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Seeking advice for the £40 ($60) range please

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ksc35matt, Apr 17, 2013.
  1. KSC35Matt
    My SR60's broke - the driver gave up, and it wasn't the hair problem.  A repair company has told me they can fit new SR60i drivers in them for £40 ($60 USD).
    My question - should I get the repair with the new SR60i drivers, or is there a headphone on the market that you think is better value for £40 / $60?
    My sound taste - I like open, airy sound.  I liked the SR60 and the Koss KSC35 / Portapro.  Noise leakage is not an issue.
  2. amigomatt
    For that price, I think I'd stick with the KSC75s or Portapros..  I think I prefer my KSC75s to my Grado SR80s!
  3. Dyaems
    1. buy ksc75
    2. remove grado drivers
    3. stick the ksc75 drivers inside the grado cups
    4. solder a cable of your choice
    5. ???
  4. KSC35Matt
    Would this $15 solution provide a better bang per buck than any $60 solution?  Any if I was happy to pay for a $60 solution, what would you then say?
    Thanks for the response. 

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