1. wingtsun

    What Are Your Goals When Putting Together A New Rig? (And do you still like music?)

    I put this here as my rig is mostly portable and this is maybe more relavent here..    My question is: "What are your goals when putting together a good portable rig?"   This hobby can confuse people and quickly muddy their goals. They go from newbies wanting to get a decent sounding rig...
  2. dfkt

    Samsung YP-R0 RMAA Tests

    All in all, the R0 is a player that measures well enough. It has its share of small flaws, but it's way better than the Sony A845 or certain "audiophile" players that shall remain unnamed. Here are the full results: RMAA Samsung YP-R0 Loads RMAA 16 Ohm dynamic driver comparisons RMAA 32...
  3. BruinAnteater

    Sennheiser Momentum Review: Sennheiser Momentum vs HD650 vs PX360 (Updated! 4/4/13)

    Just got my Momentums a couple of days ago. I didn't listen to em the first night, I just put on the IsoTek "Full System Enhancer & Rejuvenation Disc" on my CD Player set repeat, hooked up the Momentums up to the E9 and set a mid level volume and let em burn in for about 12 hours straight (I do...
  4. unita

    What to use with my JBL OnBeat Xtreme?

    I took a chance and bought the JBL OnBeat Xtreme the other day, got it for $375 (which I think is a pretty good price here in Europe) and now I'm looking into option on what to feed them with.   I'd be using either MP3 V0 or FLAC. I'm looking for some kinda touch screen device that connects...
  5. HereComesTreble

    Cowon J3 users, can you make Playlists with mixed Digital Formats(mp3, flac, aiff, etc.)?

    Hey fellow Audiophiles, this is my Virgin Post.   Here's the situation I just bought a Cowon J3 on ebay for $105 & am currently trying to put all my music on it.  I have mostly 320kbps mp3s & flac files.  I've read some other threads about creating playlists & have wittled it down to 2...
  6. danielyidyw


  7. wgtmpeters

    Amping Cowon J3 + Beyer DT1350

    I am pretty new to the Head-Fi world so i do not know what is what by any means.   To me this combination already sounds like heaven but i was wondering if this setup could benefit from an portable amp?
  8. 35mmJack

    Best neutral music player under 150$

    Hi guys,   I am a new member, though I have been reading and digging for a few months at head-fi. Anyway, I would like to ask for a recommendation about a neutral music player under 150$ with a decent storage space (or support SD card)   I am using a rockboxed sansa clip zip. But since...
  9. AnimalChin

    Looking for a portable MP3/FLAC player that has an FM radio in it. ipod nano or something else?

    Hello!   I am looking for a portable MP3/FLAC player that also has an FM receiver in it. I know the 7th gen ipod nano has an FM reviver in it, but should I look at other devices? I realize that it doesn't play FLAC, but it can play Apple lossless which is fine for me. I probably will be...
  10. Hyl

    looking for high quality portable DAP

    My old cowon s9 and sony x10 died due to some unfortunate accidents, so i recently bought a colorfly c3. While the soundquality was decent, the UI was so clunky and the popping noise after it changes a track annoyed me so much that i am looking for a new, portable and good sounding DAP with...
  11. ilikepooters

    HTC HD2 - Blown away

    Was messing around with my HTC HD2 smartphone and it really has surprised me at it's sound quality.   Now it's not stock Android i'm running, if anyones interested it's running Jelly Bean 4.1.2 (PacMan HD2 v1.1) the phone originally shipped with Windows Mobile 6.5 so was fun and games...
  12. sirylj

    Where to buy a Cowon J3? Looking to buy, hard to find.

    Hello, this is my first post here, though it is not my first time here (especially because of my recent research on the Cowon J3).   Anyway, I have been looking into getting a good quality MP3 player for a while, and have settled on the Cowon J3 as my choice. However, no matter where I look...
  13. sirylj

    Looking for very good SQ, high battery life, not Apple

    I've looked over many Cowon products thinking about J3 as my choice (X9 if I can't find a J3). However, I was wondering what other players are out there (older Cowon models too) that are known for good SQ, as well as having very high battery life (X9 can't be beat on that, but then again I...
  14. dsalomon

    Looking for backup/second player recommendation...

    My main portable rig is a iBasso DX100 + RSA SR-71A + Heir Audio 4.Ai.  Audio bliss.   However, I do a lot of work in my yard, renovation work on my 130 year old house, etc.  My main portable setup isn't exactly portable enough to use when I'm swinging a hammer or mowing the lawn.  Besides...
  15. RezDnB

    Advice regarding headphones for Cowon J3

    Hi all,   I've just recently started browsing through the numerous reviews here on this site and thought this would be the best place to seek some advice :D So I am planning on purchasing the Cowon J3 player, as my beloved Sony NW-HD5 is slowly dying. Now adding to this, recently the cable...
  16. TheEvilNarwhal

    Help.Need a Recommendation for a Portable Source!

    My friend came up to me the other day, knowing that I had some insight on the audio world, and asked me if I had any recommendations for an mp3 player. He has an Ipod touch but is disappointed with its performance. He is looking for a "bang for buck" mp3 that is less than $225. Any...
  17. Appl314

    AMP for Signature Pros?

    Hey there folks! The title says it all! I have been looking around for a week or so for a good set of headphones to use while studying at university... I landed on Ultrasone's Signature Pros. Anyways, I was searching around to figure out what sort of amp would be good for them, but it doesnt...
  18. castleofargh

    Hello friends! need advices for new gear. no budget limit but some nerdy demands.

     i m looking for the best sounding "portable player"  that:   -1/ would boot fast! around 5sec to resume playing would be good . (no external memory or new music added, just a simple boot up+music)   -2/ can play audiobooks faster! i don't know the name of that function, it plays faster...
  19. wolfetan44

    New music player or a new Portable amp?

    What would be the best idea? I already have a 64GB iPod touch. So would it be worth it to get a new music player or just get a portable amp for it? Budget is $275 because that's what I would probably get for it.
  20. redwookie

    Help with choice of new player

    Hi all My Cowon S9 bit the dust and I am on the look out for a new player. I've been a convert to Cowon for the last 5 years now and loved my S9. I have been unable to find a replacement S9 for sale at a reasonable price, so I have looked into the J3 and I'm having more luck there. However, I...
  21. Poetic

    A good DAP that sounds better than the Zune HD.

    Hey everyone im currently using my Zune HD, with my AKGq701, on the Fiio e9. But I realised i Need a much better source, than this Zune HD. I was looking at the Cowon j3 and the Cowon s9. Is there difference in Sound Quality or something? Also would this be a good source for my setup. If any of...
  22. Griffinhart

    What's your foobar2000 setup?

    Ahead of time: sorry if a thread like this already exists.   To avoid cluttering the Cowon J3 thread (where this discussion popped up), I'm just making a new thread about foobar2000 and, specific, layouts and settings.   Quote:     I know caracara08 asked me for help getting f2k...
  23. Cybcom

    Cowon J3 JetEffect settings and some other additional questions

    Hey guys!   I've been trying to find some good jet effect settings that will pair up well with my grado sr60i, I listen mainly to ambient, downtempo, " chill out music ", and the like. Tycho, Slow Magic, Nujabes and other similar artists are among some of the guys that I listen to. If anyone...
  24. cloudscapes

    Best/closest Cowon S9 replacement

    Hey all,   I've had my S9 since early 2009, and before than a rockboxed H140. My S9 is becoming increasingly glitchy and has been through a lot. Including staying dunked 2/3rds in water overnight (it survived after taking it apart and drying it in rice for a day, lucky!). I'd like to look up...
  25. silvernoy

    looking for new DAP.

    apple ipod touch 4g 32gb or cowon j3 32gb would be better? would be looking to get second hand ones.    currently using the yamaha-eph100 and creative aurvana live!   thanks in advance! :)