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A new music player after a J3

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by alex110394, Mar 31, 2013.
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  1. alex110394
    Hi everyone !
    I have the Cowon J3 16Go + 64Go SD card, and, regrettably, the storage is nearly completely full. 
    So, I will soon buy a new music player, with a huge capacity of storage. 
    The Ipod Classic could be great, but is the sound bad ? How is the sound compared to the J3 ?
    And there's also the Cowon X7, but it is too big, and ugly. 
    Which one should I choose ? Perhaps you know another player which could correspond to my expectations ?
    Thanks :)
  2. ender323
    The iPod classic is nice. SQ is comparable to the J3. We're also pretty close to a stable RockBox release for it. It lets you get a line-out signal (unlike the J3) which greatly improves sound with a portable amp.
  3. alex110394
    SQ is comparable to the J3 ?!
    I thought the J3 was better in SQ... Or in every case, this is what I read on the internet. I'm a bit surprised.
    But I think I'm going to take it, it's not really expensive compared to other players.
  4. Ari33
    Is carrying around/inserting another SD card really so much of a hassle that you need a larger capacity DAP?
    I was going to suggest waiting until the new Fiio X3 comes out and is reviewed before pulling the trigger. It has a very good spec and a very powerful onboard amp which should negate the need for buying an external amp for the vast majority of headphones. It only supports 64GB micro SD cards at present but according to some sources there is also a chance that it may support the larger 128GB micro SXDC cards if/when they are released.
  5. Rollk2
    In that category the gap between the Classic and the J3 is less that between the J3 and the Studio V, to my own experience. In adding an amp you will clearly improve the SQ, but it reduces his portable form-factor. More than 64go+internal memory is difficult to find, perhaps an HM601 with a 128go SDXC, if it works.
  6. alex110394
    I don't want to have an amp. I use my music player out, not at home. So, I do want my next music player to be transportable. 
    You really seem to think that the iPod classic does have a good sound quality. So I think I'm going to take it, because it is all what I'm looking for : huge storage capacity, great design, transportable.
    The Fiio X3 is pretty ugly, it's my own opinion, and I don't want to have a music player which looks like an old device from de 70s ^^
  7. reddragon
    the classic sounds fine but is a bit weak without an amp and this is only my opinion. i used to use a fiio e17 with it when i had the classic before i gave it to my brother. i now have an ibasso dx100, how about that? maybe get an ibasso dx100? 
  8. Ari33
    You think so?.. I'd challenge you to show me a music player from the 70's that looks like that but I guess we all have different needs. For me if it sounds as good as the specs suggest it should and doesn't need an external amp then it meets all my needs, looks don't come into the equation atall but I do think it looks quite smart, almost Ipod classic like! :D :wink:
  9. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Dems right there is fighting words! :tongue_smile: I'd probably leave now before FiiO army find this post. :p
  10. reddragon
    i never knew fiio is trying to win the best looking award [​IMG]
  11. alex110394
    Ahah ! We just have different tastes ! 
    Just, without amp, how is the sound of the iPod classic compared to the J3 ? How is the "raw" sound ?
    The iBasso is too expensive
  12. Man7rah
    My wishlist for a dap:
    1. Dual Micro-SD slots
    2. No/bypassable amp section
    3. Atleast 32gb internal memory (preferably 64gb+)
    4. Great internals (a cut above j3)
    5. Nice userfriendly user-interface
    6. A screen that isn't like 40x32 pixels 
    7. It looking nice /fitting nice in a pocket would just be a bonus
    8. Good battery time (arround 20 hours constant play / 3-5 days with no use)
    Inb4: Don't we all...don't we all...
  13. reddragon
    maybe take a look at the iriver ak100?
    sorry dont own any cowon so cant tell you. 
  14. alex110394
    I think I'm going to take the iPod Classic !

    But there is maybe a problem : the output impedance !
    Indeed, I own the sony xba-4 which have an output impedance of 8 Oh.
    According to what I've read, the output impedance of my future music player shouldn't be higher than 1 Ohms. But the iPod Classic has an impedance of 5, so, is it a problem ?
  15. ender323
    Yeah, that would be a problem...easiest solution probably being either an impedance adapter or an LOD and a headphone amp-FiiO E11 is 1 ohm I believe.
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