1. Shlonglor

    Is the RoCoo BA for me?

    Hi all,   My beloved Cowon D2 has finally passed away (or not. it's in the shop, awaiting a replacement amp for one of its channels), and I am somewhat richer than when I had bought it many years ago, so it's time for a nice upgrade.   My portable phones are a pair of Ultimate Ears...
  2. Ardian

    New DAP for natural sound.

    Hi to everyone :) I have bought a Martin Logan Mikros 90, and the sound is incredible in my opinion. The Sansa Clip+ that I have, seems a bit poor in body for the Martin, anche I need to high up the volume too much!! Can you suggest me a new DAP that can easily drive the ML and that would be...
  3. LouieChuckyMerr

    Seeking Advice: HiFiMAN 601-HM Slim vs. HiSoundAudio RoCoo (and is the RoCoo P worth the extra cost over the RoCoo D?)

    Hello, and thanks in advance for any help.  After years of faithful service my Sony NW-HD 5 recently died.  Having spent seemingly countless hours researching replacement options I've narrowed my choices to either the HiFiMAN 601-HM Slim or the HiSoundAudio RoCoo.  I've read many reviews (quite...
  4. sunninho

    SOLD * HiSoundAudio Rocoo BA * SOLD

    Selling my HiSoundAudio Rocoo BA to help pay for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  It is in great condition, except for scratches next to the right button that I just discovered (see picture).  Because of this, I'm discounting this a great deal!   Comes with the original box and materials (will...
  5. alphaphoenix

    Hisoundaudio RoCoo BA /w 32GB microsd - SOLD

    Recently receive this from another member who was the first owner.  All accessories and PAA-I earbuds are unused.    It's in the exact shape and comes with everything when new.  Sounds great, but keeping my current portable setup intact.  Price is what I paid and includes shipping CONUS...
  6. wormsdriver

    Brand NEW Hisoundaudio Rocoo BA

    Brand New Sealed in box Rocoo BA DAP. Hisoundaudio DAPs are known for outstanding sound quality, Rocoo BA is specially made for very sensitive iems. Selling it for the same price I bought it, this player retails for $249 and is worth every penny! $150 + $7 USPS Priority Mail shipping. Paypal...
  7. wormsdriver

    Hisoundaudio Rocoo BA for Slim Portable Amp

  8. H20Fidelity

    HiSoundAudio RoCoo BA Hi-Fi Digital Music Player (Free Shipping)

    Up for grabs is one HiSoundAudio Rocca BA. As many might be aware this particular Hisound DAP has been discontinued and becoming hard to find. It's in excellent condition, comes complete in original box with all original accessories. It pairs wonderfully with IEM's both dynamic and BA based...
  9. Techno Kid

    A PMP with good SQ under $200

    I'm looking for a new PMP with really good SQ under $200 and I was wondering what are some of the best choices.  The Colorfly C3 was on my list but I'm afraid the bass will be to light for what I listen to and I'm also looking at the Hisoundaudio NOVA N1 which is the one at the top of my list...
  10. youtoome

    Some help with source.

    Good evening. I think to make myself a little present and upgrade my portable pair Sansa Clip Zip + Aurvana 2. Merry christmas by they way! So i limited by 350-400$ budget and thinking about change source first. After some looking on our market i find such choices   HiSound RoCoo P...
  11. Jason36

    HiSoundaudio Studio BA or Studio V?

    Thinking of trying one of the Studio DAP's out and I am confused as to which one is likely to be the best. I have Heir 4.Ai and Beyerdyanmic T70p although the Heir's get the most use. So bearing that in mind would the BA be better? Is there much sound difference between the BA and V?? Totally...
  12. Wesley1985

    Got questions about Westone 3 and 4R to get the most sound out of it!

    Hello, Got a couple of questions i had a Westone 3 for couple of years. When i connected the Westone 3 to my phone the sound was better then all the earphones i ever had. But when i used 6.35mm Plug to 3.5mm Jack Adaptor en connected it to my receiver the sound was beyond amazing. So much...
  13. Vlooienuker

    Amp/DAC for Aurisonic ASG 1.2?

    Hi all,   My ASG 1.2's are on its way now and I was wondering should I get an amp for it? I have an iPod Classic and Cowon S9 but I think the ASG 1.2 will benefit with an amp.  The size shouldn't be bigger than the Classic by much.   Which amp/dac should I get?   Thank you, Leon
  14. Gignac

    Hisoundaudio Rocoo BA Hi-Fi Music Player - Very Good Condition!

    Please PM me with an offer, looking for a quick sale. Thanks for your interest!   I bought this used off the auction site less than 3 months ago - I am the second owner, but I just purchased a Studio V 3rd Anv, so I no longer have a need for it.  I do find, however, that this player is...
  15. mark2410

    Hisoundaudio RoCoo BA Review

    Hisoundaudio RoCoo BA Review   Thanks to Hisoundaudio for the sample     First Impressions:  The box is nothing special clearly which a touch disappointing for a premium product but its not important.  Opening things up and there it is, it’s like the Studio had a baby.  They look so...
  16. mark2410

    Hisoundaudio Studio V 3rd Anniversary Edition Impressions, Reviews & Discussion Thread

    I have only just received mine and i am frankly very happy so far,  my impressions will grow here and when its done so will my full review.  expect it to be very positive.  
  17. Bogan

    My Sansa Fuze is melting!

    After just a couple years, the rubberized back on my Sansa Fuze is melting away. It looks like half melted wax and everything is sticking to it. I can easily scratch it off down to the metal with my fingernail. I can get a cover for the rig but I'd rather clean it up.   Anyone else...
  18. hellboyx5

    Help me choose high-end DAP or high-end IEM

    I have 2 options for my portable setup The first one is dap Rocoo BA with 16gb micro sd card and Shure SE215 I'll have to stick with entry level iem SE215...   The second one is dap Sansa Clip+ 8gb and IE80 or SE535 I'll have to sell my Rocoo BA to buy less expensive dap and a high-end...
  19. Poetic

    A good DAP that sounds better than the Zune HD.

    Hey everyone im currently using my Zune HD, with my AKGq701, on the Fiio e9. But I realised i Need a much better source, than this Zune HD. I was looking at the Cowon j3 and the Cowon s9. Is there difference in Sound Quality or something? Also would this be a good source for my setup. If any of...
  20. Leeloo

    Need some help with seperate volume for each channel

    Hello, I've been reading this forum for a long time, first time posting. I've got a very very slight hearing loss in my right ear, which so far I've dealt with. It's always affected stereo imaging, by bringing it over to the left and leaving a slight gap on the right. As you can imagine this can...
  21. owen241

    dilemma in choosing portable player - Rocoo P / HM601 slim

    Hi guys, i've been reading this forum for a few months already. Upgrading from Shure SE215 to a Full custom 6 driver (Coming soon). Now i need a new Portable player enough to drive the 6 drivers. Hope you guys could help me out.   After reading most of the threads, i narrowed my choices to...
  22. psycomagic

    [ASK] Best Dap / mp3 player for Shure Se215 T___T

    Excusme, im new in here, and sry if this like a stupid question i just wanna know what the best dap for shure se215, i like all kinds of music, but maybe except metal now im using se215 + Rocoo P, but for me it is too bright there may be other suggestion from here..?? Thanks...
  23. NurseBecka

    Help! Deleted Firmware Hisoundaudio Studio V - Studio-BA

    I acccidentally deleted the BA firmware. (dumb blonde!)  I found it and D/L'd from support at hisoundaudio.  Had to install winzip to open.  Now that it is open, can't find a program to open the firmware.sb file.  Anyone know what program opens *.sb files?  Quicktime isn't working.   Please...
  24. NurseBecka

    Help! Deleted Firmware Hisoundaudio Studio V - Studio-BA

    Of course it is not in the recycle bin.  How can I re-flash or install the Studio-BA firmware?   Please Help!   Thanks, Rebecca
  25. sly_in_the_sky

    Hisoundaudio ROCOO BA - Superior Hi-Fi player for Ciem's & Iem's

    Hello,   I'm the first one to post my impressions about this new product from Hisoundaudio called the Rocoo BA which is the exclusive hifi grade player specially designed for the high sensitive earphones.   I hope this thread will be a grouping of all rewievs and impressions so all of you...