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Jul 22, 2011
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Anyway, thanks for everyone in here that you guys still interested in our X3, since the project is still under developing, I really hope the same story happen again. but I don't want our users misunderstand us. so below maybe something you will interested.
1, When we will release our X3? Around June 2013.

2, M.S.R.P, almost the same as before although the cost increase a lots, we feel very sorry to our fans so we decide not to increase the price too much , the target M.S.R.P in U.S is about $150 ~ $180,  20% higher in Europe because the VAT is different.

3, Some modification between the original design.

    A, Small changes in the appearance, includes a [size=small]aluminum cover on the front panel,  and small changes on the back panel.[/size]

    B, The screen size changed from 2.2" 220*176 to 2.4" 320*240 TFT, it is not a great TFT displayer cause hard to purchase the best TFT from Samsung or Sharp , as you know, they always ask a very huge purchase order.

    C, The 18 pins dock is removed so X3 can't not docked into our E9/E09K .

    D, Added build in Flash, maybe 8G, still support microSD card, up to 64GB.

    E, CPU, dual core 600 Mhz, actually it is designed for table and other device, we hope it should have better performance in decoding the APE and fastest response to any control

    F, DAC, one WM8740, not so perfect, but still very good to an DAP which designed for audiophile, we notice that SONY, iRiver also used WM8740 in their new portable DAC/AMP and DAP.

    G, Hardware bass/treble/balance control, it is more useful than a software EQ which more easy in a MP3. the original design does not support any EQ or Bass/Treble/Balance control.

    H, AMP section change from TPA6130A to AD8397 which used in our ALPEN ( E17 ), I think most of our fans already know how good it will be in sound quality.
    I,  Better battery life because the new CPU consume less power now and we also put a bigger battery inside X3,

    J. Very simple and iPod style UI , it is just the same style but not a similar UI as iPod. support album cover , lyric display, ID3

    K, Almost support any kinds of music up to 192K/24BIT. includes MP3, OGG, AAC, WMA, FLAC, APE, WAV. 

   So far the project go smooth but anything is possible so it is not a promise to our fans. as we have too many new model running at the same time, please be patient before we have further news. I will try to update any news but nothing more to share with you right now. 
Yes, now support APE/FLAC/WAV/WMA/ALAC , all up to 192K/24B, is X3 will be the first DAP which support so many kind of Lossless 192/24 music in the world?



Update: March 9th 2013.
  Got this update from facebook
"Some news of our 192k/24bit Digital Audio Player X3.

We still working hard in the project because we are not satisfy with the current version and will like to make it better, so it will cost us some more days to modify the current design and them take 15 days to finish the last version of PCB design. it is a 6 layers PCB so it take long time than other models.

Now the most important thing is that we will like to add LOD to every power supply to DAC, Vol Control chip and even the amp section to get the best audio performance. also we compare to some other DAPs and I am very proud that we have not put a output resistor after the amp output so the frequency keep still very flag when I test my ES5 connect to the headphone out. also we have not put a output capacitor after the amp out because the amp is supplied by +/- voltage and also there are a relay to protect any DC voltage and over current.

We can understand that our fans already waiting for it so long time, and what I can say is that it is worth to wait a little more time to make it better. 

About the features and the UI, there are some detail to be improved but it is almost finished. but just can't meet our quality requirement."





Main feature of X3 
Size:55 X 109 X 16 mm
Screen:2.4 inch TFT,240X320
Power supply:Micro USB 。
Firmware upgraded:Through TF card。
Build in Memory:8GB 。
Extra Memory:TF card(Micro SD card),support up to 64g ( must be formatted as FAT32)。
Data transfer:USB 2.0 High Speed, Write/Read 4.5 MB/S。
Audio Output:3.5mm headphone out,3.5mm Line Out, 3.5mm Coaxial out。
Sample rate:32K/16BIT~192K/24BIT。
Music play Back:Play All, Folder Play, Album Play, Artist Play, Genre Play, My Favorites.
Memory Play:Last song track or Last position of sound track.
Sound Track manage:Deleted, Custom “ Favorites Play List.
Sleep Mode:Auto Power Off from 15 to 60 mins.
Screen Auto Off:Custom.
Display Brightness:Custom.
CUE Support:Auto Separate Sound Track, Support Next/Previous, Fast forward/Backward;
Play Display:Album Cover,  Lyric,ID3.
Gapless Playe:Supported
Hardware Bass:+/-10dB, Frequency Center 100Hz
Hardware Treble:+/-10dB, Frequency Center 10Khz
Volume Setup:Custom start Up Volume
Listening Protect:Custom Maximum Volume.
Output Protect:Mini Relay protect circuit design, DC protect, Over Current Protect
Headphone plug off:Auto Pause
Battery:3000mAh 3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery
Hardware:Soc: Ingenic Z4760, DAC:WM8740,Amp:AD8397
Charge Time:3 Hours by 1.5A USB Power, 7 Hours by USB Port in PC
Battery Life:10 hours in Engineer sample and may reach 12-15 hours when the firmware is optimized 
Line Out Specifications ( Initial 
Output Level:>1.5Vrms
Frequency Response:20-20KHz, Less than 0.3dB
Headphone Out Specifications ( Initial )
Output Power:     >300mW@16 ohms; >200mW@32 ohms
Frequency Response:20-20KHz, Less than 0.3dB
Crosstalk:>72dB@32 ohms
Output Impedance:<0.5 ohms
Output Capacitor: 
ETA:Trial Sale in April only in China Mainland,  June in other Regions
MSRP:About 200 USD in US;



APRIL 21st:
  First batch, only few will be sold in China ( about 100pcs ) to test the market. we plan to ship out the X3 to our agents in China on 24th.
The second batch, 1,000pcs for China market, 1,000pcs for few regions ( not decided yet, but should includes Taiwang and Hong Kong ). ETA: 5th, June
The Third batch, >5,000pcs for the whole world. ETA, 5th, July.

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Oct 8, 2012
This would make fiio true to its reputation as a gateway drug isnt it., imo the most failings of the chinesse dap is their ui and inability to browse by tag , a feature that is presented to us by ipods. So if fiio really going for an ipod like ui with its ease of use, we have a clear winner now in that 200-300 audiophile entry segment
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Mar 25, 2011
i hope i wont see posts with "i hope the x3 has this and that blablabla crap" in this thread! i doubt though.
ill just lurk in the thread since it is still few months from now before we actually "appreciate and make impressions" off of it
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May 5, 2010

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