1. Mr BP SS13

    Headphones Ath m50?

    OK so im needing some headphones, but I'm kind of a newbie. The only headphones I had over 50$ were the xb 500s. I have 150$ or less to spend, and I've been looking around but I'm not sure at all over what I should buy. I know the xb 500s are bass heavy, so I need some that have decent...
  2. Mr BP SS13

    Headphone, mp3 player help(newbie)

    OK help please, 1st I'm completely new here Aight help me out. Right now I have some Sony xb 500s, I'm kind of a basshead., but the left ear is partially blown or something so I needs to upgrade. What are some recommendations for a budget MP3 player (I know mp3 s aren't the best sound quality...
  3. TheEvilNarwhal

    Help.Need a Recommendation for a Portable Source!

    My friend came up to me the other day, knowing that I had some insight on the audio world, and asked me if I had any recommendations for an mp3 player. He has an Ipod touch but is disappointed with its performance. He is looking for a "bang for buck" mp3 that is less than $225. Any...
  4. JK1

    Pocket sized HD radio?

    I have been waiting years for a decent one. I don't want a Zune HD or an Insignia one. I want something decent that gets long battery life on a AA battery, and that will run on an nimh rechargeable. The Zune HD is expensive. It has a built in battery.  It also requires using the Zune software to...
  5. Belabor

    Looking for something cheap and cheerful: Fuze replacement

    Hello once again Head-Fi!   I haven't been around here for quite some time, but now that my Sansa Fuze is starting to show it's age, I'm looking for something to replace it. The power/lock slider is really worn, the battery life has degraded over time and I just feel like trying something...
  6. gelocks

    Sansa Clip Zip Rockboxed but still a File Limit???

    Hello.   So I recently purchased a Sansa Clip Zip 2GB player and a microSD 64gb card. Formatted the 64gb card to FAT32, filled it up with my music (amalgam of MP3s, FLACs, WMAs) and before I put the memory in the Sansa, I rockboxed it.   Supposedly, the Sansa recognizes up to 8000 files...
  7. rappard

    So my Cowon iAUDIO 7 died....

    ....and I'm looking for a new player. Unfortunately I cannot find the discontinued iAUDIO 7 anywhere online - if anyone knows where to buy (even refurbished is fine) it I'm all ears. As for its replacement, here's what I'm looking for: Absolute requirements: - 8 GB or more - Flash-based...
  8. deka-fi

    Sansa clip zip --> Micro SD 64gb

    The sansa clip zip is compatible with 64gb micro sd? Now I'm using a 32gb micro sd class 4 and it works great.
  9. elikookoo

    Sansa Clip Zip or Clip+ ?

    i'm looking for new media player after my ipod video commited suicde... and i kinda like the sansa but i cant decide between the zip and the pluse version?   what do you say?   and can you tell me the differences, maybe there are some i am not aware about?
  10. jualit

    Sansa Clip+ versus Clip Zip

    Greetings, Head-Fi. I am currently debating whether to purchase a Clip+ or a Clip Zip for portable use. As far as I know, they are virtually identical in sound quality, price (by a couple of dollars for any given capacity), and features, although the Zip has a larger screen.   I plan on...
  11. caableguy

    Power amp recomendation

    In looking to replace my D Zero. I just received my Weston's 4R. I'm looking for an amp upgrade for the Westone and my HD580's. Sources are my Note2, Rock Box Clip Zip, Nano and iPod touch. I was looking at the Leckerton but not sure. I get overwhelmed reading reviews and would appreciate some...
  12. FlatNine

    A DAP Philosophy Perspective

    Here's a philosophical thought regarding DAP's and EQ. I just ordered a Cowon C2. (I don't really need another DAP, but hey, Head-Fi is a hobby, not a necessity!) I wanted the killer battery life, gapless playback, and FLAC support.   Regardless - here's what I'm thinking. We see posts here...
  13. Th3Pr0

    Cheap IEMs: Brainwavz M1 vs Soundmagic E30

    Hi guys    I've read tons of reviews of these earphones and i can't choose between them, can you help me making a decision?   I will use Sansa Clip Zip as a music player. Could be any  trouble with the 32Ω impedance of M1?   For owners of E30, How mediocre is their isolation?  ...
  14. spandexninja

    Sansa - Clip+ VS. Clip Zip

    I want the Clip Zip (for the radio) but I've heard some reliability issues with this model. The amazon rating is only 3.5 since a lot of people are getting dead units. Does anyone know if this is a hardware or firmware issue? Will getting rockbox for the Clip Zip make it more reliable?
  15. kite7

    New Sansa Clip Zip is out!

      Looks like it's officially announced today   Some reviews...
  16. TinTin82

    Sansa Clip+ or the Sansa Clip Zip?

    Hello    This is my first post here! I was planning to buy a Sansa Clip+ (4GB) or a Sansa Clip Zip (4GB) and wanted some help to decide which will be a better choice to go for? The player will be connected to either my JVC HA-RX900 headphones or my Sony MDR-XB90EX IEM's via a FiiO E11...
  17. Aethra

    Looking for advice in choosing a new DAP

    Hello people of Head-Fi. I've been reading various reviews for a few months now, and thanks to Head-Fi, I've taken the dive into the realm of enhanced audio. I purchased my first pair of cans 3 months ago, and I'm already looking for new ways to enhance my setup. I currently have the V-MODA...
  18. hogger129

    Do I need a headphone amp?

    Hi guys.   I have a Sansa Clip Zip with Rockbox installed, through which I play FLAC rips of my CD's and I have some purchased 256k AAC files on there as well.   I just ordered some Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones.  Currently I am using Bose OE2 headphones that I received as a Christmas...
  19. rockhead

    sansa clip zip rockbox question

    ive got a couple of questions....     i like to use the file view. im finding that in many songs all i can see in the list is the song number and artist. is there a way to make the display zoom out? so i can see the entire file name.   whenever i boot up i get stuck on scanning disk...
  20. bertchai

    Sandisk Clip Zip, Fuze+ or Clip+

    I know there are many post on these models but if i am to pick one,  which one is best?  best SQ? Sandisk Clip Zip, Fuze+ or Clip+  ?
  21. Sonic Atrocity

    Clip Zip Audio vs Clip+ Audio (ALL ROCKBOX)

    So, I have a Clip+ and it's Rockboxed because of the playback flaws in the original firmware (I also appreciate the crossfeed application, and the parametric EQ). Anyhow, like all Sansa players the jack is failing, and right now I don't have the time to go across town (Toronto) to get it...
  22. Xaborus

    Clip +/ Clip Zip Still The Budget King?

    Haven't been around awhile guys. Just bought a new pair of IEM''s (Yammy EPH-100) and need a budget "Mp3 player" for working out.   Is the Clip+/ Clip Zip still the budget king or has it been finally surpassed?   Thanks Guys 
  23. caableguy

    What 300.00 amp would you buy for the Note II

    I currently have a Fiio E5, E6 and my the D Zero. My sources are my Note II, Clip Zip RB'd . I've read through the Note 2 thread, but it is really hard to pick just on what works with it. Opinions on what others have used and found to be an improvement means more to me. I'm looking at replacing...
  24. TrollDragon

    Pictures of Your *Budget-Fi* Portable Rig (< $200)

    Greetings & Salutations!   As much as I like drooling over the Amazing Rigs in the regular thread, it sometimes just get a little too overwhelming... There needs to be a place for us average "Joe's" to post pictures of the Budget-Fi gear that we love and use every day. You know, those of...
  25. ComradeDylie

    Sansa Clip+ vs Sansa Clip Zip

    Ok Ok, Im sure this has been beaten to death but most of the impressions and comparisons I have seen were right out of the gate (after the launch of the Zip)  and now that it has been around for a while Im sure most of that is irrelevant.     As someone looking to buy today what can I expect...