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Reviewer at hxosplus
Pros: + Good for everyday use
+ Comfortable and lightweight
+ Suitable for activities that require awareness of your surroundings
+ IPX5 water-resistant
+ Great battery duration
+ Touch controls
+ Stable wireless connection
+ Affordable
Cons: - Small sized earbuds will not fit larger ears
- Non adjustable ear-hooks
- Hard plastic ear-hooks
- Limited support of Bluetooth codecs
- Bulky charging case
- Fiddly touch controls
This is a brief review of the Jade Audio JW1 - open principle ear-buds. You can access the full review in my website.


Build quality and fit

The earbuds together with the ear-hooks are entirely made from hard plastic. Build quality is very good for the category and the JW1 is available in black and white.

The Jade Audio JW1 is very comfortable to wear but only if you have small ears. The main drawback of the JW1 design is that the size of the earbuds together with the ear-hooks is really small, the main body of the earbud has 3.5cm of length and there is no way to bend or adjust the length of the ear-hooks. This translates that the JW1 will actually fit only small ears making it unusable with larger ears because the length of the earbud is not enough for the driver to reach and be properly placed against the ear canal. Not only is it uncomfortable to wear but also negatively affects sound quality with complete loss of bass and sound level pressure. It seems that the Jade Audio JW1 was designed with the Asian market in mind because it is too small and there is no way to fit a normal sized ear of a Caucasian adult.

Sound performance

Given that the JW1 is well fitted as intended then and only then the sound quality is pretty good. The large dynamic driver makes sure that the low-end gets sufficiently present for an open-back earbud, of course mid-bass is actually more prominent but still you can listen to most kinds of music without the feeling that there is much lack of bass. Dynamics are pretty good but control, layering and definition are average. The JW1 has a very open and spacious character with well defined, naturally tuned and engaging mid-range. Clarity is very good and voices are well reproduced, making the JW1 not only suitable for music listening but also for voice calls, web meetings and listening to podcasts. The treble is a touch sharp, but not too bright, with plenty of energy and bite. The absence of the higher resolution codecs doesn’t help much with resolution and refinement or detail retrieval and definition. What we should remember though is that the Jade Audio JW1 is intended for casual and generic use and as such it should be considered as successfully designed and tuned.


If you have small ears then the Jade Audio JW1 is a very comfortable pair of TWS earbuds with good sound quality and the benefit of letting you be aware of your surroundings. It is also waterproof , has good battery duration and is dirt cheap, an excellent choice for everyone looking for a pair of open back TWS earbuds for everyday use.


New Head-Fier
A Speaker for your ears at $27
Pros: 1. Great open ear design

2. Very Very comfortable

3. Great for podcasts and audiobooks

4. Decent sound for its form factor

5. Very affordable
Cons: 1. Clanky bulky case which also scratches easily

2. Very iffy controls

3. Non Adjustable earhooks
Introduction :-
Hello guys today i will be reviewing the Fiio Jade Audio JW1. Jade audio is a sub-brand of Fiio which makes budget oriented products.

I have also made a video review on Youtube here. If you prefer to watch it than read, a like and a subscribe will be appreciated if you so wish to. I have also given a mic test on the video.

This was a review unit from Fiio, although thoughts and opinion you are about to hear are my own.

You can check out the Fiio JW1 here

Build Quality, Comfort and Accessories :-

1. The build quality of the case is quite average i would say this is a nitpick for the price but still thought of mentioning it.

2. The ear hooks are not adjustable and many might have issue with these.

3. The speaker like design is really comfortable for use and they work really really for workouts or for your daily office use and be aware of your surroundings

4. I like that they provide the cloth bag to store as otherwise you will scratch the case very easily.

5. I found the touch controls to very iffy and they didn't work quite a many times, I would say its not that the controls are bad but rather the placement of the controls behind the ear lobe.

6. The battery life of 6 hours is quite good and has served me well for dialy usage although the case doesn't hold much charge cycle and i would like if it held few more charges for the buds.

7. The earhooks are stiff and plasticy which while on a run sometimes can slip and come loose, although not a problem always i have had it happened to me when on run.

Sound :-

1. The sound coming out of these shouldn't be compared to your normal tws as these act more like a speaker for your ear rather than an iem. These sit of outside of the ear canal.

2. The overall sound i would describe it as very mid-rangy.

3. It has a sweet spot for the best music quality and that i would say it as 70-80%. At this percentage it has a bit of body to the sound and bass is quite good at this volume going above this volume becomes a bit shrill and it costs the treble to be very piercy.

4. The Bass is ok nothing to shout home about but still lets me enjoys my song if played a decent volume.

5. The mid-rangy sound signature of these shines as these are my go to companion for me for my audio-book and podcast listening and these work really well for that.

6. The treble is ok too for most songs and i will suggest not blasting it above 80% as then it becomes to shouty.

7. One thing it does well is soundstage! Due to its open ear design these do have quite expansive soundstage

Recommendation :-

You might have seen that my review was very small. It is because i find nothing much to speak about these in terms of sound quality as these are not meant for that. But these are rather a lifestyle product which i think if you cant pay for the super expensive open rock and their counterparts this is a good option. I use them daily and really love them as I can listen to my audio books and podcasts and be aware of the surroundings when going for a walk or use aroudn the office.

Just keep in mind these products arent meant for sound quality. I dont think so anyone can go wrong with these even with the negatives i have mentioned as these make a great partner for your daily use.

Sorry this was a very short review, if i have missed something or if you have any questions you can ask me below.
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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Excellent price-to-performance ratio
Nice accessories and storage case
Comfortable, earhooks provide secure fit
Decent battery life
Can be used in mono or paired mode
Stable Bluetooth connectivity and range
Open backed design gives expansive soundstage, also allowing for situational awareness
Midcentric tonality
Organic timbre
Good bass quality
Useful for calls, online meetings and podcasts
Cons: Zero passive isolation, some sound leakage
Touch buttons are small and insensitive
No independent volume control
Does not support LDAC, aptX Adaptive, aptX
No EQ/app available, buttons not customizable
Not for bassheads (in terms of quantity)

I would like to thank Fiio for providing this unit. The JW1 can be gotten here (no affiliate links):


  • Driver configuration: 14.2 mm dynamic driver
  • Weight: 9.5 g for each earpiece; 85 g with TWS and case combined
  • Case dimensions: 91.6 mm x 55.6 mm x 28.6 mm
  • Battery: 65 mAh for TWS, 25 mAh for charging case
  • Battery life: single charge 6 hours, with charging case 18 hours
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours for TWS, 1.5 hours for charging case
  • Charging plug: USB type-C
  • Water-resistant (no IPT rating available)
  • Standby charge: 3 months
  • Bluetooth version: 5.3
  • Bluetooth codec: SBC/AAC
  • Bluetooth range: 10 m
  • Tested at $26 USD


In addition to the TWS buds, the following are included:
- USB type-C charging cable
- Pouch
- Charging case


The accessories are pretty decent fare for the $20ish USD entrance fee.



The charging case charges via a USB type-C cable, and operates via a plastic sliding cover. The JW1 earpieces are stored on the back and front respectively via a magnetic clasp, allowing it to even be held upside down against gravity!


The carrying case is quite unique for a TWS set, albeit it is on the larger side, with measurements of 91.6 mm x 55.6 mm x 28.6 mm. With the JW1 packed inside the case, the total weight is about 85 g, which is quite portable.


Taking out or putting the JW1 into the charging case will power it on or off automatically. Alternatively, pressing the touch button for 5 seconds will also switch it on or off.

As the plastic casing is potentially scratchable, the drawstring pouch is a nifty addition to store the JW1 and the case for protection.


The JW1 is solidly fashioned from plastic, and I've no complaints on the build front. When ordering, one can opt between a black or a white version.


It is meant to be worn over-ear (with the earhook behind the ears), and is akin to a earbud, with the transducer placed outside the ear canal. This open-backed design thus provides an expansive soundstage and allows situational awareness, though on the flip-side, passive isolation is zero and some sound may leak out in quiet environments.


This open-backed concept makes the JW1 a useful tool for sports, outdoor activities, or even for exercising, though it may not be the best option for usage in a noisy place, and there is also some loss of sub-bass, which we will discuss later.

For my average sized ears (and as a spectacles user), the comfort is commendable. Each earpiece weighs in at 9.5 g, and it is not too noticeable once hooked on the ears. For the three weeks I've been putting the JW through its paces, I did not encounter any discomfort. The earhooks - though not adjustable - provide a very snug fit, and even when running or shaking the head, the JW1 is very secure with no droppages. However, those with bigger ears might potentially find the non-adjustable earhooks to be an issue.


Speaking about exercise, the JW1 is advertised to be water resistant (though I could not find any info on IPX rating). I've used it for a few weeks with gym work or even jogging in light rain, and it has held up!


The touch button is located at the end of the JW1's earhook. The buttons work as per below:



The touch button is quite small and requires one to place a finger behind the ears to manipulate them - those with larger fingers may have an issue. Occasionally, due to the awkward angle where the small touch button are placed, inputs are not registered sometimes.


Sadly, the JW1 does not have independent volume controls, and one needs to control the volume at the source (eg DAP, phone, computer).

I'm glad to report that this TWS set can be used as a mono or paired mode, which is pretty useful.

These are what the flashing lights on the JW1 indicate:


Fiio advertises that the JW1 can hit 6 hours on a single charge, or 18 hours if the charges contained in the charging case are added. That's quite decent for a budget TWS set, and on my field tests, the rated battery values are thereabouts (at moderate listening volumes).

Bear in mind that as per most electronics, battery life is expected to decrease with repeated charge cycles, but with the charging case, the JW1 should comfortably get most users through the day (or even a few days!).

Charging time is about 1.5 hours for the JW1, and an additional 1.5 hours for the case.

These are what the lights indicate on the charging case:


I had no issues pairing the JW1 with multiple Bluetooth devices (eg windows, android and apple based, and even some DAPs), they recognized the JW1 immediately without fuss.

The JW1 supports BT 5.3, but only has AAC and SBC codecs. Sadly, LDAC, aptX Adaptive and aptX are not supported codecs.

Thankfully, Bluetooth connectivity is good. The BT range is about 15 metres with no obstructions, or 10 metres with obstructions. I had minimal drop outs utilizing the JW1 for the past few weeks. There's also just a very slight lag during music or videos, which is quite acceptable in my book.

Unfortunately, there is no EQ or app available, and the touch buttons are not customizable. The JW1 does support various voice assistants, for those that use these.



Tonally, the JW1 is a midcentric TWS. There's some loss of low bass and higher treble, which is not unexpected due to the open-backed design. However, this open-backed concept confers a satisfyingly large soundstage, in depth, height and width, and this expansive soundscape is really unexpected for the coin.

With this midcentric profile, we have the mid-bass at neutral, with a roll-off in the sub-bass. This TWS is definitely not for bassheads, but thankfully, the bass quality is fast and clean. We have no mid-bass bleed, with acceptable texturing and rapid bass speed. No smearing of basslines are heard even on complex bass solos.

The midrange is very clean and transparent, with no big bass to encroach here. When used at low to moderate volumes (and assuming one is not jacking up the volume to overcome outside noise from the lack of isolation), the upper mids are forwards without being shouty.

The treble is quite well-dosed, with decent extension. This TWS is not the most extended sparkly or airy, with a higher treble roll-off, though it should be safe for treble sensitive folk. Sibilance is kept minimal.

Timbre is very natural for acoustic instruments and vocals. Technically, the JW1 is probably more for lay consumers than dyed-in-the-wool audiophiles. We won't be expecting pinpoint imaging and top-notch instrument separation and micro-detailing, but the JW1 should be good enough for most on-the-go usage where critical listening is not required. As alluded to, the huge soundstage is a big feather in the cap of this TWS, with music never sounding compressed.

Other than for music, this TWS will be a great companion for calls, videos, online meetings, and podcasts. Using them for these purposes, I could hear voices clearly with no issues, with the midcentric tuning pushing vocals through in the mix.


The Moondrop Nekocake has better passive isolation, with ANC also available. In stock tuning, the Nekocake preserves more bass frequencies, though the bass isn't as tight and bleeds, compared to the JW1. The Nekocake also has a Moondrop Link App, which allows configuration of touch buttons and 5 preset EQ settings.

The Nekocake has weaker technical performance, with inferior soundstage, instrument separation and imaging. The Nekocake sounds claustrophobic in comparison. The Nekocake also has inferior battery, with 4 hours on a single charge (or 12 hours with the charging case). Bluetooth connectivity and range is about similar.



The JW1 is a solid introductory TWS for newcomers to the audio hobby, or even for lay consumers who want something for online meetings, podcasts, or calls. Boasting decent price-to-performance ratio, the JW1 has a nice accessory spread with a secure fit and comfortable ergonomics.

Battery life is quite creditable, with very stable Bluetooth connectivity and range. The JW1's open backed design bestows a superb soundstage, and also allows users to have situational awareness on-the-go. Thus, the JW1 can be used for sports, or even outdoors as such.

However, this is a double-edge sword - the lack of passive isolation contributes to some sound leakage and a sub-bass roll-off. Thus, bassheads might want to look elsewhere for their bass kicks. In terms of sonic fidelity, the midcentric tonality is quite nicely done, with timbre a particular highlight.

There are some minor quirks to nitpick, such as no independent volume controls, insensitive touch buttons, lack of support for some higher res BT codecs, and no EQ/app/customizable buttons available. However, considering the JW1's affordable price, it definitely does more things right than wrong, and would be a functional and useful gadget for myriad indoor and outdoor activities.
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How do they react to EQ? Would bass be sufficient outdoor if I heavily EQ the lows with a phone APP? I have my eyes on open air earphones. A bit of reservation on Shokz OpenFit after their sub-par OpenRun's audio experience. Alternatively ' Soundcore AeroFit Pro ' look interesting, but Soundcore has the tendency of dropping 30%~40% months after launch, and want to see more feedbacks too. Thought this could be a nice transition while picking on the higher end models.
Hi @Kumonomukou EQ is possible, but as it is open backed, the sub-bass will still not be sufficiently boosted cause outside noise will get in, and sub-bass is the first frequency to be lost.

In fact, if you boost the volume too much to overcome outside noise, that might not be safe for hearing health too!
Thx that helps! I read everyone is mentioning 'Mid-Centric' about this one(which often translates to elevated Upper-Mids... by some), um obviously I want something warmer on the go. Yeah I had so much hope on Aeropex but it was more vibration than sound when using them outdoor. Hopefully able to get an open air with great sub-bass soon. Meantime will do with Bluetooth adapters.


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