1. MusicTeck

    ALERT: New arrivals and back-in-stock at MusicTeck!

    Happy April! Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Limited Titanium Edition: https://shop.musicteck.com/collections/lotoo/products/lotoo-paw-gold-touch-limited-titanium-edition?variant=32542145740862 Cayin C9...
  2. MusicTeck


    Click to shop our holiday collection View deals list | See how much you save Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 🎄🎅🏻🎉 Brands on sale: AME Custom, Cayin, DITA, DUNU, EarSonics, Effect Audio, Empire Ears, HiBy, HYLA, InEar, Lotoo, Luxury Precision, MMR, Oriolus, PW Audio, qdc, Satin Audio...
  3. Lotoo PAW S1 Portable USB DAC-Amp

    Lotoo PAW S1 Portable USB DAC-Amp

    Lotoo PAW S1 Portable USB DAC-Amp SPECIFICATIONS Supported Format: PCM 32K-384KHz DSD64/DSD128 Weight: 27.10g Size: 66mm*22mm*13mm Max Output: 3.5mm:70mW/ch @32Ω 4.4mm:120mW/ch @32Ω HP Port: 3.5mm Unbalanced 4.4mm Balanced Freq. range: 3.5mm...
  4. yong_shun

    Using a smartphone as portable source gear?

    I think it is always a debate - whether I need a digital audio player (DAP)? Can't I use my phone as a source? Personally, as a DAP user, I would say I use DAP as a music source because I do not want my phone battery to be spent on music playback. I would rather bring a DAP with me solely for...
  5. DAPpower

    [SOLD] Lotoo PAW 6000 Excellent Condition-

    Up for sale is a Lotoo PAW 6000 (US Version) in excellent near mint shape, I already have another one myself and it is my daily hifi player, it is a reference quality tool and it can make your flac/DSD files sound as if it was being played in the recording studio. It has a overall dark...
  6. ceeloChamp

    WTB Lotoo Paw 6000 OR Gold Touch

    Hey All, I am interested in getting either the LTP 6000 or the LPTG. Please message me for prices, I am impulsive and tend to move quickly with trades, so hit me up and let's deal! Best, Ben
  7. vilhelm44

    *** SOLD *** Lotoo Paw 6000 - As new!

    I have a Paw Gold 6000 for sale, which is only two weeks old and in perfect condition. It's an amazing sounding player, the only reason I'm selling is I've bought a Paw Gold Touch. It comes with box and all accessories. Price includes PayPal fees and worldwide postage. No trades please.
  8. Kenneth Galang

    DAC/DAP Recommendation?

    Planning to make one purchase for 2020 that'll last me years :) currently using the M11 with an Anole VX, want a source upgrade Lately, I've been easily swayed by DAP's DAC chips and price-to-performance. Although I know the chip isn't everything in a dap, I keep staring at the double AK4499...
  9. Giraku

    SOLD: Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Mint in Original Box + Accessories

    For Sale: Lotoo PAW Gold Touch, Mint condition, comes with original box and accessories (leather case + USB cable). It's been carefully and lightly used for ~200 hours. Glass screen protector was applied. Fully functional and no scuff or dent or any cosmetic problem. SOLD!!: $2000 shipped...
  10. KC-130

    [SOLD]: Hiby R6 Pro (Google Play version)

    **SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD** I own a couple of these superb R6 Pro DAPs and decided to sell this one. This is the version with Google Play installed and functions exactly as you would expect. It has only a couple of hours of play time as I used it...
  11. KC-130

    [SOLD]: iBasso DX220 - Mint

    **SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD I'm selling one of my iBasso DX-220 DAPs, owned for just 7 days and I've charged it only twice. Includes all original packaging and accessories in like new condition. The stock mustard-yellow case has not even been...
  12. Shivas

    Lotoo Paw 6000 (2019)

    Some info on the Lotoo Paw 6000 coming soon as seen on a Russian website. The little brother for the LPGT I would think. Link below: https://hifi-port.ru/threads/lotoo-paw-6000.83/ Specifications: AK4493EQ chip from AKM. 4.4 mm Balanced output and 3.5 mm one-way output EQ & ATE Two way...
  13. Headmate


  14. Lotoo PAW Gold Touch (LPGT)

    Lotoo PAW Gold Touch (LPGT)

    Product Highlights: - 3.77" IPS Touch Screen - Lotoo OS (NOT Android) - Bluetooth 4.1 with LDAC - 4.4mm Balanced Output - Power Output: 500mW at 32Ohm load - USB DAC (Fully Asynchronous) - USB-C Port, USB 3.1 Protocol - Memory: SD Card upto 2TB, Supports UHS II - 10+ Hrs Battery Life...
  15. Benz-Fi

    WTB Lotoo Paw 5000 MKII

    Exactly what the title says, please PM me with offer. Thanks!
  16. Mimouille


    Hello, I am selling this Lotoo Paw Gold Titanium Edition, which has the same internals as the normal LPG but a silver colored wheel and a brown leather case. It is quite rare and sells for over 2000$ in Europe and Japan. It is in like new condition, and IT IS THE BEST DAP I OWN, but I have two...
  17. San Man

    [FS] Lotoo Paw Gold *SOLD SOLD*

    The time has come to sell my beloved LPG, as I hope to use the money to fund other endeavors. I am the original owner, and this LPG is in MINT condition. I do not think you'll find a nicer one for sale in the USA. Highlights: * Original firmware, never updated since I received it * Low...
  18. propaganda

    [SOLD]F/S Lotoo Paw Gold + 200GB Sandisk MicroSD

    I'm selling my Lotoo Paw Gold: Barely used. In mint condition. No scratches or signs of use. Battery with only 9 cycles. Display / Sound in perfect working condition. Complete, it comes with original box, Lotoo original leather pouch (new / unused), cables, manuals,... Also I'll send to the...
  19. SilverEars

    [Sold] Lotoo PAW Gold LPG DAP Portable digital audio player

    I have an highly regarded LPG (Lotoo PAW Gold) for only $850 shipped CONUS. Doesn't come with original accessories. I have the charging cable and the USB 3 data transfer cable as well.
  20. Headmate

    Brainwavz Jive

  21. EagleWings

    Lotoo PAW Gold Touch - Touchscreen, 4.4mm Bal, USB DAC, Bluetooth

    Lotoo PAW Gold Touch - High Resolution Digital Audio Player The all new PAW Gold Touch Hi-Fi Player is here. Lotoo has basically tried to retain the DNA of the LPG in its design cues. The biggest changes are of course the Touchscreen, Balanced Out and USB DAC. DAP Summary: 3.8" IPS Touch...
  22. Headmate

    Lotoo PAW Gold (SOLD)

    I have a PAW Gold, one of the TOTL DAP's around, It is mint/like new, no scratches, Used very few times. comes with everything intact. sounds very organic & natural, unlike many DAP's out in the market. I am moving away from portable setup, to a full sized setup. It retails around 2,299$. Will...
  23. Dingding123

    Prestine condition AK Kann

  24. Agul

    Any news about LPG 2nd Gen?

    Dita's Truth and LPG had been one of the best companies of iem and portable that I have ever heard. Now Dita has their new flagship, I am quite looking forward to the combination with new PAW gold. Though I saw some messages released in China saying that LPG 2nd gen would be ready by the end of...
  25. paulomario77

    [PLEASE REMOVE] For sale: Lotoo PAW Gold (used)

    Selling a used LotooPAW in excellent condition. Includes original packing with manuals and accessories (universal charger, USB 3.0 cable, pouch). Battery has 41 cycles and lasts more than 10 hours from a full charge. Shipping not included, please ask for a quote.