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The Fiio X5 Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zzffnn, Apr 26, 2013.
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  1. zzffnn
    Fiio's official product page for X5:

    This thread is for discussion of Fiio X5, which is expected to be in production in end of 2013 (edit: Mass production of X5 will start in China in around mid December and X5 should be available internationally in March 2014). Engineering/review samples have been produced and GUI is being developed.

    The following information was
    I) either translated from a review article which was referred to by Fiio: http://erji.net/read.php?tid=1450426 ; or
    II) obtained directly here at HEadfi from comments of JamesFiio (Fiio's CEO, also a Headfi member).

    1. X5 will be sold at around USD $350.

    2. X5 adopts PCM1792DAC and accepts dual TF/microSD cards. Amp section may adopt opa 1612 plus dual LMH 6643. The power of X5's headphone amp is about the same as that of Fiio X3. Voltage swing is 12 V.

    In X5, four OPA1612 work as I/V convertor and low fass filer and votage amplifer. There is also OPA1612 which includes two channels in one chip. Additionally, two LMH6643 work as buffer, each for one channel (LMH6643 includes two channels in one chip).

    3. X5 is wider than X3 by 1 cm (about same width as iPod Classic). X5 is thinner than X3 and of about the same length of X3.

    4. The exterior design of X5 is very solid and case is made of alloy. X5 adopts a mechanical wheel control system. The exact details cannot be disclosed for now.

    5. X5 is expected to adopt 2.4'' IPS 400X360, so its display screen would be much better than X3. Such IPS screen was used in blackberry 9105/9100.

    6. The production quality of X5 is expected to be on par of iPod Classic or D50.

    7. UI would be a completely different design than that of X3. X5's UI should be much better than that of X3. 

    8. The engineer sample of X5 should be expected in October 2013 and production should occur in end of 2013.

    9. X5 will likely adopt a 3500mAh battery.

    10. X5 will have dual microSD slots but will not have build in memory. This is because some of the latest technologies, such as a chip integrated with DRAM and flash, are used in X5 to increase speed and save capacity.

    11. Headphone out and line out will be on the top panel of X5.

    12. X5 will have digital coaxial out, line out, headphone out, USB DAC (USB input) and dual microSD slots, which would be all the inputs and outputs of X5.

    13. The following photos of X5 can also be found on pages 91, 96, 103 and 104.




    Note: The surface of the X5 scroll wheel has been changed to a smooth rubber:


    14. X5 will start to support DSD in around March 2014 (see James Fiio's comments on page 97-98).
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  2. zzffnn
    Here is demonstration of the very first beta (still evolving) UI of X5:

    Here is X5's preview world tour, whose application ends on Dec 26th 2013:

    Latest news from Fiio:

    Some Headfi impression / photos:

    First impressions by reihead:

    First impressions by Brooko:


  3. knights
    after the creation of this thread, no one will buy X3[​IMG]
  4. zzffnn

    Not necessarily. I may prefer X3 over X5, if X5 does not provide wifi and Android over 4.0 at $400. That is just me though.
  5. AmberOzL
    Sub'd. Interesting in both, after they are released I will get one of them that's for sure.
  6. knights
    What im hoping from Fiio is better implementation. Most of their products are good in paper but the outcome doesn't reflect what's written; well except for E12… i hope they're learning now… 
    Whats with Wifi and Android? Whilst its a bonus for some but for me, a DAP should act only as a DAP. i invested for AK solely for being a DAP, not for anything else...
  7. ninewalker
    I'm probably getting the X3 just because. But I'm definitely interested in the X5 as well. Im probably gonna get both and keep one. the upside is that I can enjoy one while I wait for the other.
  8. AmberOzL
    1 good thing about DAP family line is, they are darn powerful, you won't need to worry about carrying another device with you all the time, checking its battery and all. I don't say it wouldn't help it to SQ but you got what I mean.
  9. cn11
    I will employ the exact same strategy! X3 first for me while the wait ensues for the X5. Then pick that up as well.
  10. AmberOzL
    My student wallet only allows 1 purchase so yes, I have to wait and see. But I know myself I am gonna end up with X5 most probably. The idea behind is, you are going to buy 1 time, make it the best one. [​IMG]
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  11. turokrocks
    From the day I joined Head-fi, I was introduced to WWW:
    1-Waiting .
    2-Wallet, bye bye
    3-Worrying (That the girl might know...!)
    Thank you for the new thread and new WWW.
  12. ninewalker

    I've lurked around for years and at first it was hard to understand the terms and acronyms. One of which is the popular YMMV, which is of course 'your mileage may vary'. But over the years of reading/lurking head-fi for me it has come to mean 'your money may vanish'
  13. AmberOzL
    Well said mate!
  14. knights
    huh? ….
  15. AmberOzL
    You mentioned the success of E12, I was just saying, you probably wouldn't need it since X3 and X5 have a lot of juice already.
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