1. Zephead

    How can something so small be so good! (this could get expensive)

    Just got a Sansa clip zip (refurb for £20), first thing I did was stick K T Tunstall - Eye to the Telescope on the internal memory (got 13.5Gb copying to memory card) and pressed play.   WOW!   Coming from a PC running as Asus Xonar DS sound card into some creative speakers that have...
  2. Alesco

    Sansa Clip+ vs Clip zip vs Fuze+

    Hello~ I'm new here at head-fi! Well, not exacty.. I've been lurking around but only recently created an account.. Anyways I'm looking for a DAP and am a little confused about the 3 in the title.. Some people claim that they are very different while others seem to believe they are almost...
  3. dinkydoughnut

    SanDisk Clip+ VS Clip Zip VS Fuze+? Need help choosing

    What are people's opinions on SanDisk's series? Mainly their sound qualities, are there any differences between them? Features-wise are they easy to use? Right now I'm leaning towards the Fuze+ unless there are any downsides to it compared to the other ones, thanks!
  4. kmcdonou

    Haven't been here in a while and need a recommendation

    I want to buy my wife a portable MP3 player for xmas.  She isn't as a demanding listener as me and will mainly be listening to it via car speakers and a portable boom box.  I am looking to spend no more than $125 or so, and would prefer $100.  As big of capacity as possible, likely flash based...
  5. ajp120

    Best charging rig for Sansa Clip Zip?

    I never got the stock one with mine but I have lots if different micro USB cords, I have a minoprice USB to wall surge protector and a Samsung USB to wall phone charger that works too. From what I have heard USB 1 2 and 3 don't matter for charging and a lot of charge times are proprietary.
  6. Pand4

    Searching for a new DAP on a budget?

    After my Sansa clip+ broke (headphone jack problem) I'm now left with an old Philips MP3 player to listen to my music on whilst travelling. I'm after something relatively cheap, I don't have a figure but I guess <£100 for now but we'll see.   The thing I loved about the clip+ when rockboxed...
  7. Undisclosed

    Looking for a new DAP

    I have not bought a new DAP in a long time, and with putting my Ipod Nano 6g through the washer and dryer after the gym yesterday I think its a good time, also I hated that ipod with a passion.   Ive been looking at the sandisk's line (clips zips and fuzes). Ive also looked into modding an...
  8. rexdale

    Looking for a cheap music player for a dt770

    I'm looking for a quality music player that is low price and can power a dt770, although this isn't necesary since i have an amp. As long as it has good quality and low price (if possible) It's good. Small storage is not an issue. Thanks in advance
  9. madmonkey

    What headphones under 100 bucks usa for rock and metal

    IM not a fan of bass. i like the clash of cymballs and the high notes(yeah i know im odd) i have a sansa clip zip and portopros now and they just dont get the highs i like. I dont care at all how they look i just want them to sound great with my clip zip
  10. brad90y

    I KNOW you've been asked a 1000x guys, but I'm completely lost on getting the right Mp3 player

    First of all, I'M SORRY!!! I know you guys have been asked about MP3's a million times!! but I've been lost on the recommendations and the hours I spent reading online. So I decided to go to the experts, and here is what I'm looking for (considering my Sansa Fuze died). The MP3 player I'm...
  11. Koenieboy997

    Which mp3-player should I chose (cowon vs clip zip vs iPod nano vs ...)

    Hello everybody,   I'm looking for a new mp3-player since my headphone jack of my iPod touch (2G) broke, but I simply can't chose between these models.   Sandisk Clip Zip: great player, but very small screen (and therefore bad navigation through songs). Creative Zen X-Fi 3: small, but...
  12. MiniMaster

    Best Player with Most Capacity?

    I was looking at the iPod Classic (7G) 160gb. Would that be the best option? Music library is fairly large. Keep in mind I am getting an RX 3-B and probably a DAC from them as well. Sooo, what would be my best choice?
  13. AudioTroll

    Best under a 100$ preferbly way under, or multiple options

    I'm back, since both player and cable broke on me :/   now I have to make a choice, a cheap,and I mean dirt cheap, DAP and new cable, or a tab (smartq s7, after alot of research)   Is the Sansa clip+ still the way to go on a budget?   the tab has andriod 4.1 a  TI OMAP 4430, ARM...
  14. stonew10

    Amp help *newbie*

    Alright, so I'm new to this forum and this is actually the first time I've actually posted in a forum   I have a Sansa Fuze+ as my music player and Shure SE215's as my main earphones. I might get the Klipsh X10 on Amazon since they're only $90 now    So my question is, if I get an amp, say...
  15. chuckle490

    Need a new DAP for under $180

    For under $180, what DAPs can I get? I'm looking for at least 30 GBs in memory(possibly including an SD card slot if that player has that ). I would like for there to be a screen, so I can see album artwork too. Good SQ is a must! Thank you!
  16. Strages

    Which Cheap Portable Music Player is Best

    Hi, I'm new on Head-fi, but I'm looking for the best-quality portable music player for under $400. I've heard the Sansa Clip+, or Cowon V5 is good, but I'm open to suggestions. I have a sony mdr-zx600 set of headphones, but wouldn't mind getting better ones (if my headphones are the bottleneck)...
  17. madmonkey

    Which mp3 player should i choose

    I dont care about anything other then it s ability to play great sounding music i dont play games or surf the net with my players. But i do like them to be able to drive any headphones i get with no amp.TY for reading my post . i also want it to sound great
  18. danielyidyw


  19. InRainbows

    Sansa clip zip sound lacking?

    Hey guys, I have a question about the sound quality on the sansa clip zip. I purchased one e months ago for use instead of my Galaxy Nexus as a music player. From various research on this website I've found that the clip zip should sound exactly the same as the clip+. Since the clip+ is so...
  20. madmonkey

    Sansa clip zip headphones

    I have koss portapros on order did i make a mistake i listen mostly to rock and metal music.
  21. EVAbiohazard

    HD 598?

    hi guys, i am thinking about buy a new headphone for my mp3 player, right now i am using sony nwz-z1050. and i want get  Sennheiser hd 598, but somebody told me if i want use hd 598, i have to get a amp too. but right now i dont wanna buy a miniamp. So can u guys tell me is that ok use this...
  22. dkzp

    Is the Gr07 worth it??

    Hi, im a new member here and am a newb with IEMs... i just recently ordered a pair of Gr07 and was wondering if the bass on it is respectable... I had Skullcandy Heavy Medal before and was curious to know if the Gr07 are on par with the bass of the heavy medal...  thanks for your input...
  23. 35mmJack

    Best neutral music player under 150$

    Hi guys,   I am a new member, though I have been reading and digging for a few months at head-fi. Anyway, I would like to ask for a recommendation about a neutral music player under 150$ with a decent storage space (or support SD card)   I am using a rockboxed sansa clip zip. But since...
  24. lilboozy

    Best music player ≦50$

    Nice lesser than or equal to sign huh  but seriously which is the best?
  25. @@anderson@@

    Need an MP3 replacement :'(

    Anyone have any good suggestions for Mp3 player for under £100 ? I think I will change onto something DAC when I head back to Hong Kong this xmas.   I lost my good old reliable Telecast T51  so I will need a replacement for it, atm on my list are    Sansa Clip Zip 4gb £25.61 +...