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Where to buy a Cowon J3? Looking to buy, hard to find.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by sirylj, Nov 4, 2012.
  1. sirylj
    Hello, this is my first post here, though it is not my first time here (especially because of my recent research on the Cowon J3).
    Anyway, I have been looking into getting a good quality MP3 player for a while, and have settled on the Cowon J3 as my choice. However, no matter where I look, I am unable to find one available for sail. JetMall has none listed, Amazon is out of stock, so is NewEgg, Nextag has none, B&H says they're no longer available, and J&R doesn't even carry Cowon products anymore.
    I found a single Cowon J3 for sale, on eBay, for $130 (so far, it's a bid).
    Based on the fact that I can't find another Cowon J3 for sale in this universe (ie. the internet), should I go for the J3 listed on eBay? Is $130 (or a little higher based on bids) a fair price? Or is there some hole in the wall that I'm missing?
    Any info on where to buy a Cowon J3 (or if anyone is willing to sell/trade) would be very much appreciated, as I have no idea when I'll have another chance to try and order this MP3 player.
    image.png [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Here's one mate on our boards. Cowon J3 has been discontinued, they're hard to source.

  3. sirylj
    Hmm, did not know that the J3 was a discontinued model, though I should of guessed after not being able to find it anywhere. Thanks for the info.
    If I'm not able to get the Cowon J3, would anyone recommend a similar MP3 player?
    I've been looking over the S9, but if anyone has info on what they think would be the next best, please tell.
  4. mahesh
    Hi you can still get in france
    Hope this helps
  5. sirylj
    Holy sheet! The J3 on eBay has jumped to $252.
    Well that's cool to know, and I'm liking the overseas option right now (about $165, probably more for shipping though).
    Sadly, I'm only in French 1-2 right now :wink:
    Do you know how I should proceed to check-out a Cowon J3 on the French site? I've used Google Translate but the page is still mostly French, and I can't find what would look like a big BUY NOW button.
  6. proedros

    130  euros for new ? not bad, not bad at all
    i just got a used 16 gb j3 for 110 euros , so an extra 20 euros for a completely new warranty-included seems legit
    is this site to be trusted however ?
  7. sirylj
    That's what I have been wondering while I looked for other options (decided on Colorfly C3 instead, BTW), but even if I did trust the website, I wouldn't even know how to order it from them.
  8. Zaroff
    You can't. That company has filed for bankrupcy a while ago, that's why they're not taking any more orders hence the absence of "Buy now" button.
    It's probably an old obsolete listing on the site, at that. My guess would be any new J3's are long gone.
  9. dgindlespergerd
    Just found one used for 40 bucks on offer up... back is scratched up a little, but sounds great with he HE-400
  10. Thomas De Brito
    I bought mine a month ago at a second hand store in france for 29 dollars

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