even tried bending...
  21. draacor

    thanks everyone!

    I want to thank everyone and this site for their wonderful help in me finding the right headphones for me. I have tried the grado sr80i, athm50, akg 272 and k550, dt770 80ohms. I finally settled on a pair of shure srh840's. I love them, exactly what I wanted, comfortable, detachable cable, no...

    Rank These Headphones (for a Metal listener)?

    Hi, Grado SR80i V-MODA M80 Sennheiser HD598 ...and any other very good headphones for metal under $250?  Thanks so much.
  23. DudeMyCans

    Replace Grado 80's with DT 990s ?

    Hi,   I'm looking to replace an aging pair of Grado SR80's and have been searching around on here for days and looking at other reviews. I'm not looking at a direct replacement in that I don't want or expect them to sound the same (otherwise I'd just buy a newer pair of SR80i's, right ?)...
  24. NotACat

    Searching for headphones $100-$150 (NOT for bass heavy music)

    Hello,      Somewhat new here. Please bare with me. I am looking for headphones in the 100-150 price range. I will be listening on my ipod. No amps or anything like that. Most of the post I have seen so far are recommending only bass HEAVY headphones. I don't know if there is much difference...
  25. jezmoulton

    Buy new headphones or USB DAC first?

    Hi there,   I listen to a lot of music from my computer at home. I have recently got a new HiFi (second hand Technics from ebay) and I have been using the Sennhesier HD 202's for a couple of yerars now. I use a very cheap "Creative X-Fi Go Pro!" USB soundcard, but I would like to make some...