1. minchia

    Do I need amplifier for v-moda m100?

    Hi, I want to buy v-moda m100 aira version to use it with my sandisk sansa clip +. Do I need amplifier to get best of headphone? specially for bass. :ksc75smile: thanks! :ksc75smile:
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    Xeport 7010, Clip+
  5. silvercats

    Has anyone blamed you for spending too much($200) on headphones?

    Has anyone blamed you for spending too much on headphones? I am not talking about $500+ ones. Just the ones around $200
  6. bchman

    Sansa Fuze Or Sansa Clip+

    As The Topic Suggested,Which Is Better? I Looking For A Good N Cheap Player Since My iPod Touch Is Dying Soon. *I Will Be Using Fiio E5 And Pl-30(Sound Magic) With It*
  7. vcaimy

    Replacement for sansa clip+

    Hello. I'm looking for a source to replace my old sansa clip+ players, which I like except of their built quality issues. Ideally I need something with a clip to use during jogging excercises and possibility to install rockbox firmware. I would like to avoud purchasing Ipod's and sansa clip zip...
  8. pekan

    What is the best MP3 player you can find for 170$?

    Hey mates.   What is the best media player I can find at 170$?   Cheers.
  9. speecher

    Replacement for Creative Zen Vision M - any ex owners out there?

    My Creative Zen Vision M is starting to fail.    I have to repeatedly press the the slider to turn it on and off. I can spend 3 mnutes just sliding the button to get the thing to shut down.  While im sliding, the screen is jumping all over the place. Even sticking the pin in, doesnt ...
  10. brad90y

    I KNOW you've been asked a 1000x guys, but I'm completely lost on getting the right Mp3 player

    First of all, I'M SORRY!!! I know you guys have been asked about MP3's a million times!! but I've been lost on the recommendations and the hours I spent reading online. So I decided to go to the experts, and here is what I'm looking for (considering my Sansa Fuze died). The MP3 player I'm...
  11. AudioTroll

    Best under a 100$ preferbly way under, or multiple options

    I'm back, since both player and cable broke on me :/   now I have to make a choice, a cheap,and I mean dirt cheap, DAP and new cable, or a tab (smartq s7, after alot of research)   Is the Sansa clip+ still the way to go on a budget?   the tab has andriod 4.1 a  TI OMAP 4430, ARM...
  12. Jpfe8851

    Do I REALLY need a DAP?

    I'm struggling with a serious case of upgraditis! Over the past 18 months, I've spent some hard earned on upgrading IEMs. Starting with a couple cheaper V-Moda phones I've gone, Ety HF-3 > UE TripleFi 10 > Shure SE535 > Westone 4R > Shure SE535LE (red ones). I also have some Bose QC15s for...
  13. ZeNmAc

    Phone with good SQ?

    I'm looking to get a new (used, I don't have a contract) phone, obviously SQ is important to me.  Which phones have good audio that can be bought used for a decent amount.  I'd like to keep it ~200 but I would be willing to stretch that if it's worth it (i.e. current generation smartphone).  ...
  14. Strages

    Which Cheap Portable Music Player is Best

    Hi, I'm new on Head-fi, but I'm looking for the best-quality portable music player for under $400. I've heard the Sansa Clip+, or Cowon V5 is good, but I'm open to suggestions. I have a sony mdr-zx600 set of headphones, but wouldn't mind getting better ones (if my headphones are the bottleneck)...
  15. Hyl

    looking for high quality portable DAP

    My old cowon s9 and sony x10 died due to some unfortunate accidents, so i recently bought a colorfly c3. While the soundquality was decent, the UI was so clunky and the popping noise after it changes a track annoyed me so much that i am looking for a new, portable and good sounding DAP with...
  16. ccubeice

    Looking for a good MP3-player. Help!

    I don't have an MP3 player, but lately I've been wanting to get one. My price limit is only up to 35€ and this one is just on the limit. I live in Estonia, so there isn't a big selection available. Philips GoGear RaGa 2Gb...
  17. visanj

    New IEM to buy in Hamburg, Germany

    Hi   I came to Germany for a visit and I'm thinking to buy IEM here. I found a electronics shop (Saturn) which has many brands but not the one I was looking for   I currently have Brainwavz M2 and I am looking for IEMs with similar signature. I decided on Monster MDT but this store...
  18. nerobass

    Thoughts on my new setup

    Hello,   Like many before me long time reader 1st time poster. I have always liked listening to music and having cool gadgets but lately I have been using either my phone or tablet to listen to music and it just wasn't working for me. So after reading up a bit decided on the following build...
  19. olear

    Clip+ sounds better than the Classic

    I've had a Clip+ for almost a year and just received a 7th generation iPod Classic. After listening to the Classic, the Clip+ has more detail and sounds more dynamic. I am surprised and disappointed.   Has anyone else experience the same?   Would the 4th generation Touch sound closer to...
  20. elikookoo

    Sansa Clip Zip or Clip+ ?

    i'm looking for new media player after my ipod video commited suicde... and i kinda like the sansa but i cant decide between the zip and the pluse version?   what do you say?   and can you tell me the differences, maybe there are some i am not aware about?
  21. Siva108

    Fuze vs Clip+ vs Fuze+?

    I know that the Fuze has pretty much a ruler flat frequency response. Does this carry on to the Clip+ and Fuze+? Also in terms of sound quality, is the Clip+ or Fuze+ better than the Fuze?
  22. DFXLuna

    Sansa Clip+ with Fiio e10

    So my Clip+ has a headphone jack and the mini usb port I use to plug it into my computer. However, my fiio e10 only has a mini usb in, the same type of usb in as my Clip. So no easy trs line in. Normally I could just buy a LOD for this however, there aren't any LODs, that I can find, for the...
  23. tool462

    Federal inmates = budget audiophiles

    Some institutions have Koss Porta Pro on their commissary and now some institutions have Sandisk Sansa Clip+ for sale.  They are encrypted and running a custom firmware of course, no Rockbox here ;)   Now if only I could bring my own setup to work so I could ignore them...
  24. gugguson

    Need source for Fiio E17 LOD (sansa clip+?)

    Hello.   I have Fiio E17 and I'm looking for a player which will utilize both the amp and the dac of the E17.  Does the sansa clip+ fall into that category and what cable will I need?   Thanks, Johann
  25. dfkt

    Samsung YP-R0 RMAA Tests

    All in all, the R0 is a player that measures well enough. It has its share of small flaws, but it's way better than the Sony A845 or certain "audiophile" players that shall remain unnamed. Here are the full results: RMAA Samsung YP-R0 Loads RMAA 16 Ohm dynamic driver comparisons RMAA 32...