1. Apos Audio

    Introducing the FiiO M23 Hi-Res Lossless Portable Player - Now Available on Apos Audio

    Hi all, Here's an interesting launch for DAP fans. Come check out the brand new FiiO M23 Portable Hi-Res Lossless Music Player. The $699 portable features dual AKM DACs for precise audio separation, THX AAA 78+ amplification for powerful output, and a Digital Audio Purification System ensuring...
  2. FiiO

    High Purity Monocrystalline Sterling Silver Headphone Cable LL-RD 2024 Is Officially Released!

    Transparently detailed LL-RD 2024 sound characteristics The LL-RD 2024 utilizes high-end audiophile grade pure silver as its conductor material, bringing you a more transparent and high-resolution listening experience. 4 strands totaling 400 wires Compared to typical headphone cables, the...
  3. FiiO M23

    FiiO M23

    Despite its name, the FiiO M23 Portable Audio Player is not positioned as the new flagship model in the Digital Audio Player (DAP) lineup of FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. Instead, it finds its place nestled between the existing FiiO M11s Hi-res Portable Music Player and the FiiO M15S...
  4. FiiO

    Furukawa Monocrystalline Copper Headphone Cable LC-RC 2024 Is Officially Released!

    What are the advantages of the FIIO Furukawa monocrystalline copper headphone cable? A high-end headphone cable should be high-quality in all aspects. Compared to the typical headphone cable, the LC-RC 2024 ensured that this cable not only contains not only high-quality materials, but also has...
  5. Apos Audio

    Introducing the FiiO K19 Desktop DAC/Headphone Amplifier - Now Available on Apos Audio

    Hi all, We're excited to introduce the FiiO K19—FiiO’s new flagship desktop DAC/Amp. This model is fully balanced from input to output, featuring dual ESS 8-channel ES9039SPRO DAC chips and an 8-channel THX AAA 788+ amplifier for clear and powerful audio. The K19 includes a 31-band...
  6. Born2Cuddle

    Music drops out with my FiiO Q11

    @FiiO I updated the FiiO music player app 2 weeks ago and am now having very quick dropouts (1/4 of a second or so) that happen randomly. I have switched usb cables and SD cards and that doesn't help at all. FYI the previous version of your music player would completely pause the music every...
  7. FiiO

    FIIO’s Holiday Arrangement for Tomb-Sweeping Day—April 4-6, 2024

    The Chinese traditional festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day, is upcoming. Based on the actual situation, our staff will have 3 days off from April 4 (Thursday) to April 6 (Saturday), and get back to work on April 7 (Sunday). If you have any questions about our products during the holiday, please...
  8. FiiO

    FIIO’s New Products Will Show up at CanJam Singapore 2024!

    It feels like just yesterday when the CanJam Singapore exhibition at the end of March last year ended, and now CanJam Singapore 2024 is coming this weekend. In the span of a year, we have launched dozens of products, and have just released several new ones. We welcome everyone to the exhibition...
  9. RockLee

    What does it mean when a cable is Furukawa monocrystalline?

    I have heard this term in several places, but I don't know what it means.
  10. FiiO

    Announcement Regarding Compatibility of DK1 Pro

  11. FiiO

    Furukawa Monocrystalline Copper Headphone Cable LL-RC 2024 Is Officially Released!

    What are the advantages of the FIIO Furukawa monocrystalline copper headphone cable? A high-end headphone cable should be high-quality in all aspects. Compared to the typical headphone cable, the FIIO LL-RC 2024 contains not only high-quality materials, but also has gone through careful design...
  12. O

    Intro & Inquiry for Mobile Setup

    Hello Head-fiers, I've been rocking my LG V60 w/ UAPP for several years and recently decided to replace my HD598 with HiFiMan Deva Pro. The phone doesn't have the power to drive these cans in wired mode so I employed an old Fiio Kunlun (E18) DAC AMP to give it a push. I originally used this...
  13. FiiO

    FIIO Holiday Schedule for 2024 Spring Festival

    Dear users, To celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival, all staff of FIIO Company will have 11 days off (from Feb. 8th to Feb. 18th) and return to work on Feb. 19th. During the holiday, please inquire with our local sales agents (at if you have any questions...
  14. Fiio JH5

    Fiio JH5

    Higher Quality, easier to access to The FIIO x JadeAudio series of products have always been known for their high performance-to-cost ratio as well as their high build quality, providing audiophiles with affordable yet high-quality devices to listen with. The all-new JH5 is the latest result of...
  15. FIIO KA17

    FIIO KA17

  16. FiiO

    FIIO 2024 New Product Schedule-From FIIO James

    (1) Preface The new year has begun. In general, we FIIO always enjoy communicating with consumers. For one thing, we hope consumers can decide their purchasing plans based on our product plans to make rational and reasonable consumption. For another, the company can adjust the priority of...
  17. FiiO R9

    FiiO R9

    FiiO R9
  18. FiiO BTR15

    FiiO BTR15

  19. FiiO KB3

    FiiO KB3

  20. J

    [Buying Advice] Desktop BT DAC/AMP for AA The Composer (max. USD 1.000)

    Hi, I will need a USB Desktop DAC/AMP to pair with a Austrian Audio The Composer soon. For now I got a Grado RS2e running on my Asus Xonar Essence STX II. The problem however is that my GPU induces hiss under load which I cannot get rid of (both cards are two PCIe slots apart). My plan is to...
  21. FiiO K9 AKM

    FiiO K9 AKM

  22. bombadilio

    Sennheiser 800s for gaming / Sub $150 / $200 dac/amp setup help

    Happy New Year! I made an order for the Sennheiser 800S and plan to use it primarily for PC gaming and music. I oddly thought that my motherboard (Rampage V Extreme) with a 600ohm amp internally would be able to power these..... Understanding I only have a 3.5mm jack, I was wondering whats the...
  23. kphinn

    FiiO R9 as a dedicated home streaming source?

    I’ve been keeping my headphone gear separate and removed from my home stereo setup. Partially because there are different use cases. Headphones on for work at my desk or chilling out where I don’t want to disturb anyone, 100% streaming. The fixed gear comes on when I want the whole house to...
  24. FiiO

    [FiiO K9 AKM]FiiO Desktop DAC and Headphone Amplifier K9 AKM Is Officially Released!

    As a user-oriented company, FIIO has been tracking the launched products and optimizing them to enhance the user experience. During the sale of the K9 ESS version, we listened carefully to the opinions and suggestions of our sales agents and users around the world. After many internal...
  25. FiiO

    FIIO first cassette player CP13 is officially released!

    As many of you know we are going to make cassette player, we are now trying our best to work out the production issues. We plan to release our CP13 before Feb, 2024. Considering that some people don't have tapes, we'll be giving away a copyrighted, original tape in countries that are allowed to...