1. RedMoonLoop

    Need help deciding if the Grado sound is right for me as a starting set of cans

    After doing various searches around here I have been leaning heavily towards purchasing the Grado Sr325i's. They seem to fit my taste in rock music. I mostly listen to prog rock and 70's rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Porcupine Tree. Stuff like that really. However I also like...
  2. anht92

    Which in-ear for Cowon S9

    Dear everyone,   I've used Creative EP-830 with my Conwon S9, and now I want to look for a better in-ear which costs under 100$. I listen to many kind of music (Rock, Pop, New Age). Which in-ear should I buy? In my country, there are some popular producers such as Sony, Hifiman, Vsonic, Dunu...
  3. DanthePolishman

    Need help choosing a media player that can power 63 Ohm headphones - $300 and less - At least 32 GB

    Hey Head-Fi,   I'm looking for a quality media player to replace the iPhone 3G. I have the Sony MDR-7506 headphones which are ideal for my monitoring needs, and that I double for music listening. The community so far has been awesome in helping me, and informed me lots. That being said, I'll...
  4. Tassie Devil

    Cardas EM 5813 - great with Cowan S9, very good elsewhere

    These arrived the other day and I listened to a variety of music ex the Sooloos system (FLAC FILES) fed into a modded Benchmark DAC1.  The verdict was yes, better than the Jays and Etymotic E4s.  Very comfortable and quite sensitive. All types of classical music sounded fine & jazz/pop was...
  5. techfreakazoid

    Sony X Series Walkman, COWON S9, Apple iPod touch 2G, SanDisk Sansa Fuze Impressions with the Shure E500 / SE530

    Over the past several weeks, I've been getting acquainted with these players' features and sound signatures. I wanted to share my experience and thoughts on their strengths and weaknesses. A/B testing was with the E500 listening primarily to hip hop, electro, freestyle, euro, trance, R&B, and...
  6. Alpina

    Question about frequencies and Cowon JetAudio

    Hello, first of all I am big newbie when it comes to sound. I have Cowon i9 player and GR07 mk2 IEMs which sound very good.   Now I got two questions:   1. Does increasing frequency in player equalizer equals to lower sound quality or not? 2. Cowon Jetaudio got BBE and other sound...
  7. grandmike

    Advice on Sennheiser Amperior and HD 25-1 II VS. V-Moda Crossfade M100 VS. others

    Hi Guys ,   First of I would not call myself much of an audiophile but I'm quite picky on audio quality. Anyhow I would like to humbly get some advice on weather I should get  Sennheiser Amperior HD 25-1 II  or V-Moda Crossfade M100 or others.    My portable DAP is COWON S9 with Fireye...
  8. riplox

    Does what I want even exist?

    Well, I've been researching DAPs off and on for a few weeks now, including lurking this message board, and have yet to come to anything concrete since my list of priorities is varied, so I've come to you all for help. Is there anything that fits the list?   No Apple products (I would...
  9. 35mmJack

    Best neutral music player under 150$

    Hi guys,   I am a new member, though I have been reading and digging for a few months at head-fi. Anyway, I would like to ask for a recommendation about a neutral music player under 150$ with a decent storage space (or support SD card)   I am using a rockboxed sansa clip zip. But since...
  10. Hyl

    looking for high quality portable DAP

    My old cowon s9 and sony x10 died due to some unfortunate accidents, so i recently bought a colorfly c3. While the soundquality was decent, the UI was so clunky and the popping noise after it changes a track annoyed me so much that i am looking for a new, portable and good sounding DAP with...
  11. sirylj

    Where to buy a Cowon J3? Looking to buy, hard to find.

    Hello, this is my first post here, though it is not my first time here (especially because of my recent research on the Cowon J3).   Anyway, I have been looking into getting a good quality MP3 player for a while, and have settled on the Cowon J3 as my choice. However, no matter where I look...
  12. sirylj

    Looking for very good SQ, high battery life, not Apple

    I've looked over many Cowon products thinking about J3 as my choice (X9 if I can't find a J3). However, I was wondering what other players are out there (older Cowon models too) that are known for good SQ, as well as having very high battery life (X9 can't be beat on that, but then again I...
  13. KT66

    Poll on makes of DAP used by Head-Fiers

    Is Apple still the daddy?   More Clip users than Walkmans?   I want to know, please just give one answer
  14. mertovic


    Hello  I want to buy a Cowon mp3 player but i can't decide. I just want to listen to music not watch videos.So i want the best audio quality. I need the best audio quality.Price is not an important factor.You can suggest me other brands except Cowon. I wonder that what is the different...
  15. limpmeat

    Solar chargers

    I'll be spending a lot of time out of town this summer, and I can't give up my music.   Is there any decent solar chargers out there? I need something to charge a Cowon s9 and also my mobile phone. So something with a USB port and around 4000-5000mah? Something that will charge in 8 hours or...
  16. castleofargh

    Hello friends! need advices for new gear. no budget limit but some nerdy demands.

     i m looking for the best sounding "portable player"  that:   -1/ would boot fast! around 5sec to resume playing would be good . (no external memory or new music added, just a simple boot up+music)   -2/ can play audiobooks faster! i don't know the name of that function, it plays faster...
  17. olear

    Clip+ sounds better than the Classic

    I've had a Clip+ for almost a year and just received a 7th generation iPod Classic. After listening to the Classic, the Clip+ has more detail and sounds more dynamic. I am surprised and disappointed.   Has anyone else experience the same?   Would the 4th generation Touch sound closer to...
  18. redwookie

    Help with choice of new player

    Hi all My Cowon S9 bit the dust and I am on the look out for a new player. I've been a convert to Cowon for the last 5 years now and loved my S9. I have been unable to find a replacement S9 for sale at a reasonable price, so I have looked into the J3 and I'm having more luck there. However, I...
  19. Poetic

    A good DAP that sounds better than the Zune HD.

    Hey everyone im currently using my Zune HD, with my AKGq701, on the Fiio e9. But I realised i Need a much better source, than this Zune HD. I was looking at the Cowon j3 and the Cowon s9. Is there difference in Sound Quality or something? Also would this be a good source for my setup. If any of...
  20. cloudscapes

    Best/closest Cowon S9 replacement

    Hey all,   I've had my S9 since early 2009, and before than a rockboxed H140. My S9 is becoming increasingly glitchy and has been through a lot. Including staying dunked 2/3rds in water overnight (it survived after taking it apart and drying it in rice for a day, lucky!). I'd like to look up...
  21. H20Fidelity

    Cowon D2+ vs S9 Quick Impression (A Step Back in Time)

    This quick review has been removed
  22. blindperipheral

    Cowon S9 + FiiO E6 + Shure SE210: Good Combo?

    I've been using a Cowon S9 and Shure SE210 for several months now, and then decided to also buy a FiiO E6 headphone amp.  Was this a good decision? Any advice which EQ would give it the best sound?
  23. avaddon

    need replacement to cowon 7.

    important: equal or higher sound quality. 50+hours of playing. in fact. direct copying \ usb drive functionality. mp3\flac\wav support. (ogg\ape is optional) size about 75x35x20mm. (~3x1.4x0.8 inches) 16gb. (or less if sd support)   any suggestion?   i looked to teclast x19hd...
  24. olear

    Cowon models help.........

    I am considering several models from Cowon:  What are the pros/cons of these models?   J3 D2+ S9 C2   I have a iphone so don't need an Android or many apps., in fact I don't use the EQ on my RB Clip+.    Would it be wiser to look at another brand (ie Sony) since I may not use...
  25. H20Fidelity

    Cowon S9 Volume control changing tracks randomly (problem)

    Hello friends. Ever since I bought my Cowon S9 running v2.53 it has a little problem. Occasionally adjusting volume up or down one click at a time it either changes tracks forward one or goes back to the beginning of the same track. it does this without me pressing any other buttons. It...