1. shrimants

    ipod classic 7th gen specifics

    I'm looking for a frequency response curve of ipod classic 7th gen, not 6th gen (unless there is no difference internally aside from HDD capacity.) Preferably with various types of load and also a line-out FR curve. I'd also be thrilled if someone can tell what chips are used internally...
  2. FilipinoAko

    iPod Classic 5.0 30gb and iPod Classic 7.0 160gb

    Hello everyone, I got the chance to buy a used iPod Classic 5.0 and iPod Classic 7.0 at Craigslist. The reason why I bought these is to compare their sound quality. On a blind test, I played same set of songs same volume level, same headphones (Grado SR 80i) and I realized that iPod Classic 5.0...
  3. greatbadir

    Current DAP options

    Hi all. I’ve been a member for a while, but rarely post as most stuff I would ask has usually already been answered - I generally use the forum as a reference tool only. But now I find that I have a question that I can’t find a complete answer for… I currently have a 160gb Cowon X7, and I’ve...
  4. zzffnn

    The Fiio X5 Thread

    Fiio's official product page for X5: This thread is for discussion of Fiio X5, which is expected to be in production in end of 2013 (edit: Mass production of X5 will start in China in around mid December and X5...
  5. Dabboo

    Sub ~$300AUD DAP FiiO X3/ iBassoDX50/ iPod Classic?

    Looking for a new DAP!   I currently have a 4th gen iPod Nano with 8gb of storage but it's just not enough anymore and hasn't been for a long time.    I'm looking to get something that either has a good amount of storage, which all of these players do (in the case of the Dx50 and X3, I'd...
  6. Redlah

    how to convert 'FLAC' to 'ALAC' for iPod Classic ?

    It's about an iPod Classic 6G (late 2009) 160GB. I looked up in many places including in head-fi here, about how to do 'what's mentioned in the title'. I found thousands of ways to convert flac into apple lossless (alac) format ( I...
  7. riplox

    Does what I want even exist?

    Well, I've been researching DAPs off and on for a few weeks now, including lurking this message board, and have yet to come to anything concrete since my list of priorities is varied, so I've come to you all for help. Is there anything that fits the list?   No Apple products (I would...
  8. ThaJM

    Ipod classic HDD to SD/CF conversion (Tarkan Akdam iFlash MKII)

    Introduction-   My 5.5g ipod's hard drive had failed 2 months ago.  While looking up a replacement hard drive online, i found an alternative method that allows the ipod to accept CF cards. It  involves replacing the iPod's hdd with a CF card adaptor dubbed the "iFlash".  ...
  9. zerocoolhifi

    iDevices DAC Differences/Quality

    Do all the iDevices use the same DAC or do different devices use different DACs. Anyone have a list of which device uses what DAC? I am currently using a iPhone 4 but would easily switch to an iPod Classic is the DAC/SQ would be much better. Thanks,
  10. Spillages

    Best portable source?

    I really want a large storage device such as an iPod classic. Wish it was bigger really. But I get stuck in the trap every time I go to purchase something. I really need to take a step back before I throw my money away. Quality over quantity is probably best. I'd rather have a smaller but...
  11. Nelchior

    Multiple questions on Ipod Classic 160gb alternative - better sound - bigger storage

    Hey guys,   So before coming around here to bother you with my questions, I spent some time on the forums, but could not find an answer. I figured that I would surrender, and summon you wisdom.     Please help.     I've had an Ipod 160gb for a while now for a few reasons: -The...
  12. texastrader

    iPod Classic as Primary Source

    I have an iPod Classic that I'm using as my primary source, connected through a Cambridge Audio ID-100. I'm thinking about listing my whole setup in the classifieds, but I need to know if I can sell the iPod too. It's loaded with about 15,000 MP3, ALAC and other lossless music files, which I...
  13. Nicholasheadfi2

    iPod 5.5gen

    Hey guys I am a music lover and always strive for better sound , I own an iPhone4s and have the sure535s And I was recently reading that the older models of iPod have a better dac of the name of Wolfson , in the comparison to the cirrus dac in the newer models ' wolfson dac was and is much...
  14. Audio-Omega

    Need a good portable player

    I could only think of iPod classic.   I need one with big memory and able to play Apple or Windows lossless files.  However the most important thing is excellent sound quality.  Thanks.
  15. DroidsRGod

    iPod Classic 5.5g vs iPod Classic 7g SQ?

    I have still have my first iPod ever (5.5g Classic) and there are minor issues with it (software) but I was wondering if the iPod Classic 7g have better sound quality. I love my 5.5s SQ and I was wondering if the 5.5g is ≥ iPod just looking for an upgrade but if the sq isnt = or greater...
  16. Amsterdan

    Help advice needed

    Hi all I'm new to the forum and could do with some advice. I'm trying to get a better sounding portable setup. I have some shure 535 reds with baldur mk2 cable paired with iPhone 4. Would it be better to get a different source ( cowon j3/x7) or use a iPhone/iPod classic with lod and a headphone...
  17. TheKarakiri

    Ipod Classic or Cowon J3

    Hi,   I am currently planning on upgrading my portable music player. I'm pretty much stuck between these two devices (Ipod Classic & Cowon J3). I'm most likely going to amp the device with something like the RSA P-51 Mustang or the Pico Slim. Other suggestions for music players will also be...
  18. jomarr

    Is selling my iPod touch 4g for an iPod Classic (6g or 7g) worth it?

    The reason why I'm selling my touch is because I'm thinking of getting a smartphone now since I'm working now and need the convenience in my pocket (and yes, also 3G and internet all the time). I'm planning on getting the SGS3 or the HTC One X (yes please do tell me what you prefer) :D  ...
  19. Perplexed

    Where does the iPod 5G rank in 2012?

    So I bought me a 5G iPod, and due to weird circumstances with Amazon and eBay I'm now in possession of both a 30GB and 60GB.  Loving them both, but that's the issue - I can't decide whether to keep one, and if so, which one to keep.. :\ Obviously when the Video came out it was darn epic, but...
  20. Rhca

    About iPod classic 7th Gen

    Hello, and excuse my ignorance, I am quite new to the world of high end audio gear. I have a question about the 7th gen iPod classic, I consider the storage size to be ideal, as I currently have a library of around 30 gb of music, which I'm sure will grow, however my concern is whetehr I will...
  21. jcw-mini

    What is the best Portable DAC for iPod Classic 160GB to buy?

    Hello everyone,   I am a newbie to the portable headphone amps.  I just bought an Apple Ipod Classic 160GB and a pair of Shure SE353 and Sennheiser HD 650.  I am looking for a portable DAC with amplifier but not shure what to buy.  I was leaning toward the Fostex HP-P1 and not sure if this...
  22. louis12345

    iPod Classic 7G 240GB

    Hello,   I'm buying an iPod Classic soon, but the 160GB seemed a bit close for me (I have 150GB of music I want to store on it). That's why I have searched for alternatives, but nothing at all had bit perfect playback (Pure i20 dock with S/PDIF) for when I'm at home and a reasonable price...
  23. ibmethatswhoib

    Best MP3 Player?

    Hey guys, I wanted to get a good MP3 player on Amazon.   What do think is the best under $300.  I like the ipod classic 160gb 7th generation but I don't know much about mp3 players.  What would you guys suggest, does that seem like the best for it's price? I have a decent amount of music so...
  24. thatBeatsguy

    Looking for an alternative to an iPod

         As the title suggests, I'm looking for any good competitors to the iPod Classic. So, basically, any DAP with similar specs to the iPod Classic is something worth considering for me. I'd also like better SQ and/or a higher battery life because the iPod could be RockBox'd.
  25. nieta98

    Looking for DAP with excellent SQ & lots of storage

    I am trying to find a good  DAP with the emphasis on audio quality and storage size and a secondary consideration of an easy to use UI preferably with playlists. I always listen with good headphones/earbuds or some high quality speakers & I have my files in either 320k mp3 or FLAC. I've...