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Recommend me a pair of headphones to give attention to when i go to listen for shopping

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by dobrescu george, Sep 8, 2014.
  1. Dobrescu George
    I will go in 2 days to listen to headphones to buy a pair... i have a list, and from this list, which contains everything that is in the stores around me, i am kindly asking you, good people, to tell me what headphones to give the most attention to.
    Grado sr60i
    Grado sr80i
    Ultrasone hifi580
    grado sr125i
    beyedynamic dt 660
    Grado sr 225e
    Ultrasone hifi 680
    Ultrasone hifi 780
    Beyedynamic custom one pro
    Grado RS 2i
    Sennheiser hd600
    Sennheiser hd650
    Sennheiser Momentum
    Audio ath m50
    sennheiser hd558 (these are the ones that are the most likley to be bought)
    Denon dn-hp700
    Sennheiser hd518
    Pioneer se-a100
    These are on my price range, and are avalaible in stores around me. Tell me to what to pay extra attention......
    Edit: I will be using Cowon j3, OR Fiio x5 as a source, depends on how i come to spend my money...
  2. muad
    The HD558 are pretty good headphones. In that price range they are probably the best at imaging and soundstage while still having sufficient bass and mids.
    Some of the others on your list are less balanced than the sennheisers and would sound better with specific genres etc. The sennheisers are excellent all rounders. In your price range I would recommend also checking out the q701, dt770, dt880.
  3. Dobrescu George
    ok, thanks for the response... i was thinking that i might get hd 558 or hd 598, depends which one will sound better, as there is a 12% difference between them as a price....
  4. justaname
    I believe the 558/598 and 555/595 use the same drivers. There should be a little piece of tape/damping material on the inside of the 558/555 housing. Remove that and they will sound very similar. This is just from memory though...

    The HD558s are comfortable for indoor use but (imo) still not as good as Beyers. Would not recommend for outdoor use.

    Between the ultrasone HFIs, I would go for the HFI580s. They are said to have the most bass but the highs can be a little overpowering at times. Clamping force is just nice for semi-portable. I run them out of my Note 3 with relative ease.

    Besides the sound, I would say pay attention to build quality and comfort.
  5. Dobrescu George
    Everything powered from a Fiio x5 and compared to my referrence sennheiser ie8...
    Bought the ULTRASONE DJ 1 PRO...
    They don't even compare... they are a heaven in sound terms... Best clarity and soundstage at the price... 
    But for real, ultrasone never gets enough attention around here... why would that be?...
    I am thinking to buy a sennheiser hd 598 or 558 later, but for now these ultrasones sound the best...
    I might want beyer custom one, but sennheiser is first,...
    Audio tehnica ath m50, i really did not got, they had not enough mids... nor highs... i think that they are popular because they sound somewhat hifi, but i compared them to Sennheiser IE8, which are pretty neutral... they kinda lack detail... and soundstage... But again, there is a price difference
    Sennheiser momentum were... i don't know,... my ears were bigger... I could not get through the fact that i have big ears....
    Also, tried grado... most of grados out there... they are not quite that great for metal music, even less for electronic... i am not sure for what they would be best... they sounded great, but far from neutral, the instruments were there, but badly separeted, and the soundstage was open, but a LOT smaller than in ultrasone.... it was kind of like wanting to have to sound together instead of analyzed in instruments....
    anyway, grados had a nice cliche kind of sound to them, that i might want to also get later... 
    Final thoughts.... i expected a LOT more from ath m50.... i expected a LOT less from ultrasone.... But as became, i kinda think that it is good....
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