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Help with choice of new player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by redwookie, Aug 28, 2012.
  1. redwookie
    Hi all My Cowon S9 bit the dust and I am on the look out for a new player. I've been a convert to Cowon for the last 5 years now and loved my S9. I have been unable to find a replacement S9 for sale at a reasonable price, so I have looked into the J3 and I'm having more luck there. However, I understand that the J3 has been discontinued now. Is there any news as yet whether there will be a replacement to the J3 as I may hold off to see how that is received? Also any advice on how the Cowon C2 would compare audio wise to the J3/S9? Just a bit of background, music quality is the most important thing to me and bass being particularly important. Aesthetically, the only thing that is useful - although not vital - is the ability to adjust volume and ideally switch tracks without having to go through a touch screen, So what do folks think, stick with my J3 choice or twist! Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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