1. Jim McC

    Best "open" headphones under $40 ?

    Will be used mostly for movies, plugged into my receiver's headphone jack. I prefer on ear, as long as they are lightweight and comfy on the ears. Over the ear are fine too, but if the cups are not deep and large enough, and touch my ears, I hate that. Thanks.
  2. lbholde

    "Hear-through" IEMs?

    I know the title is an oxymoron.  What I'm looking for is an in-ear headphone that won't fall out (earbuds fall out of my ears) that sounds like a good IEM, but does not block external sound.  I'm used to the Etymotic sound signature (ER4P, ER6i, MC5).  I am trying to turn over a new leaf and be...
  3. karmypolitics

    Does there exist like a dedicated earphone earmuff?

    Basically, for use while exercising or on the go. I have my IEM's fall out a lot on me.    Think it's a good idea? Like, if there were one that managed to keep earphones in without compressing your ears too hard or making them too hot.
  4. pss395

    Headphone for Chillstep, Electro, D&B, Jazz and *cough* everything else

    Hi all Headfier!  I have been looking around for a long time on this forum for my perfect pair of portable headphone. It seems like not everyone is having the same taste of music as mine, so I think I'd better ask in specific.    Yeah, I'm an average college kid, so I think a portable &...
  5. Polar1s

    Best full size headphones for <$30

    Hi so im not much of audiophile but I know how to distinguish sound and all of that. I am currently looking for some over the ear headphones around $30 (I can stretch it up to $35) Ill be using them for music such as alternative some electronic not too much and gaming. I have seen the superlux...
  6. goober-george

    vintage koss phones any good?

    here they are i was wondering if anyone had any info about them. http://cgi.ebay.com/KOSS-STEAREOPHON...QQcmdZViewItem
  7. gigabyte

    Disappointed with koss ksc 75

    I just got Koss ksc 75. I listened to it with most genres of music: pop, rock, classical... and i was disappointed, it just slightly better than my stock ear phone.
  8. xluben

    koss ksc75 hard case

    i just found a new hard case for my ksc75's (w/35 clips): it's actually what some type of mary k facial soap comes in, but it fits the koss phones very well.
  9. AZNracerx1989

    KSC75 Distance from ear

    Has anyone noticed that the KSC75 sounds better with further distance from the ear? When I got the partsexpress headband, it pushed it towards my head more and treble was lost!! The looser clips that were on it allowed them to sound better. What can I do to use the headband while keeping the...
  10. huckfinn

    Your Thoughts on a few Portable under-$70 Headphones

    Hello. I've been enjoying my Denon 2000 with rockboxed ipods and a Meier Audio Move amp. Love their sound but.....they're suited for listening from a favored armchair and not at all to take out and about.   I've come up with a list of under $70 portable ones and would like some advise...
  11. Brumagician99

    I am no longer a junior head fier!!!

    I am now a head fier!!!!!   Its like having a promotion at work yeah sickk!  
  12. Saoshyant

    Highly portable headphones

    Hi all.  As this forum is slowly draining my expendable funds, I'm growing curious about highly portable headphones, and when I mean portable, I mean on the level of the KSC75 and PX200-II.  Disregarding IEMs and similar, what might be an upgrade beyond the two listed headphones?  Any...
  13. Blktiger0

    I'm looking for something a bit different

    I'm looking for something somewhat specific, so bear with me on this. I work at a diesel factory, where listening music during work is discouraged, but I generally work out of the way and by myself, so I get bit bored. I'm looking for a set of IEMs that could alleviate this issue for myself and...
  14. ruinevil

    KSC75 in iGrado body

    So I was trying to rewire my iGrados, and I killed the right driver. Apparently SR-60 and iGrado use an adhesive/solder to tie the driver wires to the pads that is not tolerant to multiple resoldering, many an iGrado/SR-60 have died this way on this forum.   I was a little depressed, but...
  15. amigomatt

    Disappointed with my Sennheiser HD598s. Thoughts about this..

    Hi guys,   It's not without disappointment that I'm writing this post.  I've given these HD598s a good few months now and I'm on the verge of selling them and wondering if anyone here has ideas about which alternative cans might be the next right choice for me.   I'd like to state that...
  16. Lappong99

    If there is any good choice of in-ears for running?

    I'm a freshman   i'm thinking about buying an in-ears for running, i have a grado for home use so i just want an in-ears that is comfortable, light and wont go off while i'm running, i dont care if it's water proof and its outlook as long as it has good sound quality. i dont want a bassy one...
  17. davigol

    Looking for earphones under $100 ... any suggestions ? should be with high quality sound and used for sport ( running & bike )

    Hi ...   Im new here but seems to be the best place to find my next earphones .   Looking for something with great sound ( not like the ones here that cost $1000+ ... ) and that can fit the ear well    while I run .   Tnx for your help .. I've absolutely no idea in the earphones...
  18. hyamaiata

    Something similar to KSC-75, more resistant

    I've had two pairs of Koss KSC-75 in the last few months, both of them broke up pretty quickly (always the same thing, one headphone started to fail and then just stopped sounding completely). Maybe I didn't take care of them properly or they are just flimsy. Instead of trying my chances with a...
  19. aetherh4cker

    Alternatives to IEM's?

    Hey everybody!   I was wondering what are some good super portable alternatives to IEM's.  I love how convenient an IEM is... can just throw it in my pocket and go... but I find most of them pretty uncomfortable.   What else could I use?  Some folding head phones?  Something else that is...
  20. Sound Quest

    The Comfort Champions

    I like my audiobooks and i'm looking for a pair of headphones that are high on the comfort list so I can just drift off to sleep with them on.   Sound quality doesn't have to be outstanding, just clear enough for speech and some light background music.   What would peoples...
  21. Bobby2131

    How to protect IEMs?

    I know that most of them come with bags but apparently the bag that comes with q-JAYS (what I ordered) sucks so I have to think about something else. I've only had a pair of PXW100's and KSC-75's which I just shove in my pocket along with my iPod but now with paying $180 I'm not sure I'd want to...
  22. unclematerial

    Headphones for - a-hem - mature acoustic/semi-acoustic music?

    I hope this is an okay question, being almost kind of personal but that would hopefully invoke some of the good people here's knowledge and experience. I could seek out places to listen and will, but some thoughts to chew on first would be good.   These are the headphones I've got and a...
  23. ueyteuor

    ksc75 too bright

    i just got my ksc75, and right when i listened to them, i was impressed! im listening to them right now as well... but i noticed they are a little bright.. too bright..... would anyone else agree? burn in?
  24. art191

    Koss Portapro rattle

    The left speaker on my portapro's has developed a rattle/distortion on the lower frequencies, I use them with my mini-ipod. Sounds ok with other phones. Is it likely the driver is terminally ill, or could it be fixable? Maybe somebody out there has had the same problem?
  25. newphones

    The Semi-Official IGrado Appreciation (and Criticism) Thread :)

    I got my pair and would like to hear other's feedback and impressions of the budget model in the grado prestige line, the igrado's.   I'm certainly not here as a 'sponsor' or 'fanboy.' I welcome both praise as well as criticism of these headphones. Without further ado, here are some very...