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Clip+ sounds better than the Classic

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by olear, Aug 18, 2012.
  1. olear
    I've had a Clip+ for almost a year and just received a 7th generation iPod Classic. After listening to the Classic, the Clip+ has more detail and sounds more dynamic. I am surprised and disappointed.
    Has anyone else experience the same?
    Would the 4th generation Touch sound closer to the Clip+?  Is there another DAP that does?
  2. Emospence
    The Clip+ is an amazing piece of engineering.. I prefer it to my 3G iPod Touch.
  3. olear
    Indeed it is.  I would like something with a larger screen, maybe the Fuze.
  4. goodvibes
    Pretty much. The Touches are better from Line Out in general but the 4G has a good amp as well. 3G may be better or worse depending on what it's driving and synergy. The Ipod HD players are a bit ringier/brighter sounding than the Touch.
  5. ZARIM
    The orignal Sansa Fuze, Fuze+, Sony A864, E464(highly recommended if you like Clip+ sound), Z series walkmen and Philips Go gear DAPs are great sounding and i prefer them over iPods but too me 2G iPod touch was very good sounding.
  6. olear
    It's my understanding the Sony's do not have a line out and will not sound as good as a DAP (except for the Classic) that has a LOD?
    That said, I will look further into the E464.
  7. olear
    The Sony's have 8-16gb, not enough capacity.
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I also find the Clip+ has better SQ over my all my ipods and 2G touch. It's quite disappointing in some regards that today's "mainstream players" which have built such an incredibly big name for themselves through Apple are out done as music players alone by a $30 piece of equipment, let alone not being tethered to itunes. I was considering an ipod Classic (rockbox) recently for the 80GB storage space, but after using an LOD + E11 with my ipods I couldn't handle the sound they produce, that bass is terrible after using BBE and Mach3bass, it's just dead and sour, there's no tone to it and overall the sound is just above average. My Cowon players leave them for absolute dust. Thank god someone out there is thinking for people who want better sounding equipment.

    The Clip+ is marvellous, such an excellent player, a real eye opener to what Apple fans get for their money.

    I find it hard to believe sometimes, that in today's day and age Apple's are considered decent players. Obviously a majority of people don't care for decent sound.
  9. olear
    Have you heard the Sony Z series?
    I did consider Cowon J3 but that's before reading that more than a few found the UI not intuitive and not easy to use.
  10. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I only like Cowon players. I dislike Sony's volume cap which can be bypassed on Cowon players by changing your region though Z series is apparently very good.

    J3 user interface is fine for playing music, I find that all a little far fetched - internet nit picking. I can tell you now, owning a Clip+ and two Cowon players, you will notice a huge difference between them. Detail, higher powered internal headphone amp, higher output, Jeteffects 3.0, much wider soundstage, the list goes on. What you have to remember is although the Clip+ is great it's "$30" . I know this because I've tested them both for months now, there's no Mach3bass, BBE. I've said it before. Clip+ play's music, Cowons a music player.

    It's only Apple players I think are far to expensive for your money which rightfully makes the Clip+ look good. Not Cowon imo.
  11. shibnath
    i'm agree withyou bro.. the cowon players are much better than apple ipod... i own a cowon and i decided to buy that after listening to ipod.. it's far better with cheaper price... i love the sound of my cowon... [​IMG]
    Sorry if i hurt someone...[​IMG]
  12. olear
    The J3 is as easy to use and navigate compared to an ipod or Clip? I've also read that setting up the EQ and sound enhancements can be an exercise in patience and will need to change depending on the track?
    Have you compared any other Cowon to the J3?
    Have you compared a Cowon to the Studio V or Hifiman 601/602?
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor

    It's no harder than the Clip+ or Apple to get around IMO. I really wouldn't be too concerned. If anything it will take an hour of getting used too. 2) No no no, you set the EQ up and leave it alone, it does NOT have to be changed all the time, especially for each song. At most people like the flexibility to change custom presets for genre's, this does not mean you must change all the time. Set > forget, if you want to tweak it the options there.

    I own S9, D2+ and soon C2. The J3 is basically the same as S9 with added SD card expansion. I wish I have heard Studio V but I cannot be sure that it's natural signature is something I would like, I need my EQ's to mould the sound. HIFIMAN doesn't interest me, there's too many cons I wouldn't like.
  14. Achmedisdead
    I don't think the Cowon players sound any better than the Clip+ unless you tinker with all the enhancements and EQ. And for any user that prefers not to use those things, then the only advantages of the Cowons would be capacity and battery life. 
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor

    About a month ago I would of said similar, though after spending a lot of time with both I prefer the Cowon even flat. It makes me question how flat the Clip+ actually is flat or 'normal' as the player puts it. I don't use much EQ, only a slight adjustment to the lift treble, some BBE and a small amount of Mach3bass, done.

    See how the Clip+ sounds then, next to a Cowon. :smile: Clip+ might sound clearer on normal, but how about the bass texture, separation and dynamics, the actual soundstage width etc etc... There's many factors to look at when comparing them and to be honest although I love the Clip+ it lacks in area's unfortunately imo. It doesn't have that professional take on music I get from Cowon. Doesn't stop me loving it for what it is though.

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