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looking for high quality portable DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by hyl, Nov 2, 2012.
  1. Hyl
    My old cowon s9 and sony x10 died due to some unfortunate accidents, so i recently bought a colorfly c3. While the soundquality was decent, the UI was so clunky and the popping noise after it changes a track annoyed me so much that i am looking for a new, portable and good sounding DAP with slightly better UI. A small size matters because i don't neeed another brick like my HM-801 , seeing that it's pretty uncomfortable to take it with me on the metro and train for my work.
    My budget is roughly around $300-400 and i will be using either one of my IEM's like westone um3x, w3 or earsonics sm3.
    I have looked at the hisoundaudio DAP's, but i am afraid i won't like them because some people reported hearing hiss from it (which will likely happen because i use sensitive IEM's and i am pretty "allergic" to hiss)
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    If you couldn't handle the pop (which imo is fairy bread amounts) you won't handle the hiss. And I found UI to be rather smooth.

    Definitely a Clip+ for you. :smile:
  3. ZARIM
    The new Sony F series, A series walkmen, Cowon J3, Samsung Galaxy 3.5, 4.2 are Pretty good sounding DAPs without hiss.

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