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Sansa clip zip headphones

  1. proton007

    What amp is that for $10??
  2. madmonkey
    it was this 1 it is 9 bucks shiped http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001MPWMDA/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00
  3. soundstige
    Not necessary with the PortaPro, but should be at least fun to experiment with.
  4. madmonkey
    YEah i figure it is worth the money just to try it out.
  5. madmonkey
    Ps is it just me or do these zip clips sound amazeing?
  6. phlashbios
    People criticise the Clip's for being "dull and lifeless". I however, love my Clip Zip, and find it has clarity and is detailed and neutral. There are obviously much better DAP's out there, but for the money you pay for a Clip Zip, compared to the sound quality you get for that money, they are unbeatable.
  7. ninogui
    Also agree
    Incredible how we can get 12 to 15 hour battery time for something literally the size of your thumb finger
    It´s so small and light you can almost hang it straight cable down and your IEM´s will not fall lol
    Regarding a portable amp to match I think people would be much better off with a FIIO E5 or better still an E6, E3 does not match the Zip or the clip+ quality-wise
    I will not say the Neco V3(.1) I have here because side to side it looks weirdly small, smaller than the amp´s batteries themselves
    Also if you don´t care about cover art the clip+ is probably a better choice due to the keys having a better feeling to operate than the zip, internal circuits are the same so sound is similar, screen being smaller probably you get 1 hour more of battery time
    Some people saying "dull and lifeless" my reading would be "neutral" and that´s a good thing because if you rockbox it you´ll be able to squeeze in a "lifelike" signature by accessing a fully programmable equalizer, among a zillion other things you can also obtain extended battery life (reduce screen contrast to 0, timeouts etc etc)
    Example dial up some lower range frequencies 32-100 Hz with an extended Q factor + some top range ones 12kHz-16kHz and you will have a V shaped sound.. otherwise extend mid ranges and you will have a warm vocal fun sound.. so for me "dull and lifeless" means nothing in fact
    So in fact only problem I find so far is.. it´s too small! lololol (pun intended!)
  8. proton007
    Yeah, I think the design can be made slightly flatter but wider, maybe that'll accommodate a bigger battery.
  9. madmonkey
    makes me recall my first high capacity mp3 player. if i recall it weighed 350 grams had 10 gigs a storage and the screen was no biggers then the sansa clip zip.it was called the archos record if i recall
  10. dragonhf
    I use Bose MIE2i for my Sansa Clip for the moment and is veru good. But I wonder if someone can recommend me a cheap but good in-ear to use with the clip, because sometime I think the Bose leak out to much sound, I kind of disturbin other people around.
    I listen all from R&B, classical, reggaeton, pop etc. I like bass too.
    What about JVC HA-FX3X? Will it hiss on low volym on the Sansa Clip & Clip Zip?
    I tried Moshi Vortex and Nocs NS200, both hiss on low volym.


    I´m sorry, it was something wrong with the Flac file on my classical album on my Sansa Clip, it don´t hiss with other albums. Neither Moshi Vortex or Nocs NS200. They both are very good IEMs, easy worth the money.
  11. TheJazzyH

    I don't think Bose headphones are supposed to leak out any noise. They are semi-open in the sense that their in-ear models have zero noise isolation, though. Outside noise should be leaking into your headphones and ears, not the other way around.  
  12. dragonhf

    What I mean is that It still disturbing the people around me when I´m on the train. When the volume is loud , the other people can hear it clearly, more than most in-ears. That´s why I want to buy a good pair of in-ear instead.
  13. TheJazzyH
    Oh, I see now. The Bose don't noise-isolate at all, so you may be turning the volume up too high in noisy places like trains. You should worry about your hearing first. 
    It sounds like you need some noise isolation. I dropped my Bose IE2 for a Klipsch X10 for the same reason (aside from better sound of course). Sansa players have a pretty clean sound output though (only my Clip Zip can drive the X10 without any hiss), so all the other IEMs you mentioned should work fine. But if you've already tried and liked the Moshi and Nocs, I don't understand why you don't just use those (assuming you already own them).
    But I might also suggest you look into MEElectronics' offerings. They have plenty of great choices that seem to fit your needs, including the A151, A161P, and the new M-Duo, all of which are cheaper than your Bose set. I guess it just comes down to how much bass you want.       
  14. dragonhf
    I guess my ears is not perfectly made for the Bose, so I don´t get so much volume from it.
    The Moshi Vortex and Nocs NS200 are good. But I still miss the sound/bass from Nuforce NE-7M.
    Thanks for the suggestions, I would look after those in-ears.
  15. dragonhf

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