1. Chris Lee

    2.5 hour Comparison test at China Store of 80% of Daps on the Market (incl. recently released models)

    Sorry for my poor English. I know it’s hard for people to test out DAPs in North America due to lack of stores selling these Chinese daps. For your convenience, I just visited a headphone store in Beijing, China where they sell several different daps from Cayin, Questyle, Luxury & Precision...
  2. Zelda

    Review: LOTOO PAW 5000 - A very versatile portable player

    LOTOO PAW 5000 - A very versatile portable player           Technical Specifications:    Display: 2" color OLED (220x176)  Supported formats: DSD (DFF/DSF/ISO) / FLAC / WAV / APE / OGG / AAC / ALAC / MP3 / WMA / M4A  Max. sample rate: PCM 96kHz / DSD 2.8MHz  Max. output: 1V rms...
  3. Tony-Hifi

    Lotoo PAW 5000 Tour - Reviewers Wanted!

      HiFi Headphones and Lotoo are pleased to announce that we will shortly be sending one of our hi-res portable music players, the PAW 5000 on tour for Head-fi'ers to try out and review.    We're looking to arrange a mini tour within the United Kingdom. We would like five volunteers to try the...
  4. audionewbi

    Astell & Kern AK120 impression thread

    I took the liberty to make a separate impression thread for the AK120 as the introductory thread was becoming too complicated to follow. There was too much going on and not enough about how the product is actually performing.  =-=-=-=-=- Part 1-Early impression   Construction: Compared...
  5. toxicdrift

    The Astell & Kern AK120

        Specifications General   Dimensions * 59.2 x 89,0 x 14.4mm [B x L x H) Weight * 143 g Display * 2.4inch/6.1cm QVGA (320 x 240) IPS Touchscreen Supported audio formats * AAC, ALAC, AIFF, WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3, OGG, APE * FLAC, WAV Sample rate * 8kHz ~ 192kHz (8/16/24bits per...
  6. mark2410

    Lotoo PAW 5000 Review by mark2410

    Lotoo PAW 5000 Review   Thanks to Hifiheadphones for the loaner.       First Impressions:  The box seems a little on the small side.  Hmm sturdy though and the inner box sticks to the lid.  Oooh the little player is so little.  Okay it’s not really that small but I was expecting...
  7. doublea71

    Astell & Kern Junior (AK Jr.) Impressions Thread

    This one has me excited - a beautiful A&K product that is very pocketable and competitively priced (sort of). I think it looks terrific, but we need to hear from the lucky ones to get an idea about its sound. It will retail for $500 USD and feature the Wolfson WM8740 DAC chip, 1 microSD slot...
  8. eke2k6

    The Fiio X3 Thread.

      Official product page: http://fiio.com.cn/products/index.aspx?ID=100000045041475&MenuID=105026016     Quote:     Quote:           Update: March 9th 2013.   Quote:     UPDATE: MARCH 20th       Quote:             APRIL 21st:      
  9. zzffnn

    The Fiio X5 Thread

    Fiio's official product page for X5: http://www.fiio.com.cn/products/index.aspx?ID=100000055517771&MenuID=105026016 This thread is for discussion of Fiio X5, which is expected to be in production in end of 2013 (edit: Mass production of X5 will start in China in around mid December and X5...
  10. Tony-Hifi

    Lotoo PAW 5000 now available from Hifiheadphones.co.uk

    Lotoo PAW 5000 Hifiheadphones are stocking the Lotoo PAW 5000 priced at £329.00   The Lotoo PAW 5000 on test at hifiheadphones     Following hard on the heels of the exceptional Lotoo PAW Gold comes the PAW 5000 model; packed with goodies and for a fraction of the price.   Also it's...
  11. pekingduck

    Lotoo PAW 5000: Impressions Thread

        You can now preorder the PAW 5000 in China for RMB 2099 with a free 32G SD card. It will ship around mid- to late-May.   Impressions: You can read some first impressions from erji.net.   Notable Features - DSD support - Bluetooth A2DP support - Balanced headphone out (looks like it's 2.5mm...
  12. Lotoo Paw 5000

    Lotoo Paw 5000

    Lotoo Paw 5000