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Heyo! I'm not exactly an obsessive audiophile, or someone who cares about the most accurate sounds, but I do listen to a lot of music and enjoy having a nice set of headphones. Right now I have some V-Moda Crossfade LP's and a iPod Classic/Video or something which is 80 gigs. It's durable, holds a lot, not too big/heavy, but what's really annoying is its compatibility and I don't really need that extra space. I've grown tired of being tied to iTunes and anything else just doesn't work as well since it's not designed to be compatible. What other high quality, open MP3 players are there? Right now I'm looking at the Sansas because of the popularity but they just don't seem to have the same build and well...elegance, which I guess is what you get with Apple products (albeit not always the best choice). My current music folder is 13 gb, but usually less when I actually put what I want on my iPod so I certainly don't need anything in the 80gb range anymore. Also I have no problem with lack of features, like video playback etc. I just want good sound quality, a usable UI, and stuff of that nature. Any recommendations? Thanks! :3
-edit- Oh, another really important thing I'm looking for is a long battery life. (I really don't like charging things)

Might try posting this question on the website anythingbutipod.
You can get a Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip 4GB with a 32GB micro-SD flash memory add on, total under $65.
I switched from the Clip Zip for a Sony E series (16GB) because the Sony had the bigger screen (I have 48 year old eyes).
Both the Clip Zip and Sony sounded good to me
Also check out the web site Rockbox.
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Welcome to the forum. Th iPod Classic if its a 5th generation is probably the best in the Classic range and has many advantages over other players in terms of availability, parts etc. Unfortunately searching for another player like this but a bit more modern with a touch interface becomes very difficult. Newer players are flash memory based and that means lower capacities. Newer players also tend to have significantly longer battery life which doesn't adversley affect sound quality with earbuds/iems but tends to degrade over the ear headphone listening. There are no players with very high grade electronics and high storage capacity. Neither are there any players with very high grade electronics (high sound quality) and long battery life except for perhaps some tablets. Cowon players have long battery lifes but are usually rather expensive and often have poor interfaces. HiFimans are also expensive, supposedly good sound quality with the resulting short battery life but low capacity. The Sansa Clip is highly rated for sound quality but battery life is quite short due to the size of player/energy sapping electronics. None of the aforementioned have anything like the style of Apple products and all will involve sacrifices or compromises of some kind.
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I have a Clip Zip, stock firmware. Gonna try out Rockbox tonight and just ordered a 32GB Sandisk MicroSD off Amazon for $35 shipped. I like the player, its small and sounds good. It drives my 18ohm Klipsch S4 earbuds perfectly fine, even have to notch it down one but even maxed out volume my 32ohm M50s sound better with my FiiO E6. Still a nice little player, I mainly use it in my car via AUX cable, about 50-60min roundtrip commute 5 days a week and I only charge it maybe once a week if even that so I don't see where the bad battery is ALTHOUGH I have read that reading from MicroSD it will drain the battery quicker so I shall see once I get mine this week. Also, maybe the fact I'm using it in the car vs powering some headphones my battery life is better?
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I like ANYTHING SANSA ...my opinion still is that the Rock Boxed Sansa E260 was and is the best .....
or a Rockboxed Toshiba f series ....
all of the above play FLAC ...
For that matter .... an player that can be Rockboxed is the best!
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Samsung P3, Galaxy Player 3.5, 4.2, Clip+, S:Flo 2, Sony S series walkmen are recomended and they all sound great.
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 just my point of view about your issue that is also my issue... here are my players with the info that is relevant with respect to the topic:
- Cowon S9 32Gb : plays very well, astounding battery life, supports FLAC/APE but no CUE unfortunately
- Sandisk Sansa e200 32GB RockBox : cheap and good, Rockbox is awesome, still the useless songs DB annoys me a bit
- An Android phone 32GB w/Cyanogen (gives the DSP effects, great sound quality). I use AndLess as a player, and it's absolutely perfect to me, supports flawlessly FLAC/APE/CUE, in the most straightforward way.
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i vote for sony
their walkmans come w so many disadvantages- price, no sd card, poor warranty- but they sound good enough to justify them
they also dont require itunes tho i still prefer to sync w sonys proprietary software
however, u can still drag n drop n windows explorer
the cowons have a rep for excellent sound quality but little/no support which drove me away
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Right now, Amazon has Sansa Clip available for 25$.
You might want to check it out.
Also, check out slickdeals to find other headphone gear. Sometimes the gear there is not "audiophile grade" but it can get you out of trouble in case you lose some of your gear. You can sometimes find deals for other products by looking through the deals in the stores that you're directed to.

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If you can handle iTunes (UGH) and are willing to browse around for EQ apps, the iPod touch (at least 4g anyway) is a solid option that doubles as a surprisingly good portable game console when I forget my 3DS.  It can stand up to Walkmen or Clips in SQ with the right apps.

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