1. Sandstorm

    Which DAP has the best user interface? Update!

    In the market for a new DAP and found a thread on this topic... but it's 3 years old! Lots of new equipment has hit the market since then. Is there a forum consensus for easiest to manage UI or at least a short list of contenders? What's your favorite? Which are the buggiest?
  2. Sandstorm

    Latest DAP recommendation? Any new releases beating forum favorites?

    Looking for a DAP that is: - Significantly expandable -- I mostly listen to my own music rather than stream - Easy, logical UI / management - Wifi / bluetooth would be great but not absolutely mandatory - All my music currently is ALAC and don't plan to get too exotic with formats going forward...
  3. H20Fidelity

    Kogan 8GB MP4 - The Player That Came From Nowhere:

    This is something we've been keeping behind closed doors for a little while now, today I'm going to let it out into the public.                                   Kogan 8GB MP4 Player       I came across this MP4 player made by a company based in Melbourne Australia called Kogan...
  4. bioport

    COWON D20, really the pimped D2+? Your impressions please...

    Much hype around this supposedly optimized D2+...   Here's a seller describing Cowon's latest hatch:   As my search on head-fi didn't turn out anything, I dared start a new...
  5. eke2k6

    The Fiio X3 Thread.

      Official product page:     Quote:     Quote:           Update: March 9th 2013.   Quote:     UPDATE: MARCH 20th       Quote:             APRIL 21st:      
  6. zach915m

    Sony F Series VS E Series Sound quality and components (DAC)

    I'm wondering how much of a sound quality upgrade the F Series is VS the E series Walkman player.  I have the E series and the sound quality is great via an LOD but I'm wondering if the F series has a much better DAC.  I know the new F series can play FLAC files.  Has anyone had experience with...
  7. uchihaitachi

    Which DAP has the best measurements?

    Thinking of getting a new portable source gear. Anybody know which DAP has the best measurements for   1. frequency response 2. distortion 3. noise 4. time based errors
  8. musicday

    Cowon D20 DAP

    The new Cowon D20 is the same as D2+ with 90 h battery life. For more info check the web. Is good to see the Cowon is still active in the DAPs market.
  9. alex110394

    A new music player after a J3

    Hi everyone !   I have the Cowon J3 16Go + 64Go SD card, and, regrettably, the storage is nearly completely full.    So, I will soon buy a new music player, with a huge capacity of storage.    The Ipod Classic could be great, but is the sound bad ? How is the sound compared to the J3...
  10. AmberOzL

    Need help from European head-fiers about EU taxes

    So guys I am willing to get a DAP from China, it will be shipped from China and enter EU region. How much I will have to pay for extra custom taxes and all these things. Is there a stabil percentage about the value of the product? If someone can explain, it would be much appreciated.   DAP's...
  11. Ari33

    Anyone know of a good DAP database in a table format that could be 'stickied' to help newcomers choose the most suitable player for their needs?

    I found this on Wiki but its not very complete.. there must be something better out there surely?
  12. Toe Tag

    Perfect marriage of the best UI and the best DAC?

      Lately I have been using Synology's phone app to pull music off my NAS, then do the D/A in the phone (Samsung Galaxy Note), and drive my Sennheiser HD650's with a FiiO e5 on the line to boost the signal. It sounds pretty great.    Their app fails on half the songs though, on Android on...
  13. chuckle490

    Need a new DAP for under $180

    For under $180, what DAPs can I get? I'm looking for at least 30 GBs in memory(possibly including an SD card slot if that player has that ). I would like for there to be a screen, so I can see album artwork too. Good SQ is a must! Thank you!
  14. chuckle490

    Can anyone point me towards a good DAP for under $250?

    I need at least 30 GBs of memory. What player will give me the best SQ? I've been looking at the iPod classic 7th gen, but I've heard some people say it lacks good SQ, is that true? I'm willing to go a little higher on my budget if needed. Thank you!
  15. AiAiAiNewbie

    Cowon Z2 vs iPod Touch 5 + Fiio E11

    Im having a hard time choosing between buying an iPod Touch and using it with my E11 or simply buy a Cowon Z2 I know how good Cowon players are but Ive had an iPod touch for the past 3 years and i really enjoy it. The Camera The iOS etc... I seek a good SQ from my portable device and i...
  16. Fracocci9203

    Flac vs mp3 quality

    I have an ipod classic 6g and a sansa clip you think that the differences between flac and mp3 are very audible in this portable player?
  17. Strages

    Which Cheap Portable Music Player is Best

    Hi, I'm new on Head-fi, but I'm looking for the best-quality portable music player for under $400. I've heard the Sansa Clip+, or Cowon V5 is good, but I'm open to suggestions. I have a sony mdr-zx600 set of headphones, but wouldn't mind getting better ones (if my headphones are the bottleneck)...
  18. H20Fidelity

    Colorfly C3 vs Colorfly CK4+ [Comparison] True Portable Hifi Sound

    Colorfly are well known company mostly known for their flagship audiophile player Colorfly C4 Pro which offers high end portable Hifi experience. They aren't widely known on the consumer market or mainstream though have set solid impression within audiophile community's around the world with...
  19. madmonkey

    Which mp3 player should i choose

    I dont care about anything other then it s ability to play great sounding music i dont play games or surf the net with my players. But i do like them to be able to drive any headphones i get with no amp.TY for reading my post . i also want it to sound great
  20. ZMan2k2

    Should I hear a difference between my old iPhone 3Gs and my Samsung GS3?

    I did a comparo between the two, using my favorite Pink Floyd Album WYWH.  Needless to say, I know the album by heart.  I did an ab comparo, and really couldn't hear a difference.  On the iPhone, I used the stock player no EQ, and on the SGS3 I used PowerAmp with no EQ.  All I had to do was...
  21. mediumwell

    Best FLAC player to go with my Fisher Tube Amp.

    Slowly, I have been turning my old CDs in FLAC files. Mostly I play these files on my laptop (Winamp) with headphones. However, I have a really nice old Fisher 300B tube amp with some pretty good speakers. I would like to play the files through this amp. The problem is, I'm guessing that I'm...
  22. H20Fidelity

    Question about MP3 Players with Roll Off

    Can someone please tell me why some portable MP3 players have roll off? For example bass roll off / treble roll off. Surely company's like Cowon and Colorfly do test their players previous to launching, I'm sure with the technology they use can create a flat sounding / measuring player. Why do...
  23. MetalGearEH

    Best android music player app?

    Anyone opinions on this. Thinking about switching my portable music playing over to my phone for space saving purposes. Need to know a good app to use. Free or paid is ok.
  24. danielyidyw


  25. rudi0504

    First impression Samsung Galaxy note 2 vs Galaxy S 3

    Hi all my head fier friends This afternoon I got the chance to do A B Ing comparison between Samsung Galaxy note 2 Vs Galaxy S 3. Source : Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Samsung Galaxy S 3 Dac amp : Venturacraft Go Dap X for idevice and Samsung android smartphones Headphone : Sennheiser Momentum...