1. kesobie

    HiBy W3 II: CS43131 Bluetooth Dongle DAC

    HiBy W3 II CS43131 Bluetooth Dongle DAC Hey ya'll! HiBy just released the update to their W3, named the W3 II and I thought it was a genuinely interesting product as it features their UAT decoding that apparently guarantees 192khz at 1.2mbps. Here's some details about the product: Let me...
  2. Blafili B3

    Blafili B3

    Enjoy High-Quality Bluetooth Audio on Your Smartphone - blafili B3 Bluetooth Receiver & USB Decoder lets you stream music from your smartphone to your speakers with stunning sound quality. It supports LDAC, aptX HD, aptX LL, aptX, SBC and AAC Bluetooth audio codecs for the best wireless audio...
  3. Apos Audio

    Introducing the New xDuoo MX-01 Bluetooth 5.3 Audio Transmitter - Now Available on Apos Audio

    Hi all, Here's an interesting launch from xDuoo that we'd like to share with the community. The xDuoo MX-01 Bluetooth 5.3 Audio Transmitter brings a new level of audio connectivity. This device transforms your traditional audio sources, like TVs and CD players, into Bluetooth-enabled units...
  4. J

    [Buying Advice] Desktop BT DAC/AMP for AA The Composer (max. USD 1.000)

    Hi, I will need a USB Desktop DAC/AMP to pair with a Austrian Audio The Composer soon. For now I got a Grado RS2e running on my Asus Xonar Essence STX II. The problem however is that my GPU induces hiss under load which I cannot get rid of (both cards are two PCIe slots apart). My plan is to...
  5. TANCHJIM Mino


    FEATURES: Flagship Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Drivers Cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.3 Connectivity ENC Call Noise Reduction Scientifically Tuned "HI-FI" Sound One Week Battery Life on a Single Charge Low-latency, Immersive Audio Localization for Gaming
  6. Rose Technics Ceramic

    Rose Technics Ceramic

  7. Zerest Audio: Kagami Wireless

    Zerest Audio: Kagami Wireless

    Product Description Made by audiophiles for consumers. Kagami Wireless Earbuds—a pocket-sized companion for immersive sound and unmatched comfort. Discover the ultimate listening experience with Zerest Audio, meticulously engineered to surpass even the most elite, all while maintaining an...
  8. C

    Bluetooth headphones around 200 euros

    Hello all! I'm seeking a recommendation for Bluetooth headphones, now that Bluetooth audio compression technology has improved. Currently, I use Momentum over-the-ear headphones for outdoor use and HD 598 headphones at home. I am looking to replace the outdoor ones for three reasons: I prefer...


    Missed out on our Black Friday Sale last month? Here's your last chance to save on all products storewide, including custom (wired and BT) cables, Allegro IEM, and our new accessory releases. Enter the code HOLIDAY23 in your shopping cart (prior to checkout) for 15% off. Sale starts this...
  10. YonnieVenaux

    What is the least mentioned iem on this website and why is it the JVC HA-XC90T and why should you feel ashamed about it?

    Approximately three years ago JVC released a bass-oriented bluetooth iem called the HA-XC90T. Given their well-established reputation as purveyors of legendary basshead machinery (see ha-sz2000), it appeared promising, or at least worthy of investigation. Mysteriously, however, only four...
  11. FOSI AUDIO MC101


    Mini Vintage Amp: Crafted for music lovers, this VU meter amplifier harmoniously combines retro charm with contemporary design. Dive into the HiFi world with its superior sound quality and a powerful output of 200W. Experience a musical journey through time, where nostalgia harmonizes with audio...
  12. FiiO Q15

    FiiO Q15

  13. Fosi Audio P3

    Fosi Audio P3

  14. SoundPEATS Clear Bluetooth 5.3 True Wireless Earbuds

    SoundPEATS Clear Bluetooth 5.3 True Wireless Earbuds

  15. bitpawp

    Grado gw100x noise bleed

    Hey so, I've narrowed down my search a bit but I was wondering if the Grado gw100x still have bad noise bleed like the gw100? It's okay if it has some noise bleed but I really was hoping to be able to use these headphones in an environment like a library. Any advice is appreciated!
  16. JEnglishSmith

    New Fosi Audio N3 - Compact Bluetooth Receiver/Headphone Amp

    Fosi Audio recently sent me a fairly new product to try out, their N3 bluetooth receiver/headphone amp. It's a bit of a niche product but I was interested to review one after seeing the photos. It is currently available on "that auction site" for $60, but I don't see it yet on Fosi's main...
  17. L

    Good waterproof earbuds under $50 for swimming?

    Hi all. Basically what the title says. I’m looking for Bluetooth earbuds or IEMs that can be worn while swimming. I’m flexible on price if the quality lasts, but looking around the $50 range. I’m open to neutral, bass-heavy, and mid-focus kinds. Really, anything that can be in water and...
  18. Soundcore Space One

    Soundcore Space One

    According to Soundcore website: 2X* stronger voice reduction *Compared with soundcore Life Q30 headphones Reduce noise by up to 98%* with adaptive noise cancelling *Tested by soundcore under laboratory conditions Crisp, Hi-Res sound via 40mm dynamic drivers Worry-free battery (40H ANC on, 55H...
  19. Sennheiser

    Introducing ACCENTUM Wireless

    Hello Head-Fi! It's been quite a week: first the AEC virtual ribbon cutting and now ACCENTUM Wireless, the newest member of our portable Bluetooth headphone family (and the littlest brother to our MOMENTUM series). ACCENTUM (available in black/black and white/standstone) brings our house...
  20. TyTB

    I'm a tradesperson, trying to find good (<= $300) BLUETOOTH IEMS that would fit UNDERNEATH a pair of hearing protector earmuffs. Battery life and small size are most important.

    Hello everyone, The world of jobsite Bluetooth hearing protectors is nothing but garbage. 3M work tunes, ISO-Tunes, it's all crap. So rather than going the route of Bluetooth earmuffs, I figure I can probably get much better sound quality by just using some quality Bluetooth IEMs under my...
  21. mwhals

    Bluetooth Dac recommendations

    Deleted to more to more appropriate forum group.
  22. Fiio JW1

    Fiio JW1

    Fiio JW1
  23. JasonNYC

    Astell&Kern Launches New TWS Earbud, the UW100 MK II

    Next-Level True Wireless Sound Astell&Kern Launches 2nd Generation True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earphones, the AK UW100 MK II Astell&Kern, a global leader in high-resolution audio players and accessories, launches the UW100 MK II, an update to the brand’s popular audiophile-grade True...
  24. W

    Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - Active vs Passive

    Hi all, this is my first proper post on Head-Fi, and I already feel like I may be missing something, because it seems that there should be a whole lot more discussion on this topic. Specifically, are there Bluetooth wireless headphones that sound as good in passive mode - that is, with no power...
  25. EAR Micro T10 Bespoke - Featuring Klipsch Audio

    EAR Micro T10 Bespoke - Featuring Klipsch Audio

    T10 Bespoke