1. roadrat

    Can anyone give me a run down on their thoughts on Cowon X9 and iAudio 10?

    I've read the reviews already on this site and others, but there's not many
  2. Bertrand33

    Flac problems

    I wonder if someone can help me with the problems I've been having with Flac files. Recently I joined the B&W Society of Sound, which offers Flac downloads by subscription. I can play these no problem on my computer, through my new B&W MM1s. I have two MP3 players, a Sansa Clipzip and a Hisound...
  3. straden

    Which audio chip is used in LG Optimus G?

    Does anyone know if this new smartphone is using wolfson DAC?
  4. supracrazy_tommy

    Best DAP in the market

      Hello guys/girls,  first I'd like to say that I am using my U.S. Galaxy s3 phone to listen to music, and I hate it to say the least.  The SQ is just really bad compared to my ipod nano 6th gen.  My question is should I get an amp for my galaxy s3 phone or buy a new DAP in general.  I don't...
  5. GSARider

    iPad mini as source

    Was just thinking of getting a new iTouch, however with the launch of the iPad mini imminent, I was wondering if folk were looking at this too? I know I'm thinking about it...
  6. phillipdhall

    Player or DAC setup with cleanest noise floor

    Hello all! It's my first post - been learning a lot from the folks here. Thank you!   As is common for this forum, I'm searching for a better portable playback setup. The factor I'm most sensitive to is uncommon: the noise floor at low volume. SNR specs are helpful, but they measure top to...
  7. mertovic


    Hello  I want to buy a Cowon mp3 player but i can't decide. I just want to listen to music not watch videos.So i want the best audio quality. I need the best audio quality.Price is not an important factor.You can suggest me other brands except Cowon. I wonder that what is the different...
  8. SashimiWu

    DAP + Amp or Android Phone + DAC/Amp?

    Hey all,   I've been looking to make a better portable set up recently since my Clip+ broke on me and my current Sony Walkman doesn't have enough memory for me at the moment.  I was looking into what type of source gear would be good if I'm looking for a warm sound that goes well with...
  9. gattari

    Android noozy player Very gooooood player Inviato dal mio GT-I9300 con Tapatalk 2
  10. Ansem

    best Mp3 player for 150€

    Hi at all,i want change my ipod nano 3°g with a new Mp3 player. After that i have read some topic in this forum i understand that the sony walkman is the best series of mp3 player. I live in italy,and i don't want spend more than 150€ (sandisk sans for examples cost 60€). I have see on the...
  11. sicaudiophile

    Colorfly C3, Hisoundaudio Rocoop, or Hifiman 601

    Hi everyone,   I am looking for a new mp3 player i have a 2nd gen ipod touch that is on its last leg and i want to get something a lot better. I want an mp3 that can run good headphone with out an amp and from what i have read these have the best sound quality and power but what one is the...
  12. supracrazy_tommy

    impedance for dap

      I am new to daps, so I'd like to ask.  How exactly does impedance effect my dap or headphones.     I have the studio 3rd gen anniversary ones.  I want to know what headphones or IEM I should stay away from.  I don't want to get it, if it doesn't sound good out of my dap lol 
  13. chocomel

    Iphone vs HTC One X

    Hi, I at the moment have an ipod touch which I use to listen music to. Is there a difference between a Iphone/Ipod touch/ Htc One X audio? Or it's all similar and there is no real difference? I'm planning on buying the HTC One X+ and also using it as mp3 player, but would be lame if the...
  14. Ansem

    Best MP3 player

    sorry,wrong section,delete this topic :(
  15. Mr BP SS13

    Headphone, mp3 player help(newbie)

    OK help please, 1st I'm completely new here Aight help me out. Right now I have some Sony xb 500s, I'm kind of a basshead., but the left ear is partially blown or something so I needs to upgrade. What are some recommendations for a budget MP3 player (I know mp3 s aren't the best sound quality...
  16. redkop

    Best sounding "old model" mp3 player

    I am wondering what "old" model mp3 player people would recommend for SQ. I am looking at Iriver H340 but would like any input from you guys. Don't care what it looks like or even amount of storage,just want good SQ mp3 player that can be got secondhand. Many Thanks
  17. deaglecat

    Kindle Fire HD 7" DAC

    Given the emphasis on decent audio / speakers on this tablet, I am hopeful that the internals will be decent quality.   Does anybody know what is inside ? Is it better from an audio perspective than a Nexus 7 ?
  18. wupah

    Portable source opinions wanted!

    Greetings,   I'm in the market for a new portable music player because I would like to distance myself from Itunes altogether.   - My budget is around 200$ but very flexible. - I would like to play FLAC without converting them - Ideally 30 gb + of storage space - Decent battery...
  19. TheEvilNarwhal

    Help.Need a Recommendation for a Portable Source!

    My friend came up to me the other day, knowing that I had some insight on the audio world, and asked me if I had any recommendations for an mp3 player. He has an Ipod touch but is disappointed with its performance. He is looking for a "bang for buck" mp3 that is less than $225. Any...
  20. yezz12

    New DAP help

    I currently have the iPod Nano 3G, but it doesn't have enough space (only 4gb).   I did some research and appereantly the Rocoo-P is one of the best. But the UI seems very clunky to me.   I need something with a friendly user interface. 10gb internal storage will do. But sound quality is...
  21. Poetic

    sfl:o2/ Teclast t51

    Does any1 know where I can buy the Teclast t51/sfl:o2? been searching everywhere and i also read that it was discontinued...
  22. mark2410

    Hisoundaudio RoCoo BA Review

    Hisoundaudio RoCoo BA Review   Thanks to Hisoundaudio for the sample     First Impressions:  The box is nothing special clearly which a touch disappointing for a premium product but its not important.  Opening things up and there it is, it’s like the Studio had a baby.  They look so...
  23. nsunshin

    Replacing Zune HD

    I am replacing a dying Zune HD and have four major criteria: -I'd like to keep comparable sound quality -Bluetooth capability (for background, I know it hurts quality) -I don't want Android, I have a phone for that. -I need at least 32GB storage, but anything with a MicroSD slot works as well...
  24. JK1

    Pocket sized HD radio?

    I have been waiting years for a decent one. I don't want a Zune HD or an Insignia one. I want something decent that gets long battery life on a AA battery, and that will run on an nimh rechargeable. The Zune HD is expensive. It has a built in battery.  It also requires using the Zune software to...
  25. Assuredthronee

    best smart phone for music (no apple)

    what is the best smart phone for music like quality wise and options wise? thanks would love to hear back!