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Best under a 100$ preferbly way under, or multiple options

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by audiotroll, Dec 26, 2012.
  1. AudioTroll
    I'm back, since both player and cable broke on me :/
    now I have to make a choice, a cheap,and I mean dirt cheap, DAP and new cable, or a tab (smartq s7, after alot of research)
    Is the Sansa clip+ still the way to go on a budget?
    the tab has andriod 4.1 a  TI OMAP 4430, ARM Cortex-A9 dual core, 1GHz; GPU: PowerVR SGX 540,
    and again after some reading it should have a nice sound.
    but I have not found any reviews. only know thats it's a pretty decent chipset.
    so basiclly, input please?
    sansa clip+ and a new cable for my senn HD-25's
    the smartq tab with some ultra cheap sony buds for now,
    until I can save up for a new cable?
    the tab is 150$
    the one cable I can find (and sort of afford) is about 90$ and the clip+ is about 60$
    I owned a clip+,actually 3.. and for me batterylife is on the small side,would it be helped by,say a fiio e6?
    sorry if this post just is confusing, if it is, it is so because I am...
    to many choises,to little money..
    no music at all at the moment and it makes my brain go  *gnnhghfffhgg*
    any input appreciated
  2. ZeNmAc
    If you're that short on $$ get a sansa clip (zip?).  I believe all the sansa clips are pretty similar with the exception of physical look.  I'm pretty happy with my clip zip, I use it for running and working out and it is awesome for what it is.
    It's not the prettiest dap ever but if you're on a budget go ahead and get one for cheap.  Heck, get the smallest one and a 32gb microsd card.
    Spend the rest of your budget on decent headphones or earbuds.  That will make tons more difference than the difference between the clip and a different dap.
  3. necropimp
    if you're interested i have a blue 4GB sansa fuze (with rockbox 3.11.2 installed) i could part with

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