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Grado sr60i and loving it.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ethan3686, Jul 4, 2014.
  1. ethan3686
    I had a pair of Sony XB700 and i wanted a an open ear headphone. After a lot of research it came down to 3 choices -
    Grado Sr60i
    Senn HD239
    I had had a lot of bass thanks to XB700 (and they are great btw) and it wasnt a priority. So i thought over and i wanted a clean output with a good soundstage and airy feeling. No sweat or the feeling warmth in my ears. So i looked at the designs and found that AD are too big. So it came down to 2 others. and then i just went for the grados purely bcoz of the name and appreciation it gets :p . At first i thought they looked ancient but now that i have th IMG_20140704_114636896.jpg
    em it feels some antiquie piece. Which i really like now! Its not like other cans. Also its so comfortable and many people say there is a clamping force on the head due to on ear design but i feel they are not clamping hard. In fact they are just placed on it. Well it might differ for head sizes i guess.
    So i put them on and played music. The first thing i realized was exactly what i wanted. That airy and open vibe. Wow just felt like air passing through with music playing. Next was the instrument a seperation. The soundstage was good not huge but amazing for the clarity these cans churn out. Also these cans don't go very loud. But it's enough for me. I am yet to burn in much with my phone HTC ONE M8 but i already know what to expect. Many suggestions were from here so thank you guys too and i will be very thankfull if you can suggest some of your favorite songs for the Grados.
  2. whirlwind
    I just came back from vacation.
    I took my SR60i as my headphone.....it really is a great can and especially when it cost only $79 ....what a great bang for the buck.
  3. ethan3686
    I am lookin forward to buy the L cushions too. Makes them a lil comfortable.
  4. BatToys
    if you have 2 big ears, L-cush will not comfortable at all, but it will made sr60's sound much better

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