Best headphones that you would recommend based on my tastes
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Dobrescu George

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Jan 30, 2011
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Bucharest, Romania
Jan 30, 2011
Bucharest, Romania
i have been testing headphones for the entire day... 
let's do this in order of what i do remember.... akg... k550 - amazing sound quality and soundstage.
sennheiser - hd650 - sounded like it was no improvement over my dj one pro from ultrasone
sennheiser hd800 - liked it at first, for the huge soundstage, started hating it for the highs, which are amazingly bad. the highs sound great with enough amplification, but i testet hd 800 from fiio x5 and fiio e12, and hd800 from a dedicated lamp amp... of course with the 3000$ amp, the entire sound was ok.... BUT DAT CONFORT!!!!!!!!!!
audio tehnica - hated all models, not sure why, i am not into their sound at all.
grado - hated the sr60i
grado - liked the sr125i - actually this one sounded nice, but did not have enough soundstage, and the general sound was bad
beyerdynamic, - tried only custom one pro, hated it a lot
LCD - actually, these sounded nice, but they were too heavy. like my neck hurt after half an hour. all of them were amazingly heavy. lcd xc were too heavy for me to continue the test.
ultrasone - i tried other models bseides my dj one pro. only minor improvements found in pro 750. i mean, the differences were minor... i would not buy pro 750 over my dj one pro....
hifiman - actually hated the sound. they sounded like there was something wrong with the drivers.. the sound was..... like they had a bad connection... like... they had a LOT of noise... the demo pair might have been broken, i am not convinced that they are that bad... they seemed so amazing from reviews... but when listened... they seemed like... the sound was bad... not enough bass, and the highs were like having a bad radio transmission... i cannot expand on this...
the bottom line - the only one that i would buy as a headphone over my dj one pro would be akg k550, which are closed... they had better highs than my dj one pro. the rest were either worse, either i did not like them enough.
my ears are kind of funny, and this is a hobby of prefferences... so please do not scream at me and my tastes,... these were my prefferences.... 
i would like to put it this was... i liked ultrasone pro 750, ultrasone pro 550, ultrasone dj one pro, akg k550, and sennheiser hd650. these were the ones that i liked the most... from these i cannot get the sennheisers because they are open. anyone can recommend me any headphones that would be in line with my tastes?.... remember that i hated the highs from hd800, hated the highs from hifiman he560, hated custom one pro sound signature, and hated audio tehnica sound signature. I liked lcd sound signature, buot they were much too heavy, and liked the soundstage and confort of hd800. and i like pretty much ultrasone... any help in choosing my ultimate headphones is welcome...
EDIT::: i remembered my anger... the store that had the ultrasone headphones did not let me test them... they told me something like :"experts will not buy them if they are open". "but sir, i want to test and i am thikning of buying ultrasone dj signature, but i cannot buy without testing them" they went like "sorry, but we cannot open them" and i was like "if someone hears them in another store, they will buy them from there, in our country they are overpriced, and if i will hear them somewhere i will buy them from there"......
i really wanted to compare signature dj and signature pro with everything else i have tested....
EDIT 2::: i just tried open headphones, i need closed...
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