1. KStreetSounds

    X5 / E12 / O2 Combo for DT770 80-ohm?

    I have a Fiio X5 with Beyer DT770 (80 ohm). Two Questions:   (1) FOR PORTABLE: Is adding an E12 amp total overkill for 80 ohm cans? Or how noticeable will the benefits be?   (2) FOR DESKTOP: If I'm currently using the X5 as an external DAC for my desktop, how would the O2/ODAC combo from...
  2. prez

    Good Portable DAP for use with M4U1

    Hey everyone,   I ordered a set of M4U1 headphones, and have been wrestling with what DAP to go with as a good pair. I've been looking at x1-x5 fiio and dx50-90 ibasso so far.  But to be honest, I am lost in the reviews of all of them.  Maybe information overload at the moment.  My initial...
  3. Jasiono

    Advice on portable player

    Hey all I'm coming from using hd428s for a while now and just bought the denon d600 the other day. I love the way they sound but I had to tweak the EQ settings a bit. I've been doing a lot of reading on being able to power headphones to their max potential and it brings me to this series of...
  4. The Negotiator

    Need some expert help upgrading cans..

    Hey guys! As this is my source for all things audiophile I figure I'd ask you all for some advice. I need to upgrade my headphones. I currently have Sennheiser HD555 (with the 595 filter mod) I know these aren't the best headphones in the world, however I have grown to love the surprisingly...
  5. Joe Bloggs

    FiiO X5 firmware 2.4 download and discussion

    Official firmware version 2.4 for the X5 is now available! (RAR) (temporary dropbox mirror, ZIP)
  6. andrx471

    Looking for Sub-$200 IEM with a Few Requirements

    Hi all,   I recently purchased Klipsch X10's. They were okay, but not very analytical and a bit bass heavy, so I am returning them. With that being said, I am looking for IEM's and have a few requiements:   1. $200 and under 2. Very analytical. I loved listening to music and finding new...
  7. KStreetSounds

    External DAC/AMP for PC with no installed drivers?

    Currently my only DAC/AMP is a Fiio X5. It works great on the go and as an external DAC/AMP for my PC at home. I have Beyer DT770 80-ohm.   Problem is at work...   I sometimes like to play Spotify Premium while I work during the day. There is no wifi in my office and I don't want to use cell...
  8. ee-yun

    DAP setup best matched with M50

    Hey everybody, I am just getting into becoming an audiophile and learning to appreciate high quality sound. But the decision on what equipment I should start off with is giving me grief. Starting off, I am thinking of getting the ATH-M50. They are pretty reasonably priced and I've heard really...
  9. Joe Bloggs

    X5 firmware 2.34Beta--Now Playing gets a good memory, APE cuesheets

    Beta firmware version 2.34beta for the X5 is now available! The following changes and improvements were made to firmware 2.34 compared to FW2.20: 1. Bugzilla Bug 38 solved: Pressing the Back button from the Now Playing screen...
  10. john dough

    Any recommendations for a IEM to pair with Fiio X5

    I just got the Fiio X5, which i am very much enjoying with my Shure 215s.  I would like to do a little better than this for a portable though.  I have some cool headphones like the q701 and Beyerdynamic DT880, but I feel a little silly leaving the house wearing any of those.  The 215s are...
  11. White Lotus

    Official Sennheiser URBANITE Australian review tour!

    The Sennheiser URBANITE Australian review tour!   Sennheiser have generously allowed me to take the reins of the Sennheiser Urbanite Australian review tour.   The Sennheiser URBANITE and URBANITE XL will soon be hitting our shores, and if you would like to take a special sneak peak preview...
  12. Dobrescu George

    Ultrasone Dj Question

    I have the Ultrasone Dj One Pro, which i am powering with fiio X5 as direct source.   Is fiio x5 enough to power them?...   And also, is it worth getting signature DJ, if i will have fiio x5 as the source?....   i am also interested if i can get a portable amp from fiio to power signature...
  13. Dobrescu George

    Headphones with the best soundstage...

    I read a lot, and i need to ask this, because no solution to my question seems to be already answered...   I want to fiind the headphones that have the best soundstage ever... they have to be over the ear, and to be closed back... i cannot listen to open back headphones....   my source will...
  14. simonhou886

    Hello everyone, im new and i need some suggestions

    Hi,    My gf just bought me a pair of se846 as gift. can anyone suggest me a good music player for it? I am now thinking about AK100II. anyone tried such combination before?
  15. Ekul61

    new asgard 2 last night inpression

    Initial impression... used with the fiio x5 and he400 The first thought is that my fiio e12 is damn good. So far the asgard 2 has not shown to be far superior to the e12.... I will spend more time with the a2 tonight..
  16. magicalmouse

    fiio x5 synergy -e12 or slee voyager

    HI, i have a fiio x5 and a slee voyager which sounds good but with my se530 iems - the volume setting is a problem (very sensitive) - i have used the equalizer custom set flat to reduce the volume by 6db and this helps.   I wonder if the fiio e12 is as good with better volume adjustment and...
  17. dharan

    FiiO X5, haven't seen you in a while

    Unless I'm completely missing it, I haven't seen anyone talk about the X5 in a while. Are people still using them? Is everyone still in love or has the honeymoon phase ended? I've read some frosty reviews elsewhere, but alas, it shall be my next purchase. I plan on getting one this year, can't...
  18. ErikV55

    X5, X1, or DX90 for my 1964 ears v6's

    Hey there Head-Fi,     I've recently made the plunge and purchased my V6's from 1964 Ears. I'm now in the market for a new DAP and I've narrowed it down to the 3 listed in the title. Obviously I know that the sound quality of the X5 and the DX90 is superior to the X1, but is it worth it? This...
  19. Ekul61

    why buy the he-400i if u already own the he-400

    I have the he-400 and like them... but im always looking for something better. Anyone think of a upgrade to the he-400 Fiio x5. Schitt plus fiio e12. Test
  20. weissshay

    my music rig for 2014

    Headphones B&W P7 to Fiio X5
  21. Scot1970

    On-the-go headphones for classical lover?

    Hi there,   My Shure SE530s are no more and so I'm thinking of a change of direction. I'm considering over the ear headphones for my next pair of travel out-and-about cans. I listen to a lot of symphonies so I prefer a neutral and organic, tending to warm, signature that has a wide and open...
  22. Brooko

    Comparison / Review : A tale of two Sennheisers – HD600 vs HD700

      INTRODUCTION   It’s been a while since I joined Head-fi, and since that time I’ve owned, and also auditioned, a lot of different cans.  I’ve also learnt a lot about my own listening preferences and habits.  One of the things I have learnt is that I seem to prefer a certain measure of...
  23. AlanMcJ

    DAC/Player for Fidelio X1... X5 or DX90?

    Hello ppl, i own a pair of Fidelio X1 and also V moda m100.   I m looking for a dac to improve my poor laptop soundcard and i would like that dac to be also a portable player.   After reading tons of reviews i m thinking about fiio x5 and ibasso dx90. I would like to realize which 1 of em...
  24. HonestAbe

    Fiio X5 or DX50/DX90

    I am looking to get into the HD music player market (mainly for the storage capacity) and I am having a hard time deciding which one I should get. I do plan on using my AKG 240s with it as I understand they all have enough power to drive them. Any help would be much appreciated!
  25. funkforfood

    Really confused: iBasso DX50 or Fiio X5?

    These days I read in the forum hundreds of pages related to the X3, the X5, the DX50 and DX90. Based on my needs, I realized that I should probably buy the DX90, but at present, buying in Europe, this DAP is out of budget for my pocket. I have rejected X3 (perhaps wrongly) as from your...