1. FiiO

    FH5s is on the way to our worldwide sales agents!

    Dear respected customers, Thank you for your kind patience and constant attention for our FH5s. Delivery of the FH5s has started from 4th, May. Please kindly check this post for a daily updated list of countries / regions and agents we have sent goods to. May 4th: Thailand: Holysai...
  2. FiiO

    FiiO's Holiday Schedule for 2021 Labour Day

    Dear friends, To celebrate the upcoming Labour Day, all staff from FiiO will have three days' holiday (from May 1st to 3rd) and will return to work on May 4th. If you have any questions about FiiO products during the holiday, please consult our local sales agents...
  3. FiiO

    With Both Good Looks and Strengths, FiiO FH5s, 2BA 2DD IEMs, Is Officially Released!

    Recently, our users may have heard that we FiiO will be releasing new products soon. Some information and details about our products have continuously triggered discussions. Many customers kept asking us when our new products would be available. Here it is. On the 14th birthday of FiiO, we give...
  4. FiiO

    FiiO new hybrid work 2 Balanced Armatures 2 Dynamic Drivers In-Ear Monitors FH5s

    [Love at first sight, fall at first touch, enjoy at first listen] Every piece of our products is expected your feelings and experience just like this. On FiiO's 14th anniversary, the FH5s will take the lead. With its strong strengths to give back to every friend who loves music. We will be...
  5. RobAudio

    Audio problems with FIIO BTA30 Bluetooth transceiver and low sound levels

    Been having a bit of an Audio / Bluetooth nightmare. A few months ago, we bought some new equipment, a TV & headphones. TV: LG-oled55cx6la ( 2 x Headphones: Sony WH-1000XM4...
  6. M

    Blown Fiio FH7's SMH !!!

    Hey Head-Fi community, has anyone experienced this with FH7's. Should I look else where for IEM's. I paired them with the Fiio BTR5, I noticed several months ago a slight popping sound in some songs. It would go away and did not always happen; I was using the bass boost nozzle and switched back...
  7. FiiO

    Questionnaire About Earphone Types(Note: that this questionnaire is not limited to earphones of FiiO brand)

    Distinguished users, To better know your preference and design suitable earphones for you, we made this questionnaire about earphone types and would like to sincerely invite you to participate in it. Thank you so much for your support and advice. Note: that this questionnaire is not limited to...
  8. FiiO

    FiiO 2021 Spring New Products

    This year is a bit special. As usual, we should do better preparations, complete mass production and then hold a formal launch event. Now due to the epidemic, AKM fire, and the accidental information exposure of our M17 by iF official, some of the new products we plan to release have been known...
  9. FiiO BTA30 (Bluetooth DAC/preamp)

    FiiO BTA30 (Bluetooth DAC/preamp)

  10. FiiO

    Solution for Desktop Audios in New Era---From James

    Chapter 1 Background Lately, some funny thoughts hit me. Since there are always some users who keep asking us for the speakers, which were also our pioneer products, I would like to know if you are really interested in it. Even though we may not make it come true due to our limited R&D...
  11. FiiO

    The Story of Bluetooth Cable LC-BT1--From James

    Chapter 1 Struggle to Survive, LC-BT1 Eventually Released Our old users must remember that FiiO once released a Bluetooth cable the RC-BT in 2018 (Figure 1). At that time, there were not many brands making Bluetooth cables, and the workmanship of the RC-BT was not bad with a reasonable price. So...
  12. H

    Looking to buy a new pair of IEMs with one small hiccup

    Hello! I'm looking to upgrade from my previous IEMs, the campfire IO (yikes). My closest store carries 4 brands I'm interested in. The Final Audio e5000/f7200/B2/B3 The AAW A3H The FiiO FH5/FH7/FA9 The Empire Ears Bravado I have heard good things about all of these which makes it all...
  13. V


    There you can discuss Yongse ys1 and see their measurements
  14. Aramaki

    Post pics of your TWS setup.

  15. QuantumRock

    Fiio M11 Help

    Hoping I can get some help with the sampling rate being reported when using the Fiio M11. I could have sworn from the beginning the Fiio M11 showed a higher sampling rate or "Device Capability" in Amazon Music HD, but now no matter the source sampling rate, the app is reporting the "Device...
  16. FiiO

    FiiO's Holiday Schedule for 2021 Spring Festival

    Dear friends, Since the Spring Festival is coming, staff in FiiO Company will take an 8-day holiday for celebration from Feb. 11th to Feb. 18th, and will return to office on Feb. 19th. If you have any questions during the holiday, please reach out to our local sales agents (at...
  17. FiiO

    FiiO M17 (Dual ESS9038Pro, THX788PRO amplifier, at least 1200 mW, 6.3 mm headphone jack, expected release after July 2021 )

    Taken from PortaFi Facebook post: In an unexpected reveal, the FiiO M17 made its appearance to the world when the iF Design Award 2021 disclosed the finalists that qualified for the second round of judging, the Final Jury, which will take place in March 2021, and have the chance to win the iF...
  18. QuantumRock

    Fiio M11 vs iBasso DX160

    I recently acquired a Fiio M11 and was able to A/B compare alongside an iBasso DX160 using my main genre of music. I have heard many great things about the M11 and was excited to receive it, but it sounds dry and analytical compared to the DX160. I have reasons for keeping the M11 over the DX160...
  19. FiiO

    FiiO LC-BT1 is officially released. Just let it Kick off the New Year!

    2021 has arrived, Are you still looking for a new music partner? The FiiO LC-BT1, is dying to be your good companion. Life with music, move step by step The high-performance QCC3005 Bluetooth chip, supports Bluetooth 5.0 and SBC/AAC/aptX codecs, with excellent connection stability...
  20. F

    FiiO K9 Pro Hi-Fi DeskDop DAC&Bluetooth&Amplifier,XLR/RCA/4.4/Optical/Coaxial interface

    Hello Everyone I'm Willson, Product Manager of FiiO, and I'm here to introduce you to a new product: FiiO K9 Pro Hi-Fi DeskDop DAC&Bluetooth&Amplifier: SPEC: 1,Linear power supply, supports 115V/230V power supply. 2, AK4499 DAC,4.4mm Balance Output. 3, Support MQA 4, Customised THAAA AMP 5,USB...
  21. FiiO

    A Bunch of Accessories Join FiiO Family- HB2, HB5, LR-RCA1

    * A warm home for your earphones- portable leather earphone storage case HB2 If you have ever used wired earphones, you may find out how hard it is to settle your earphones. The cable would mess around every time you need it, leaving you with great inconvenience. More terribly, the mess would...
  22. FiiO

    [New firmware]The new firmware V0.2.53 for UTWS3 is now available!

    The following changes and improvements have been made in the new firmware: 1. Improved the issue where there was sound imbalance occurred to some mobile phones between the left and right earhooks when making a phone call. 2. Improved the function of memorizing the volume. 3. Improved the speed...
  23. FiiO

    [New firmware] The new firmware FW1.1 for BTA30 is now available!

    Updated at 2021-01-13 The following changes and improvements have been made in the new firmware: 1. Fixed the issue where the reconnection may fail or cause a system freeze in TX mode; 2. Fixed the issue where a pop sound would occur when starting to play in RX/DAC mode. 3. Fixed the sound...
  24. FiiO

    UTWS3 is on the way to our worldwide sales agents!

    Dear respected customers, Thank you for your kind patience and constant attention for our UTWS. Delivery of the UTWS3 has started from 9th, January. Please kindly check this post for a daily updated list of countries / regions and agents we have sent goods to. January 9th: Thailand: Holysai...
  25. FiiO

    The Story of FiiO UTWS3---From James

    Chapter 1 You can get almost “everything” you want in magic China The UTWS3 has finally entered the market. As a UTWS1-holic, as well as the initiator of the UTWS1 project, I cannot be happier. Between the UTWS1 and I, there are many stories. If you are interested, I would like to share them...