1. PTheD

    What is Voltage Output of iPod Headphone Jack?

    I want to know because there is a calculator on one of the sponsors sites that calculates dB of headphones and it needs, efficiency of headphones, impedence of headphones and the voltage of the output, and I don't know the iPod's output (4th G. iPod btw).
  2. iRock1

    Headphones for an iPod 5.5G?

    Hi all.   I'm using an iPod Video 5.5G–with no AMP nor external DAC–and I want to put those fabric-included white earbuds back on their box as soon as possible. What would you recommend me as a replacement?   My personal history is nothing to envy. I'm by no means an audiophile, and the most...
  3. joneeboi

    The Apple diyMod: My Take on the Famous iMod [56k killer] Featuring 3G, 4G, 5G and nano 1G!

    As many of you are aware of the iMod, I won't bore you with the details. Some of you may be aware that there are DIY "iMods" scattered throughout the world, and RedWineAudio is not the only to provide the world with the sonic beauty of the Wolfson Micro WM8975 CODEC. The details I will bore you...
  4. jruschme

    iPod Mini questions

    Figured I'd break this out of the 5G/Classic SSD thread:     I'll have to let you know about the battery. I ordered one yesterday, but won't have it until Tuesday (damn DHL shipping).   Amping question: I'm considering picking up a Fiio E1 for my Mini since they are so cheap on Amazon...
  5. mgbi

    DAP+IEM/HEAD combo for £150-£300

    Dear all,   (I just noticed this is a bit long but I hope its worth the read and consideration since I am trying to mix work and fun here)   I've been reading quite a few threads over the last few weeks whenever time allowed and I want to get a kit going and my requirements are not...
  6. tayano

    Line out from Ipod 5G sounds very different from headphone jack

    I've a iPod Classic 5G and I've installed rockbox on it. I wanted to test the sound of the line out with sendstation and sennheiser momentum and found that the line out provided a much more controlled bass (almost lacking bass) and more vivid Mids. Using LOD from iPod nano 6g and iPhone 4S the...
  7. K-Woodz

    Will using line out from my iPod video into a headphone amp improve sound quality without the Imod?

    Im using headphones that are 35ohms. I can listen to them with the iPod volume full blast. Although slightly uncomfortable, it isn't "ridiculously" loud. Im not really worried about volume though. Im looking to gain more in the way of sound quality.    I have searched the forums a bunch of...
  8. ExpatinJapan

    Flacplayer app - updated.

    I have been using this app for a long time to play FLAC on my ipod touch 4G, iphone 4 and touch 5G. It often updates with various fixes which keeps it current and relevant. I have bought many audio os apps but always seem to return to flacplayer app. I also just participated in the recent...
  9. redrich2000

    New battery for 30GB 5.5G iMod

    Need a new battery for my iMod. Extra capacity would be nice. It is based on a 30GB 5.5G ipod video but has a 228GB SSD installed. Looking at this one, any other recommendations?
  10. nieta98

    Looking for DAP with excellent SQ & lots of storage

    I am trying to find a good  DAP with the emphasis on audio quality and storage size and a secondary consideration of an easy to use UI preferably with playlists. I always listen with good headphones/earbuds or some high quality speakers & I have my files in either 320k mp3 or FLAC. I've...
  11. trentino

    New 240gb hdd for ipod 5G 30gb - advice

    Hi all,   been reading up on the bigger size hdd's for ipod video. I'm thinking of buying this one:   Does anyone know if this will fit without any issues in my 5G ipod video 30gb? I believe it will but want to make...
  12. Perplexed

    iPod 5G 30GB - £50 - Good deal in 2012?

    Hi, I picked up an old 5th Gen iPod (30GB) for £50 which is apparently in "very good" condition.   Is this worth it, still, in 2012, or should I return it and save for a proper classic? Thanks.
  13. lostid

    Hey the Owner(s) of iPod 5G/5.5G and EX1000

    If anyone has a rockboxed ipod 5G/5.5G and EX1000, I would like to hear from your experience about this comb. This is my setup:   1. Direct audio output from the phone jack (no AMP) 2. The bass is cranked up by 8 dB's and everything else is turned off in rockbox. 3. FLAC feed 4. Under...
  14. GeCCCe

    İpod video 5g (a1136) vs Sansa Fuze / Which one?- (I bought sansa fuze)

    Hi everyone from Turkey,   I will buy ipod video 5g or sansa fuze but which one must I take? Which one better ? I like strong bass...   Please just say...
  15. Varoudis

    Ideas upgrading/modding iPod 5g 30gb?

    Hi all,   I have a 5g video with 30gb drive and Im looking for help with possible upgrades of disks.   What I know is that my model has the 32mb ram so some people say that bigger drives has problem with the number of files and the iTunes library size. Can Rockbox solve this? Upgrading the...
  16. Sinik

    questions about LOD, cowon, walkman

    Helo i have some questions   i'd like to get a new player, but i don't know which one, it has to be able to accept a lot of space and it needs a touch screen, that's why i was thinking about the cowon z2, but how do i put an amp on this? i'd like to buy a fiio e17 or a ibasso t4/5   i'm...
  17. danielyidyw


  18. Lukaszenka

    BEST sounding ipod or iphone for DIYMOD

    hey, what is best? ipod 5g or i touch 1/2g is better ? maybe nano ?
  19. Nicholasheadfi2

    iPod 5.5gen

    Hey guys I am a music lover and always strive for better sound , I own an iPhone4s and have the sure535s And I was recently reading that the older models of iPod have a better dac of the name of Wolfson , in the comparison to the cirrus dac in the newer models ' wolfson dac was and is much...
  20. headfinoob

    24/96 Playback. Portability?

    Hello, I am just curious if anybody has some knowledge regarding the playback of 24/96 files with a portable device.  I figure some DAPs will work just fine, but I wanted to utilize one of the following devices below with my Fiio E17. Currently, I have: iPod Video 5.0G /w Rockbox -...
  21. DGriff0400

    Y do portable media players suck?

    Been looking for a portable media player lately, been lurking in head-fi and googling almost every player there is at a reasonable price range and yet to find a reasonable package. Apple is meh because of the output and itunes and external storage. Dont understand what goes through the minds of...
  22. Lan647

    iPhone (4) is the only audiophile portable player you'll ever need!

    Compared the iPhone 4 to my desktop system (high end) with the HD 800. They sound the same, pretty much. dynamics slightly better on the M1HPA maybe. Bass a bit more powerful on the iPhone but it's really just minor details. iPhone drives the HD 800 without ANY problem at loudest volume (best...
  23. heart banger-97

    line out difference: an ipod touch 3G vs ipod classic 5G

    I want to use my i-device with amp via line out signal I already have an ipod touch 3G, is it worth to buy an ipod classic 5G?   which of those have better line out?  is the difference noticeable ?   I hear that the line out signal of the ipods, is not real    thanks
  24. Perplexed

    Where does the iPod 5G rank in 2012?

    So I bought me a 5G iPod, and due to weird circumstances with Amazon and eBay I'm now in possession of both a 30GB and 60GB.  Loving them both, but that's the issue - I can't decide whether to keep one, and if so, which one to keep.. :\ The 60 doesn't feel chunky, but the moment I pick up the...
  25. Freeze

    Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

    So I've been gathering information on installing 1.8" PATA ZIF SSD's into the Ipod classic. Really couldn't find much info on it at head-fi. So I'll post what I know. Need you all to help make this thread the best place for Ipod classic SSD mod info.   The Ipod classic runs off a 1.8" HDD...