1. smartdev

    The difference between the Sony nwz-e464 and the nwz-e474?

    Im looking for a new mp3 player and was curious what the real differences were between the nwz-e464 and the  nwz-e474. Im also strugaling to find any reviews, any one know of any?   Thanks
  2. zilla7777

    What DAP should I get? LF >8gb, Less than 300 AUD, and needs buttons.

    Well, I just lost my Ipod Nano 5th Gen 8gb whilst at the gym, and nobody has returned it; so I guess I'm on the hunt for a new DAP. That little thing served me well for years.   What I am looking for is something that has over 8gb of storage, prefereably flash as I enjoy exercising with...
  3. olear

    Clip+ sounds better than the Classic

    I've had a Clip+ for almost a year and just received a 7th generation iPod Classic. After listening to the Classic, the Clip+ has more detail and sounds more dynamic. I am surprised and disappointed.   Has anyone else experience the same?   Would the 4th generation Touch sound closer to...
  4. Sony NWZE464BLK Walkman MP3 player

    Sony NWZE464BLK Walkman MP3 player

    The Sony E-Series Walkman MP3 Player delivers up to 50 hours of music -with video and photo playback plus FM radio just to sweeten the deal. With delicious colors, Windows drag and drop functionality and digitally restorative Sony Clear Audio Technologies, the E-Series is bling to the ears and...