1. alavenue

    Closed [WTB] Fiio M15

    I would like to buy Fiio M15 dap. PM me an offer if you are looking to sell! I have 100% feedback on ebay with 179 reviews.
  2. FiiO

    The new firmware FW1.0.9 for M3 Pro is now available!

    Changes and improvements about the new firmware version are as follows: 1. Added the A-B repeat function (Go to Now Playing page->More operations->Start A-B Repeat to experience it). 2. Added the Recording shortcut on the drop-down menu. 3. Added the function that the volume is adjustable on...
  3. FiiO

    FiiO M3 pro is on the way to our worldwide sales agents!

    Dear respected customers, Thank you for your kind patience and constant attention for our M3pro. Delivery of the M3pro has started from 6th, May. Please kindly check this post for a daily updated list of countries / regions and agents we have sent goods to. May 6th: Vietnam:Audio Choice...


    Head-fi Gang Members, Here's the deal. I want to try new things, and these puppies gotta go. All deals by Pay Pal. Frist come, first served and OBO. Here we go... 1.First owner Cowon Plenue mk.l ($350 OBO) - with Dingis Case - w/ Alo optical cable or 3.5mm interconnect.. Your choice (Your...


    Head-fi Gang Members, Here's the deal. I want to try new things, and these puppies gotta go. All deals by Pay Pal. Frist come, first served and OBO. Here we go... 1.First owner Cowon Plenue mk.l ($350 OBO) - with Dingis Case - w/ Alo optical cable or 3.5mm...
  6. Damz87


  7. FiiO FH1s Earphone

    FiiO FH1s Earphone

    Drivers: 1 Dynamic (13.6 mm) and 1 Balanced Armature (Knowles 33518) Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 40 Hz Sensitivity: 106 dB (@1 mW) Impedance: 26 ohm Tested at: $70 Product Page:
  8. N

    Should I get the fiio fh7 or spend more?

    I’m interested In getting my first set of real in ear headphones. I was looking at the fh7 that cost £500. I can push my budget upto £1500. In peoples opinion, is it worth spending the extra, upto £1500 or stick with the fh7? What can people recommend above £500 peace range that would give me...
  9. FiiO

    FiiO FA9-Flagship 6 Knowles Balanced Armature IEM

    Grab one from our Aliexpress store: Unboxing of Flagship 6 Knowles Balanced Armature IEM FA9 FiiO 2020 Spring Online Launch Event Flagship 6 Knowles BA IEM-FA9
  10. 4nradio

    **SOLD** FS: Fiio X5 iii - Nearly New with Fidelizer "Advanced-Purist" Custom ROM

    I'm selling my Fiio X5 iii DAP which is just two weeks old, and has the $99 Fidelizer Advanced-Purist ROM installed. See this link to learn about the audio quality improvements from the Advanced-Purist: The custom ROM has been completely stable and...
  11. R

    Fiio IEMs recommendation...

    Being in confinement, I only realistically have access to fiio IEMs FH7,, FH5 and FA7 Now i have have a hifiman he400i and a shure SE425. Would any of the fiio IEMs above bring something new to the table for me? especially compared to the SE425... would it make sense for either one of them...
  12. FiiO FH1s

    FiiO FH1s

    Technical Specifications: Dual Driver Hybrid setup, One Knowles 33518 Balanced Armature Driver and One 13.6mm graphene Dynamic Driver unit Impedance: 26ohms Sensitivity: 106dB Frequency response range: 5Hz-40kHz 120-Core high-purity monocrystalline copper cable 2-Pin 0.78mm connectors...
  13. FiiO

    FiiO LC-RE Tri-Metallic(Gold,copper and silver wires) Swappable plug headphone MMCX/0.78mm cable for FiiO/Shure

    FiiO LC-RE is now available in our Aliexpress store! Get one! >>>>>>>
  14. P

    FiiO M11 and M11 Pro Screen Issues, Help!

    What in the world FiiO! Received the M11 Pro about a week and a half ago in the mail - turned it on to find a residual "ghost" image. A curved rectangle that was just always there. Returned it. Received the M11 today, same thing! The rectangular outline is slightly less prominent, but two...
  15. P

    Troubleshooting FiiO M11 Pro - Questions (and Review)

    I just got the FiiO M11 Pro in the mail today and, I'm not going to lie, I'm somehow a mix of excited and underwhelmed. This is my first DAP, I did hours of research and narrowed it down between the M11 and M11 Pro. Go big or go home, right? Long story short, I've got this $650 DAP and I'm...
  16. FiiO BTR3K-FiiO brand new balanced high-fidelity bluetooth amp

    FiiO BTR3K-FiiO brand new balanced high-fidelity bluetooth amp

    1. The upcoming upgraded product BTR3K will be released soon! Building off of what made the BTR3 so good, the BTR3K implements balanced output. It is a truly balanced design, with a DAC and amplifier carefully paired for the left and right channels each, for the purest sound possible. 2. The...
  17. FiiO Q5s -Flagship Bluetooth DAC & AMP, Dual AK4493 DAC chips, Amplifier Module AM3E with 2.5/3.5/4.4mm Output, USB/Bluetooth/SPDIF/Line Input

    FiiO Q5s -Flagship Bluetooth DAC & AMP, Dual AK4493 DAC chips, Amplifier Module AM3E with 2.5/3.5/4.4mm Output, USB/Bluetooth/SPDIF/Line Input

    The Q5s Bluetooth DSD-Capable DAC and Headphone Amplifier from FiiO continues to use the interchangeable amp module design of its predecessor, the Q5, and is fully compatible with FiiO amp modules for enhanced sound and outputs. The Q5s offers high-fidelity audio on the go and packs a multitude...
  18. Eudis

    [FS] Fiio AM3E Amp module

    I have a Q5S and don't need a second am3e amp module. Condition is mint. Asking $70 shipped or best offer Fits Q5, Q5S, X7, X7mk2
  19. augustmclaren

    List your Top 5 IEM'S earphones under 30$

    This is a fun category that's arguably the most popular and technology has carried interesting developments in the sub 30$ category ! Here's how it'll go. It's quite simple really. I'm sure you millennials have a nostalgic earphone that's been through countless memories! 1 List your top 5...
  20. FiiO

    FiiO Control- the exclusive application for FiiO’s Bluetooth devices is now officially released.

    Since FiiO’s Bluetooth DAC/Amp family was born, an increasing number of users are gradually recognizing the high-fidelity audio of Bluetooth. In order to make Bluetooth devices funnier to be played with, we have added a new function, Bluetooth Devices Control, in FiiO Music app, so that users...
  21. A

    Noise through headphones when pre-out is in use?

    Hey guys, I'm currently running a set of Beyerdynamic DT990 Pros through a FiiO E09K desktop amp. RCA input to the amp is from the rear 3.5mm jack of my computer. This setup normally works fine and has no background noise even when the amp is cranked up high. I recently introduced a set of JBL...
  22. P

    DAP help!

    I'm back with more questions! I have been on the hunt for the right DAP for me. Initially, I was going to go with more mass-market Sony Walkman. Decided against that (too expensive for what you get). I looked at all the major brands - HiBy, Shanling, etc. I seriously considered the DX220 (even...
  23. augustmclaren

    Fiio M3 pro Vs Shanling Q1

    Let's make this decisive shall we? DAC Both feature the same ESS SABRE ES9218P DAC (Although, ESS SABRE ES9219 would've been better) COSTS M3 PRO costs 99 USD Q1 costs around 115USD DEAL-BREAKER Fiio M3PRO is wired whereas SHANLING Q1 is wireless (supports LDAC AND Aptx) Comment your thoughts!
  24. FiiO

    FiiO M3 Pro-3.5 inch display | Full lossless format support pro-grade ES9218P DAC |smart Ingenic X1000E processor Fullscreen e-book reader | 10-digit display calculator lossless HD sound recorder | picture gallery

    1. Employed in the M3 Pro is the Ingenic X1000E processor. With its high performance yet low power consumption, you can enjoy the smooth operation of the M3 Pro for a long time. Approximately 15-hour battery life and 35-day deep sleep time ensure you a whole week music enjoying for 3 hours every...
  25. Zojokkeli

    FiiO X1 - SOLD

    FiiO X3II is sold. Selling off my FiiO X1 and X3II digital audio players. Both are in excellent condition and come with all the boxes, papers and accessories. In addition, X3II comes with a leather case and an AudioSanctuary cable, which can be used with eg. Chord Mojo. Payment possible with...