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New Head-Fier
Pros: Excellent build quality and comfort
Very neutral smooth tuning
Much better bass compared to S01
Textural and punchy mid bass
Mids are neutral and not fatiguing
High frequencies are quite long lasting and have good detail and transparency
The sound stage is good in width and depth for headphones of this type
Cons: Not the loudest, especially on the street.
Hello friends!
Today in the review we will look at wireless headphones from the company Sivga and this is their new model SO2, which replaced the SO1.I will also compare this new product with them!
The headphones come in a small box with a very simple design on the front there are images of the headphones themselves and the name of this model.


And here are the technical characteristics of the headphones and one dynamic driver with a diameter of 14.2 mm is responsible for the sound, whereas the SO1 had a driver with a diameter of 16.2 mm. It turns out interesting, yes.

And the sensitivity here also decreased to 106 dB, as well as the impedance, which is now 16 ohms, while in SO1 the sensitivity was 117dB, and the impedance was 18 ohms and they played noticeably louder.
Bluetooth is the same 5.3, in this regard, nothing has changed and the headphones can also work with both Android and Apple devices without any problems and received support for the aac and sbc codecs, and the maximum operating time is also indicated here, namely 10 hours at medium volume that is, they added an hour of time to us here, and they charge faster in just an hour and a half.

Let's take a look at what's included!

And the first thing we are greeted with is a very large and detailed manual for using and setting up headphones in many languages, which is very important!
Well, this is what this excellent black case looks like, weighing 74 grams versus the more noticeable 92 of SO1, and on the front there is also a Sivga logo and at the bottom there is a very small indicator that shows the battery charge level, if it is less than 20% then it says red, if from 20 to 95% it is yellow, and if it is more than 95% then it is green,and at the back there is also a port for charging usb type c with this included cable.


And inside this case there are headphones, and here, unlike SO1, there are no digital displays, that is, you won’t be able to see the charge level of the case itself.


And the headphones themselves look great in my opinion, and you can also choose the white version if you like it more, and by the way, I like them even more than the SO1, they are not so large, and they are designed somehow more elegantly due to this insert with the Sivga logo and a small white LED that blinks, and the plastic here is more matte so they don’t collect fingerprints at all!

And on the inside of the earphone there is a very noticeable marking of the right and left channels and a mesh under which there is already that same driver with a diameter of 14.2 mm, and it is also worth saying that there are quite a lot of different acoustic holes on the body that play an important role.

Well, the hook here, unlike the SO1, cannot be rotated and is essentially fixed only in one position, but despite this, the fit here is excellent the headphones fit quite tightly to the ear and I did not have any problems during use.

How do these headphones sound?
Now friends, let’s better talk about the sound of these headphones, and believe me, I have something to tell you, to be honest, I’m surprised, since in the last review of SO1 my only complaint was the lack of bass, that is, here we are not talking about some kind of prohibitive bassheading, but just at least about the audible depth of sub-bass notes and a greater sense of impact in the mid-bass, and after that review I reported this to the manufacturer!
Low Frequencies:
And yes, they were able to correct this probably as much as possible due to the form factor and design of these headphones, of course, this is still not the bass that I am used to in in-ear headphones and its image is felt differently and there is no talk of super bassheadness, but however, now the headphones sound more balanced and not so flat, the bass has really tightened up, sub-bass notes have become audible and the midbass, along with a more defined kick, has become more weighty and percussive, this made me very happy,due to the fact that the bass was tightened, the texture also improved and there is no obvious muddiness or boominess here, and the bass tone feels quite warm.
Mid Frequencies:

The fact that the mid frequencies have been corrected here in comparison with SO1 is respect for this, they are now presented just as I like, neutrally evenly and neatly without unnecessary accents in the upper mid area without shrill vocals, and here there is quite both drive and not the lost emotionality of the same guitars, although obvious aggression in heavier genres may not be enough for some, but on the contrary, I approve of such a calm and not harsh presentation where there is an excellent feeling of the warm tone of the vocal part and quite sufficient transparency and air.
High Frequencies:
And at high frequencies the situation here is exactly the same, a very neutral, calm, smooth approach to tuning, with quite detailed cymbals and detailed percussion, and their duration is quite good, so the decays here do not end abruptly and sound very long, and to me I liked that there is no excessive amplification of this area, as happens in bright headphones, so there are no sibilants or resonances here, even in audio material that is far from the best recorded.
My conclusion on this headphones:
SIVGA SO2 turned out to be excellent, very comfortable wireless headphones with a very pleasant and neutral tuning.
Link where you can buy them!
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