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A good DAP that sounds better than the Zune HD.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by poetic, Aug 19, 2012.
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  1. Poetic
    Hey everyone im currently using my Zune HD, with my AKGq701, on the Fiio e9. But I realised i Need a much better source, than this Zune HD. I was looking at the Cowon j3 and the Cowon s9. Is there difference in Sound Quality or something? Also would this be a good source for my setup. If any of you guys know any other Mp3 players that are better than the cowon please do tell. But I still want to know how good is the Cowon Compared to my Zune HD.  I don't have a desktop with a good sound card. So im going to be taking the portable setup way. please don't recommend an apple product... ill faint. Maybe apple products sound good now but i've had bad experience with them...
  2. slipmasterflex
    If you're looking at cowon products go with the cowon z2 instead of the j3 or s9. The z2 is pretty much an updated model with andorid, wifi, and it's design is a lot better in my opinion. I'll name some advantages/disadvantages that the z2 has to the j3/s9.

    -android interface
    -android apps like spotify(but spotify is still bugy)
    -better design
    -Jet effect 5 as opposed to j3s jet effect 3

    and that's just off the top of my head.


    it costs way more than a j3/s9!

    If you don't have the money then i would go for a j3.
    You can go to cowons website and read up on the z2 if you want any more info...

    Also, I've had my j3 for a year now and i'd say the sound quality is great but the UI is bland...

    Hope this helps!
  3. ZARIM
    The S:Flo 2 can drive K701 on reasonable levels and if use it's line out to hook up with portable AMPs then it will improve further. The DAPs like Sony S766(great sounding and loud enough), Cowon X7, Z1070 are recommended.
  4. geeta182
    no doubt go for one of hisounds players, all of them will trump your zune. f you got the money try the studio v or the 3rd ani edition. both are very powerful have a great sound, and can be used as a external amp, and have 100 hours ofr battery life. if not check out the Rocco P. one of the most powerful daps that will really bring out the best in your phones. you not sure where you are from but you can get one in on ebay direct from hisound for a cut price here  http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/hisoundaudiouk/?_trksid=p4340.l2559
  5. big-man
    second what geeta  said,go for a hisound player for sure. i have a studio v going spare if you are interested.
  6. Poetic
     does the cowon j3 have much better sound quality?
  7. Achmedisdead
    No,  but what it does have is a powerful EQ and other DSP effects that the Zune HD does not. With both players running on flat settings, the only advantage of the J3 would be that it has a little more output power.
  8. lee730

    If you want quality sound go look into Hisound products. If you want mainstream, so, so sound go for Cowon.
  9. lee730

    I've never found the need to use EQ on my Hisound DAPs at all. That's the best part I think. Actually being satisfied with pretty much all your music and not fretting with EQ presets. If the IEM isn't in line with what I want I just sell it. Otherwise I'd be pulling my hair out constantly changing EQ presets lol :). Have you had an opportunity to try out a Hisound product yet Achmed? I still have yet to start the Rocoo BA tour. Most likely will ship it out once I got my Studio V 3rd ANV and am comfortable with it. :)
  10. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Cowon sound is good Lee! You've just been spoiled with Hisound and DX100. We must think of the people, for the people! :wink:

    I've been tempted to try Hisound, I know it's going to have great SQ but if any part of the signature is off. knowing I can't make adjustments I'd be let down for that kind of money. It's something I would definitely have to trial at a meet first.
  11. lee730

    Well the Rocoo BA has EQ presets but I prefer it on the natural preset (stock). Studio V doesn't have presets but does have a different firmware which changes the sound-signature. I much prefer dynamic firmware. Just calling it as I see it my friend :wink:. Cowon is so, so. Its not bad in any means but I don't see it as an upgrade over my iphone4 (which I never use anymore for music)... Don't think you'd have any gripes at all with your GR07s and if anything would bring out the full potential in them with Hisounds products. Particularly Sennheiser IE80/IE8/IE7 and GR07 pair extremely well with their products.
  12. Achmedisdead
    No, I have not tried a Hisound player. My DAP experience, I haven't had anything that is really beyond what you described above as mainstream. I've had various Sansa Clips and Fuzes with and without Rockbox, I've had a couple of Cowons (iAudio 9 and D2), a few Sonys (E345, S545, S639, and now A867), a Rockboxed, CF-modded Mini 2G,  4th-gen Touch and 4th-gen Shuffle, a few Samsungs (Q2, U5, and now Galaxy 5.0), and a Creative Zen Mozaic. I think that's all of them...lol. 
    I can say that I don't use EQ nearly as often as I once did...but I like having the option still. 
  13. lee730

    Well if you would like to participate in the Rocoo BA tour you are welcome to. At first I was like "I'm gonna miss this puppy, better buy another one so I won't have to miss it lol". But ended up losing my extra one, or it got stolen during the move. Well at this point I won't really care or miss it I think since I have the Studio V 3rd ANV and DX100. So it will be going on tour shortly. All I ask is that you leave a review or at least some detailed impressions in comparison to your other DAPs. Either it will be in the curretn Rocoo BA thread or I may just create one specifically for the tour itself. It will be beneficial to the community I think.
  14. Achmedisdead
    Is it only suited for IEM's, or can it be used with other headphones? I have to ask because I can't use IEM's. I do appreciate the offer.[​IMG]
  15. lee730

    What would you be using? The player is quite powerful and should be able to handle heaphones. Maybe not the HE-6 but you know what I mean :). The Studio V would be much better in that regard though. What is the power rating of the Cowon? If your fuze/clip powers your headphones then by all means the Rocoo BA will do it effortlessly.
    Edit: Ok I found out the J3/S9 has an output power of 29mW while the Rocoo BA has an ouput power of 50mW so it is significantly more powerful. I think the Studio V 3rd ANV has an 80mW power output. So I think you should be fine man lol :). The Clip+ is 15mW output.
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