1. ClieOS

    [Preview] Project Woodwind – Ultimate Ultraportable in The Making?

    I was contacted by Jonathan Epstein @ Critical Point Engineering a few months ago about reviewing a prototype portable amp he is developing. It is called ‘Project Woodwind’ and what I have is not the final version. However, as far as I know the final version should be the same sounding as what I...
  2. bontoa


    Last week I bought XB1000, before i bought XB700 and RADIUS ATOMIC BASS 2 EAR-IN, too. I 've tested all of them with same tracks. My thoughts; differences 're starting at strong bass; Radius 's output not enough strong bass same=somethings bump to tin. At XB700=bass filled to ear and its good...
  3. Ch1Kn

    Amp plus samsa clip help

    Sorta new to this, if i get a nice and tiny sansa clip, i hear it has bad amping. If i want to use ath m50 with it can i simply combo the samsa with a fiio e6 or fiio e11 and get good performance from my headphones? Thanks
  4. SanDisk SDMX22-004G-A57K Sansa Clip Zip 4 GB, Black

    SanDisk SDMX22-004G-A57K Sansa Clip Zip 4 GB, Black

    What's "Zip" (in Sansa Clip Zip)? Zip is the motion that makes your workouts go faster and car rides seem shorter. It's the sound from your player that provides a perfect soundtrack for any outdoor activity or casual stroll. Zip is the ease of finding your favorite song or FM radio station on a...