1. Sennheiser

    New Tour! MOMENTUM 4 Wireless

    The latest release in the MOMENTUM series features more than just a refreshed design. Exemplary battery life, intuitive gesture controls and a refined fit set the foundation for big Sennheiser sound anywhere you want it. This is MOMENTUM 4 Wireless. The 42mm transducer puts superb...
  2. Sennheiser

    Introducing MOMENTUM 4 Wireless

    Hello Head-Fi! We’re excited to announce the latest member of the MOMENTUM series of audio products—the all-new MOMENTUM 4 Wireless. Completely redesigned and refined to be our most comfortable, best-sounding MOMENTUM over-ear product yet, it is also our most intuitive. Of course, it is...
  3. Sennheiser MOMENTUM 4 Wireless

    Sennheiser MOMENTUM 4 Wireless

    MOMENTUM 4 Wireless delivers Sennheiser’s Signature Sound that surpasses everything in its class – letting users enjoy their music as never before. Thanks to an audiophile-inspired acoustic system powered by a 42mm transducer, the MOMENTUM 4 Wireless provides brilliant dynamics, clarity and...
  4. MoonAudio

    Audiophile Tech Tips by Drew Baird, P.E. | Moon Audio

    How to Connect a DAP to your TV via Bluetooth 📺 | Drew's Audiophile Tech Tips
  5. unifutomaki

    Technics EAH-AZ60: a hidden gem

    Hi everyone! I couldn't find a thread for these so I decided to make one of my own :) The Technics AZ60 was launched at the end of 2021 and is positioned as Technics' flagship TWS product. Pricing tends to be on par with its high-end competitors - think the likes of the Sony WF-1000XM4 and...
  6. Soundpeats Air 3 Pro

    Soundpeats Air 3 Pro

    Soundpeats Air 3 Pro Core Specs Bluetooth: Bluetooth®5.2 Profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP Chipset: Qualcomm® QCC3046 Supported Bluetooth® Codec: SBC, aptX, aptX-Adaptive Wireless Range: 33 ft Battery Battery Capacity: 280 mAH (Case) Battery Capacity: 40*2 mAH(Earbuds) Earbuds...
  7. FiiO BTR7

    FiiO BTR7

  8. fjlabs

    Dethonray Pegasus SG1 - BT DAC/Amp Combo (Shipping soon)

    According to distributors, Dethonray is going to start shipping their new BT DAC/Amp, Pegasus SG1, this month! I have the black color on order, hoping to put out some impressions soon and compare to the Honey H1 and iFi GoBlu. Specifications: Input Bluetooth only Output 3.5 Single...
  9. N

    Is LDAC (Real World) overrated?

    Almost every device I have used with LDAC chooses Best Effort and many either will not allow or stutter if you choose the 660 or 990 option. This makes me think that Best Effort probably errs to the 330 level? Certainly my S22 will not play at all if I choose the 660 or 990 setting. This...
  10. A

    Budget Android Phone with Bluetooth Codec Support

    Can anyone recommend some good budget android phone options to support the latest Bluetooth codecs including aptx adaptive and ldac with no issues?
  11. AuneAudio

    aune X1s GT Bluetooth edition is here!

    X1s GT DAC with headphone amplifier, the 8th gen and the milestone of the classic aune X1 series The Bluetooth edition NOW AVAILABLE! ☞ ☞ Price: 349 EUR ☞ Find your local distributors here...
  12. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 (MTW3)

    Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 (MTW3)

    Enjoy superior high-fidelity sound with impactful bass thanks to Sennheiser's TrueResponse technology with wireless audio like never before: aptX™ Adaptive codec lets you hear every detail. You can personalize the sound with a choice of presets and an equalizer feature to tailor the sound...
  13. HIFIMAN HE-R9 Closed Back Dynamic Headphones

    HIFIMAN HE-R9 Closed Back Dynamic Headphones

    HIFIMAN He-R9 Closed Back Dynamic Headphones From the official page:
  14. L

    Looking for a DAP with good bluetooth and streaming capabilities

    I currently have a Cayin N3Pro dap. I like the sound but it is a closed os so you cannot add streaming apps and the bluetooth range leaves a lot to be desired. As soon as a walk a few feet away from the dap the bluetooth connection starts having problems. This does not happen when I connect the...
  15. HIFI Expert Yamaha TW-E3B True Wireless Earbuds

    HIFI Expert Yamaha TW-E3B True Wireless Earbuds

    From their page: Yamaha True Sound: as the world leader in musical instruments and audio gear, Yamaha knows music – experience exceptionally clear, dynamic and realistic sound Our smallest earbuds: 25% smaller and ergonomically shaped for superior fit and day-long comfort, with a non-slip...
  16. Khadas Tea

    Khadas Tea

  17. waxler

    Bluetooth codecs in 2022 & your opinion

    Hi everyone, with the hope to provide value before asking for help, here's the list of (hopefully) all Bluetooth codecs relevant in 2022. There are some positive changes on the horizon for wireless audio. I'm especially excited for the new LC3 and LC3plus codecs that will become standard in the...
  18. N

    Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro - Bluetooth audio quality

    Curious as to your thoughts on Bluetooth audio quality on the new Pixels? I have the 6 pro I have read a variety of issues from poor AAC to LDAC only supporting the 330 option etc. I have B&W PX7s, Sony WF4s and Bose NC700s. It is hard to put my finger on it but my overall feeling is that...
  19. Aune BU2

    Aune BU2

    Features:- >Master Tape Level Decoding. >High-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 decoding support. >Dual high-performance ES9318 DAC chips. >Four independent headphone amplifiers. >Natural presentation with Clock Synchronisation Technology. >Multi-function volume knob. >Precise...
  20. Saxon

    OK so now I'm really confused! Can somebody please explain?

    I am a home hi-fi nut who loves good sound and has a pretty good home hi-fi system, however portable audio isn't my area of expertise so I need some answers! Traditionally for portable music I have used a Fiio X3 mk2 with cabled Dunu IEM's and it's served me well. I recently acquired some...
  21. AuneAudio

    New Release | aune BU2 DAC with Headphone Amplifier | Simply Great Sounding.

    BU2, the DAC with headphone amp that satisfies your ears. ☞ Details: ☞ Price: 299 USD ☞ Find your local distributors:
  22. dogilainen

    LDAC BT receiver for small Genelecs

    I just received a pair of old but barely used small Genelecs (6010A). I'm going to make these my "kitchen speakers" and they will be fed with BT, using LDAC. Source will be mobile phone, usually playing FLAC files, with LDAC capability. But what device to buy to receive the BT LDAC and feed it...
  23. QCY T17 Bluetooth 5.1 'Youth Bud' TWS

    QCY T17 Bluetooth 5.1 'Youth Bud' TWS

  24. H

    Which one to enjoy classical music: orchestral and piano

    Hi there, I play piano since years. I moved to a flat and now use an electric piano (yamaha clavinova CLP-525). I am looking for a good pair of over ear headphones which fit to my e-piano per aux and give me a good experience when listening to piano/orchestral music with Spotify (iPhone 8). If...
  25. MonstroMart

    Looking for a Bluetooth headphone to listen to rock music (350$ USD max)

    Hi! I’m looking for a new wireless headphone. I have the Sennheiser RS 175 and i think they sound perfectly fine for my taste but i would like to buy a new headset with Bluetooth connectivity and hopefully something that doesn’t look as “bad” as the RS 175. It doesn’t need to have a mic and be...