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Best android music player app?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by metalgeareh, Nov 27, 2012.
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  1. MetalGearEH
    Anyone opinions on this. Thinking about switching my portable music playing over to my phone for space saving purposes. Need to know a good app to use. Free or paid is ok.
  2. NZtechfreak
    Lots of posts and threads on this topic here already.
    For pure sound quality people are going to recommend Neutron Music Player.
    For overall SQ+features+UI you will get recommended a mix of PowerAMP and Player Pro.
    There are dozens of other players but it is unusual to be recommended any outside of these three.
    I use PowerAMP myself, but I'm doing all my listening via USB DAC/amp, so SQ is all handled off-device.
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  3. SV650
    Well, I recommend Winamp. 
    Although I concede I did love Poweramp before my free trial ran out.  Total cheapskate here. 
  4. Gilly87
    Neutron has slightly better SQ than power amp IME, the UI is a tad sloppy but I prefer it overall.
  5. zhonghua
    but not all android is capable with Neutron 
  6. king8888
    jet audio and power amp are the 2 apps I recommend for android. I use them with my note 2 and sony Z.
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  7. fzman Contributor
    Neutron sounds very good on my new Galaxy S3, and even better via an OTG cable into an HRT Headstreamer.  Much better than i would have guessed.  Poweramp sounds good as well - I have not really done a careful comparison yet, but usually go to Neutron when i chose the phone for music playback.  I am not sure why people think the GUI is bad, it is easy to pick music, play it, and control the volume, and other settings - what more could you want?
  8. Gilly87
    Really? It's been available on all 5 androids I've owned: Samsungs, HTCs, LGs...
  9. Gilly87
    The verticle scrolling is a little sloppy, it keeps going unnecessarily sometimes, and the side-swipe transitions/menu navigation can be over-sensitive.
  10. Achmedisdead
    Seems like I remember the EQ being only 4 bands on the trial version of Neutron....don't know if the paid version gives you more than that. But 4 bands really isn't as many as I would like.
  11. Gilly87

    Yeah its the same for the paid version. I just think the sound is slightly better than PowerAmp, and I prefer the layout. PowerAmp is still a great app though, good enough that I have it on my Infuse to use Stereo X and the EQ for my girlfriend's crappy car speakers.
  12. tds101
    PowerAmp for the win. Better customization, better UI, and the sq it allows you to get is excellent.
  13. NZtechfreak
    If you're using USB audio then the player doesn't matter in terms of SQ.
  14. musical-kage
    I personally use Spotify. Most of my music collection is actually on there, in 320kbps as well, but its not free at £9.99 a month. That said, you do get alot.
    You then simply connect your PC to an internet connection, put your mobile to the same connection (WI-FI), and you can put MP3's on the playlist straight from your PC, and it will automatically download it to your phone if you have that playlist set to download.
    Only thing that is missing for me, is the ability to play other formats, i.e transport FLAC over, or module formats.
    But other than that, I find it very useful for everything.
  15. makavelijm
    Try Cubed player or GoneMad music player, both have better sound quality than all the apps mentions above in my opinion.
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