1. MusicTeck

    Lotoo Mjölnir is Now In Stock At MusicTeck!!!

    Lotoo Mjölnir Product Highlights 132db Excellent SNR 134db Remarkable Dynamics <0.8uVrms Minimal Noise Floor 2.5 W Powerful Output Fully Separated Multi-Layer PCB Design Multi-Processor Architecture Independent PSU Independent 3mm thick locked-in shield AK4499EQ Flagship DAC Titanium Chassis...
  2. lowtwo

    Need help, player won't reboot.

    Just got a 2017 paw gold delivered. I got this weird message but no buttons are letting me reset it. I tried holding power button down for a long time. No luck. Any advice? Thanks.
  3. I

    Lotoo Paw 6000 Opus compatibility?

    Hello, Does anyone know if the Lotoo Paw 6000 is compatible with the Opus file format? I ask because I have lots of YouTube rips (Opus wrapped up in a WEBM container) of songs that were never uploaded anywhere else and I have no other way of accessing. I understand that the LP6K is a few years...
  4. Chimmy9278

    Difference between Lotoo 2017 Ti and Gold?

    It seems like that the Ti is a limited version but I have no idea what are its precise differences. Would be great if some of you can list them out. Thanks for looking!
  5. G

    Softears RS10 vs 64 Audio u18t

    Looking for perspectives on reference gear for mixing. Currently mixing on Adams & NS10s Trying portable setup when traveling: - u18t / Lotoo P6k Effect Audio cables are transparent for me when comparing to PW Audio cables. I'm curious on how these iems sound through chord hugo2 & TT2. I...
  6. MusicTeck

    Lotoo PAW S2 pre-orders are live @MusicTeck!

    >> PRE-ORDER << Estimated shipping date: Early October 2021 >> PRE-ORDER << Estimated shipping date: Early October 2021
  7. musicday

    Lotoo PAW S2 USB DAC AMP 150 mW@32 ohm 4.4 , MQA - New Firmware released 26 January link added first post.

    Lotoo released new PAW S2 USB DAC dongle that will follow after the huge success of the PAW S1 much loved by the audio community around the world. This will likely be a direct competition to the also very popular and more powerful Luxury & Precision W2. The price is 249 USD. New firmware...
  8. MusicTeck

    The Lotoo LE-M1 has arrived at MusicTeck!

    Meet this week's new arrival Check out Lotoo's latest addition to their collection. LE-M1 In-Ear-Monitor >> SHOP NOW << Imagine an IEM that delivers a tuning mastered for sound production, such as recording or tracking that can also be enjoyed as a pair of high-quality Hi-Fi earphones...
  9. MusicTeck

    🇺🇸 Memorial Day Sale Starts Today! 🇺🇸

    This weekend, we honor and remember those who served our country. -MusicTeck Team CLICK TO SHOP OUR SALES COLLECTION Calculate how much you can save with our handy-dandy price list!
  10. MusicTeck

    ALERT: New arrivals and back-in-stock at MusicTeck!

    Happy April! Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Limited Titanium Edition: https://shop.musicteck.com/collections/lotoo/products/lotoo-paw-gold-touch-limited-titanium-edition?variant=32542145740862 Cayin C9...
  11. MusicTeck


    Click to shop our holiday collection View deals list | See how much you save Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 🎄🎅🏻🎉 Brands on sale: AME Custom, Cayin, DITA, DUNU, EarSonics, Effect Audio, Empire Ears, HiBy, HYLA, InEar, Lotoo, Luxury Precision, MMR, Oriolus, PW Audio, qdc, Satin Audio...
  12. Lotoo PAW S1 Portable USB DAC-Amp

    Lotoo PAW S1 Portable USB DAC-Amp

    Lotoo PAW S1 Portable USB DAC-Amp SPECIFICATIONS Supported Format: PCM 32K-384KHz DSD64/DSD128 Weight: 27.10g Size: 66mm*22mm*13mm Max Output: 3.5mm:70mW/ch @32Ω 4.4mm:120mW/ch @32Ω HP Port: 3.5mm Unbalanced 4.4mm Balanced Freq. range: 3.5mm...
  13. yong_shun

    Using a smartphone as portable source gear?

    I think it is always a debate - whether I need a digital audio player (DAP)? Can't I use my phone as a source? Personally, as a DAP user, I would say I use DAP as a music source because I do not want my phone battery to be spent on music playback. I would rather bring a DAP with me solely for...
  14. DavidS11

    Lotoo PAW S1 - Designed for HIFI on the go with Lotoo PAW quality and the first USB DAC-AMP with dual 3.5mm & 4.4mm output

    This is a dedicated thread for discussions and user experience on the new Lotoo PAW S1. From the Lotoo FB page: Featuring Lotoo’s advanced DAP architecture from the PAW Lineup, the Lotoo PAW S1 has been created to raise the bar to previously unknown heights in the field of Portable USB DACs...
  15. galangerz

    DAC/DAP Recommendation?

    Planning to make one purchase for 2020 that'll last me years :) currently using the M11 with an Anole VX, want a source upgrade Lately, I've been easily swayed by DAP's DAC chips and price-to-performance. Although I know the chip isn't everything in a dap, I keep staring at the double AK4499...
  16. Shivas

    Lotoo Paw 6000 (2019)

    Some info on the Lotoo Paw 6000 coming soon as seen on a Russian website. The little brother for the LPGT I would think. Link below: https://hifi-port.ru/threads/lotoo-paw-6000.83/ Specifications: AK4493EQ chip from AKM. 4.4 mm Balanced output and 3.5 mm one-way output EQ & ATE Two way...
  17. Lotoo PAW Gold Touch (LPGT)

    Lotoo PAW Gold Touch (LPGT)

    Product Highlights: - 3.77" IPS Touch Screen - Lotoo OS (NOT Android) - Bluetooth 4.1 with LDAC - 4.4mm Balanced Output - Power Output: 500mW at 32Ohm load - USB DAC (Fully Asynchronous) - USB-C Port, USB 3.1 Protocol - Memory: SD Card upto 2TB, Supports UHS II - 10+ Hrs Battery Life...
  18. EagleWings

    Lotoo PAW Gold Touch - Touchscreen, 4.4mm Bal, USB DAC, Bluetooth

    Lotoo PAW Gold Touch - High Resolution Digital Audio Player The all new PAW Gold Touch Hi-Fi Player is here. Lotoo has basically tried to retain the DNA of the LPG in its design cues. The biggest changes are of course the Touchscreen, Balanced Out and USB DAC. DAP Summary: 3.8" IPS Touch...
  19. Agul

    Any news about LPG 2nd Gen?

    Dita's Truth and LPG had been one of the best companies of iem and portable that I have ever heard. Now Dita has their new flagship, I am quite looking forward to the combination with new PAW gold. Though I saw some messages released in China saying that LPG 2nd gen would be ready by the end of...
  20. Zelda

    Review: LOTOO PAW 5000 - A very versatile portable player

    LOTOO PAW 5000 - A very versatile portable player           Technical Specifications:    Display: 2" color OLED (220x176)  Supported formats: DSD (DFF/DSF/ISO) / FLAC / WAV / APE / OGG / AAC / ALAC / MP3 / WMA / M4A  Max. sample rate: PCM 96kHz / DSD 2.8MHz  Max. output: 1V rms...
  21. Tony-Hifi

    Lotoo PAW 5000 Tour - Reviewers Wanted!

      HiFi Headphones and Lotoo are pleased to announce that we will shortly be sending one of our hi-res portable music players, the PAW 5000 on tour for Head-fi'ers to try out and review.    We're looking to arrange a mini tour within the United Kingdom. We would like five volunteers to try the...
  22. audionewbi

    Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

    Part 1) Product introduction As it was requested by the maker of the Obscure Chinese DAPs thread (which is where I found about this amazing little DAP) I have moved all my post and will update this thread regularly. I know of three other users who also have this, I know now we have a...
  23. audionewbi

    Astell & Kern AK120 impression thread

    I took the liberty to make a separate impression thread for the AK120 as the introductory thread was becoming too complicated to follow. There was too much going on and not enough about how the product is actually performing.  =-=-=-=-=- Part 1-Early impression   Construction: Compared...
  24. VisceriousZERO

    The Astell and Kern AK240 Impressions Thread

    Following good advice, this is the thread for owners and those who have heard the AK240 to chime in on what they have heard and what they like or not like about the AK240.   As an owner, I love the SQ and the form factor of the AK240, I like the UI and the DSD capability, also the MQS...
  25. toxicdrift

    The Astell & Kern AK120

        Specifications General   Dimensions * 59.2 x 89,0 x 14.4mm [B x L x H) Weight * 143 g Display * 2.4inch/6.1cm QVGA (320 x 240) IPS Touchscreen Supported audio formats * AAC, ALAC, AIFF, WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3, OGG, APE * FLAC, WAV Sample rate * 8kHz ~ 192kHz (8/16/24bits per...