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Dec 14, 2007
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Senior Business Analyst

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  • About

    Senior Business Analyst
    Listening to music, reading, watching tv series
    Photography, Knives, EDC-Bags
    Headphone Inventory:
    IN USE

    Ibasso DX200 mostly with amp1

    Audiotechnica ATH-E70, ue900, Sony MH1C, Oppo PM3, Audioqust Nightowl, MDR-Z7, AKG k872, Sony MDR-1000x

    Gone or not in use: LCD 2f, Beyerdynamic T5p, xelento and t51i, Kef m500, Nad HP50, , ath.msr7, Beoplay H7, Ultrasone Performance 880, signature dj, onemore quad, AKG K701, Shure SRH-940, Brainwavz HM3, AKG K518, Sony MDR-ZX700, Sennheiser HD439, Resheled Triple Fi 10, ADDIEMs, Brainwavz R1, Sennheiser IE80, Fischer Audio Silver Bullet, Superlux HD381F, shure srh-750dj, Sennheiser HD598, hd518, audio technica ath-m50, sony xb700, sony xb500, creative aurvana live!, Dt990pro, shure srh-840, klipsch S4, shure se115, se530, klipsch custom 3,UE Super.fi 5 EB, UE11Pro, shure se215, Phonak Audeo, Aurisonics ASG 1.2, JVC FX40, lots of up to 100 EUR IEMS, V-Moda M80, AKG K550, Sony MDR-1R, KRK KNS6400, Sennheiser HD650, VSonic GR07, Fischer Audio Tandem, Philips Fidelio L1, Shure SE535, Sony MDR-EX1000. Yamaha EPH-100, Denon D2000,

    Auditioned: Dt880pro, HD600, Westone W4, UM3x, UM2, W3, Earsonic SM3, SM2, stage 2, stage 3, stage 4, Heir Audio 4ai, Sennheiser HD800, Beyerdynamic T1, and many more
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Fiio E5, Fiio E7, Meier Headsix and some others...
    Source Inventory:
    Macbook Pro, Ibasso dx50 and dx200, Some Sansa Clip+s, Iphone 5, Sony NWZE??, Ipod Shuffle, iriver ??, and some more
    Cable Inventory:
    Fiio Stuff
    Music Preferences:
    Soundtracks, Classical, Ambient and Chillout, Jazz
    Look at interests
    Depressed, old and wierdo


    gimme more subbass.
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