1. P

    Bluetooth headphones for recording and mixing?

    I'm not too familiar with the technology of Bluetooth, but I noticed that a couple headphones generally known for studio uses, like the Audio Technica ATH M-50X and the AKG K371, both have a version with Bluetooth features. How would this fare for studio use? I imagine mixing wouldn't be that...
  2. Penon

    GEEKFLY GF8S 4 Drivers 3-Way Hybrid TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone

    GEEKFLY GF8S Bluetooth 5.0 TWS 2 Piezoelectric Ceramics + 1BA + Dynamic Driver Hybrid HiFi In-Ear Earphones Description 4 drivers 50kHz frequency response HiFi audiophile sound quality Balanced armature + 2 piezoelectric ceramic + dynamic Imported Class A power amplifier Physical 3-way...
  3. C

    Advice on best SQ closed back bluetooth headphones (ATH-DSR9BT vs BeoPlay H95)

    Hi, I am looking for some HQ headphones to replace my ATH-M50X, they are starting to wear out after years of use. I move around a lot with them, so I want to replace them with some bluetooth headphones. I know I can get better sound wired, but I am willing to sacrifice some for mobility. I am...
  4. timwillhack

    Using Fiio BTA30 as LDAC transmitter

    So I have this multipurpose transmitter/receiver/dac from Fiio. Its one of the only LDAC transmitters I can find that takes an spdif input. (my previous one is the Mii B03Pro+) I've been on a journey for a while to find the most optimal sounding wireless setup from my computer to a pair of...
  5. ewheeler

    Looking for a Headset that can do Bluetooth for calls with AUX for music at the same time

    Hello all, I just joined and this is my first post! I used to use a Turtlebeach X12 headset with my desk phone which allowed me to talk to customers at the same time that I listen to music with independent volume controls. It had a 2.5mm headset "chat" plug w/ 3.5mm for music and it worked...
  6. Shanling BA1 Desktop Hi-Fi Bluetooth Receiver

    Shanling BA1 Desktop Hi-Fi Bluetooth Receiver

    Hi-Fi Sound By using dedicated Hi-Fi ESS Sabre ES9218P DAC and amplifier, BA1 offers an impressive sound quality and will be an equal partner for your speaker or headphone rig. Ultimate Bluetooth Connectivity Combining the Bluetooth 5.0 with the support of high-quality Bluetooth codecs, BA1...
  7. S

    DAP solution all in one or BT

    Currently I just use my cell phone and a “dongle dac” Can someone school me on some of the pros and cons to having an all in one unit such as the Fiio m15 or DX300 vs something that receives a Bluetooth signal from, say, a cell phone? common sense tells me that getting a tidal stream from WiFi...
  8. RobAudio

    Audio problems with FIIO BTA30 Bluetooth transceiver and low sound levels

    Been having a bit of an Audio / Bluetooth nightmare. A few months ago, we bought some new equipment, a TV & headphones. TV: LG-oled55cx6la ( 2 x Headphones: Sony WH-1000XM4...
  9. dodap

    Tablet with LDAC or LHDC support

    Finally I want to try to go wireless. At least partly. I do not want to have another Bluetooth headphone (I have some on ear and IEMs) but this time I want to try a Bluetooth receiver to feed my wired IEMs or over ear phones. My favourite so far is the Shanling UP4 as it has a dedicated volume...
  10. K

    Connecting multiple portable amps? Is this heresy?

    So I'm relatively new to this hobby (less than a year in). I'm trying all sorts of combos. Is this allowed? Or am I gonna burn something? Spoiler it sounds great! We have a BTR5 connected via LDAC to my android phone which is on max volume. The BTR5 is on high gain, max volume and is...
  11. Aramaki

    Post pics of your TWS setup.

  12. Geekfly GF8S

    Geekfly GF8S

    Geekfly GF8S Description 4 drivers 50kHz frequency response HiFi audiophile sound quality Balanced armature + 2 piezoelectric ceramic + dynamic Imported Class A power amplifier Physical 3-way crossover Dual filter circuit Touch operation Bluetooth V5.0 Long battery life No main or secondary...
  13. Tronsmart Mega Pro

    Tronsmart Mega Pro

    Mega pro is a portable Bluetooth speaker with an RMS output of 60W. Equipped with SoundPulse, true wireless stereo, IPX5 waterproof technologies together with 2 tweeters and 1 woofer design, it provides you with powerful bass and stereo sound.
  14. EarFun Free Pro

    EarFun Free Pro

    Active Noise Cancellation up to 28dB Customized Noise-Cancellation Algorithm for Excellent Isolation Bluetooth 5.2 and Support Newest MCSync Technology, for Stable Connections and Extended Working Range Low Latency Mode improves Video and Gaming Experiences Dual Composite Dynamic Drivers Deliver...
  15. SoundArtist HB-M HiFi Audio Music Receiver Bluetooth 5.0

    SoundArtist HB-M HiFi Audio Music Receiver Bluetooth 5.0

    Features: 1. This bluetooth receiver is designed to cooperate with the software independently developed for sound quality. The original bluetooth module's calling function, low power consumption function and some software function Settings that affect the music signal are removed,Let everything...
  16. Tronsmart Force 2

    Tronsmart Force 2

    Force 2 is a compact speaker with an RMS output of 30W. Equipped with Qualcomm QCC3021 chip together with SoundPulse® and IPX7 waterproof technologies, it delivers a terrific sound. Also, it can sync sound across 100+ speakers thanks to the broadcast mode.
  17. Tronsmart Apollo Q10

    Tronsmart Apollo Q10

    Equipped with Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling technology reducing up to 35dB, 40mm dynamic Neodymium speaker, 5 microphones together with 100 hours playtime, Apollo Q10 provide you with unstoppable audio with and studio quality.
  18. Pro-Ject Bluetooth Box E Receiver

    Pro-Ject Bluetooth Box E Receiver

    High fidelity aptX Bluetooth audio receiver Bluetooth Box E: Wireless streaming at an absolute bargain price! Smartphones and tablets offer the possibility to stream music wireless via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth Box E is the cost-effective solution to use this possibility in your own hifi system...
  19. nabuhodonozor

    Bluetooth transmitter -S/PDIF vs 3.5mm

    My question is about BT transmitters with analog inputs (3.5 jack etc). Am I understanding this correctly and if your audio source is not great and you'll plug BT transmitter via analog input to it ,sound transmitted will be crappy ? So only good option is to look for BT transmitter with digital...
  20. Anker Soundcore Life Q30

    Anker Soundcore Life Q30

    Advanced Noise Cancellation Technology: Maintain your focus with Life Q30’s hybrid active noise cancellation. Dual noise-detecting microphones pick up and filter out up to 95% of low-frequency ambient sound to ensure nothing distracts you from your music. Ultimate Noise Cancellation Experience...
  21. Sound N00b

    Fiio btr5 and Qudelix 5k owners what was your Bluetooth range like?

    The typical use case of portable Bluetooth amps are having both your phone and your amp on your body so a Bluetooth range typically is not a problem however I need to communicate with a tv 15 ft away from me and I was wondering if anybody knew the Bluetooth range of the btr5 or 5k. I heard one...
  22. Q

    Durable bluetooth headphones for biking with long batterry?

    Hello! I'm looking to replace my 66audio BTS Pro headset that I use primary for biking, commuting and gym workouts. TL;DR: Looking for a durable wireless headset with >10h play time, that's suitable for biking. My priorities: suitable for biking: must fit under a bike helmet, must stay on...
  23. Sound N00b

    Best portable bluetooth dac/amp

    I have 3 problems I want to solve 1) I want to watch tv on my headphones/earphones (presumably via Bluetooth). A really long wire is not an option. 2) I want to charge my phone and listen to music at the same time 3) I want a better dac and amp then what is in my phone 3.5) Being able to take...
  24. thesebastian

    Any [ Open Back + On-Ear + Light + Bluetooth ] Headphones to recommend?

    Hi guys I have one "Modmic Wireless" microphone that I use with my AKG K701s. This is a great combination for Discord / Gaming. Where you need good sound quality but also good mic quality. (Obviously I also use the headphones for Music / Series). However, the AKG K701s are an overkill for...
  25. Tronsmart Official

    NEW MEMBER OF FORCE SPEAKER FAMILY--FORCE 2, Tronsmart’s First Speaker Designed with Qualcomm Chip

    In the past two years, we had launched Force and Force+ Bluetooth Speakers which have gotten millions of positive feedback. Force series has undergone the verification of time and is still our star product. This year, we cooperated with Qualcomm, adding Qualcomm chips to speakers for the first...