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    FiiO X3 Sennheiser IE80
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    FiiO X3 Sennheiser IE80 Sennheiser RS130 (HDR130)
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    Fiio X3 with latest rig addition, the Cypher Labs Algorithm Piccolo. Divine!
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    The headphones that got me started down the slippery slope of Head-Fi.
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    My "modern rig" with new RHA MA750's. Sweet.
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    24-96 FLAC > FiiO X3 > FAW Hybrid > Rhines Customs Stage
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    My current rig, FiiO X3 + Zero Audio Carbo Tenore.
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    My current rig. FiiO X3 + Zero Audio Carbo Tenore.
  13. GonzaloM

    Best Portable system to move IEMs & CIEMs???

    Hi, I was looking for the best portable system for IEMs and CIEMs, well I already own an Arrow 4G an iPod classic 7G 160Gb and an iPhone 5 64Gb. I want to move a TF18s and a JH13s With the Arrow and the classic both earphones sounds perfect, but with the iPhone 5 the sound isn´t as good as...
  14. krismusic

    IEM's Soundstage

    Well I am now happy with the sound of my set up tonally but something that is really bugging me is that the sound is coming either directly in line with my ears or slightly behind. Giving the sensation of sitting with my back to a pair of speakers. Anyone else have this? Is it a characteristic...
  15. wingtsun

    What Are Your Goals When Putting Together A New Rig? (And do you still like music?)

    I put this here as my rig is mostly portable and this is maybe more relavent here..    My question is: "What are your goals when putting together a good portable rig?"   This hobby can confuse people and quickly muddy their goals. They go from newbies wanting to get a decent sounding rig...
  16. Jasiono

    Advice on portable player

    Hey all I'm coming from using hd428s for a while now and just bought the denon d600 the other day. I love the way they sound but I had to tweak the EQ settings a bit. I've been doing a lot of reading on being able to power headphones to their max potential and it brings me to this series of...
  17. hifi nub

    Looking for DAP

    I am looking for a new DAP. Something that supports making a playlist, export, import. Basically I am looking for a DAP that has basically all features ever needed to one own.   If you may, if you list down a DAP, list or add link to the features and most critical features like example...
  18. ClieOS

    FiiO X3 mod - AD8397 to AD8620

    Someone asked me to post the mod, so I thought I'll make it into an independent thread instead of putting it somewhere inside a X3 discussion.   Basically the mod is as simple as it gets: open the X3 up, disconnect the battery, desolder the AD8397, solder in the AD8620, and put everything...
  19. andrx471

    Looking for Sub-$200 IEM with a Few Requirements

    Hi all,   I recently purchased Klipsch X10's. They were okay, but not very analytical and a bit bass heavy, so I am returning them. With that being said, I am looking for IEM's and have a few requiements:   1. $200 and under 2. Very analytical. I loved listening to music and finding new...
  20. FeedingNation

    I can't make up my mind

    Hello! I have been reading up about good recconendatuons and reviews here on Head First. Currently, I own a Sony Nwz-e384 and a RHA Ma750, and I was thinking of upgrading my portable setup. For the mp3 player, is the current one I have considered "high resolution"? And are there any other...
  21. ZMan2k2

    I have a question regarding tags on my FLAC files.

    I have a lot of files, and I rip them using dbPoweramp. Some files, when played on my Fiio X3, display simply "##- song name.flac", while others display "##- band name - song name.flac". How difficult would it be to remove the band name from the display, so all I have is the song name. I'd...
  22. viperxp

    The FiiO X3 2nd gen (ex X3K, X3II) Thread : 192K/24B, CS4398,Native DSD, USB DAC with LO and inline remote

    Hello,   Since the thread got many updates, I will hide the preliminary speculations and post officially approved information.   Confirmed information:   1. It's called Fiio X3 Second Generation, not X3K. 2. Fiio X3 Second Generation is the same size and UI as the X1 just a bit thicker...
  23. dc-k

    What's your favourite Filter for the Shure 535 mod?

    There seem to be a good few people doing the swapping now, I think it's time to see what people favour.
  24. t-jays one

    best source

    hey guys how much more can i have if i jump from ipod touch 5 to fiio x3?(with ie80 of course)
  25. T

    Question in connection with impedance headphones?

    Hello! I have a player of a fiio x3 impedance he takes the exit is 16 Ohms - 300 Ohms and I have headphones in ear of shure se846 Impedance they spend exit is 9Ω soon as I hear the volume relatively high I feel jarring ears and down low I can not hear any well whether the match I made the...